Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cry Me a River


Sung by Ella Fitzgerald. It was originally written by Arthur Hamilton, for Ella Fitzgerald to sing in a 1920s film, Pete Kelly's Blues, but it was dropped. The first release was by actress/singer Julie London in 1955. Fitzgerald released a recording of the song in 1961. Ever since then its been covered by many artists. An interesting song. This is one of the songs in my newest clarinet jazz book. It's really fun to play.:iconfrancisplz:

Mom came home really late last night. (Like 1am.) She got up at about 4:45pm today. Understandable, because of the time difference, running around the airports, her meds, etc. Sounds like she had a good time, though.:iconchibicanadaplz:

Shoulder's still bothering me. But, it does feel a bit better with all that ibuprofen. (Although, I don't feel much of a difference between the dose I'm taking and half of that. I think I'll start taking half of it now.) It's hard to sleep with whatever I have. I move to my left side, and it's like someone is sawing my arm off. I lay flat, and my shoulder blade feels like it's crumbling. I can't always stay on my right side!:iconwtfukplz:Anyways, I had such a hard time last night. I probably would have been fine to get up 'naturally' at 5am. Even though I had such a hard time, I didn't hear my parents come in. Well, soon I'll be able to make an appointment for at least my primary care doctor. One of his nurses emailed me about doing the follow-up. Saying stuff like I hope you're feeling better, and that they figured it out. So, she probably only knew that I went to urgent care, not what it was about. Still nice to have them email me.:iconheroamericaplz: 

Hungry's been hilarious. I like what Eisuke's trying to do with the restaurant. It has a much more warm, friendly, and 'family' feel, than Gasterea. He lost a bet with the other restaurant's owner. Which was if he could prove that he has the same taste as his mother's, he can keep the name Le Petit Chou. The other owner loved the taste, but said it was nothing compared to hers. So, he took the name. I think it's almost better this way. He can make a name for himself, instead of just protecting his mother's restaurant. One of the employees at Gasterea once worked for his mother. He had kept the recipe book Eisuke's mother had made for Eisuke. He finally got enough nerve to give it to Eisuke. After looking through it, he felt reinvigorated, and is going to expand the menu. For some reason, I love dramas about food.:iconhappychinaplz:Tried to look for another drama, but didn't find anything that appealed to me. Maybe next week.

Phi Brain's getting weird. A lot of angst right now. I liked when it was just about solving puzzles. Not sure if I'm liking the way it's playing out. I read that there's going to be another season. Well, if they finally get out of this dreary/angst soon, I might keep watching into the next season. But, if it keeps up, I'm dropping it.:iconhongkongplz:I understand you need a little bit of that for a good story, but it's to the point now where it feels like it's dragging and too depressing. 
In Kuzumoto-san Chi no Yonkyoudai, they showed a little background on the youngest sibling. His power has to do with words. Whatever he says, he can sway his opponent with. Like if he says sleep, they'll fall asleep. If he says hate, they'll hate something. If he says do your best, they'll persevere, etc. But, since his words are so powerful, he has a problem with speaking. He thinks so much about what he should say, that he doesn't end up saying anything. But, he grew a bit in this chapter, thanks to Sora, and will try to speak his mind from now on. I really like Mayo's character. Very interesting.:iconchibihungaryplz: 

I'm basically done with editing the Hetalia heritage meme in Photoshop.:dummy:I just need to put my signature somewhere, and then paste the drawing to the actual meme. Then, I can finally post it on dA! Also, worked a little more on my dragon drawing. Specifically, the scales. I like how it's turning out. Didn't play my clarinet, because I didn't want to wake Mom, and I didn't want to lug everything downstairs. (Which is what I usually do when she's still asleep.) But, hopefully tomorrow I'll get to it. Almost done with chapter 15 of Alliance. Yay! Already have lots of ideas for the next chapter. Kind of hard when you're still on this one.:iconwtfromanoplz:

deviantART fave: It's a trap! I did not make this! Another cute/funny shirt design from an artist I watch. 

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