Monday, March 19, 2012

National Poultry Day!


Yay for a day to celebrate poultry!:dummy:Chicken, turkey, and duck are my top faves. You can make so many dishes with it. Eggs are awesome, too! It's also National Chocolate Caramel Day. Good stuff!:iconchibicanadaplz:

Had a crazy weekend!:iconchibiswedenplz:I barely had any time to do stuff at home. Friday, we were out most of the day. Went with Mom for her doctor's appointment, which took a while. Then, she wanted to clear something up at the hospital. After that, we went to get her new meds. They didn't have it ready yet, so she had to wait. We quickly went back home, I grabbed my meds and the grocery list, then we quickly went back out again to the market. Had lunch there, but it was almost 3:30pm.:iconwtfukplz:By the time we finished getting the groceries, and made it back home, it was around 6. Then, I only had a little more time, to put the groceries away, set everything up for dinner, heat it up, and eat.:faint:

On Saturday, for some reason my contacts wouldn't cooperate (took forever to clear:iconchibienglandplz:), hair wouldn't cooperate either, and I took a while to figure out what to wear for St. Patrick's Day. Dad and I were hoping to go out to Seattle. She wanted to see if Mom wanted to go, too. So, we waited. I had a quick 'brunch', and tried to read some of the Torah portion. When she woke up, Dad realized Mom didn't really want to go with us. By then, it was too late to go.:iconlietplz:So, we went to the mall to get her contacts, and to order more for me. Then, we browsed a bit at the jewelry. By the time we got home, it was time to make dinner. Dad did the corned beef, potatoes, and cabbage. The norm for our St. Patrick's Day dinner. I love that stuff!:iconchibispainplz:We had some soda bread for dessert. Which we didn't realize until we ate it, that they had put a ton of caraway seeds in it. So, it wasn't the best this year.:iconswissplz:Didn't even have time to play some Irish tunes... I love that there's a day to celebrate my Irish heritage.:iconthailandplz:

Yesterday, Dad and I went to Seattle. Tried to do the stuff we were going to do the day before. The Japanese community center was having an open house. I had heard some stuff about the center before, and wanted to check it out.:iconchibinitalyplz:There wasn't much happening.:iconwtfromanoplz:There wasn't a schedule of the speakers/performers. It was smaller than I expected. First, we went through the library. That was pretty cool. I could actually read and understand the labels that were in Japanese.:iconyayhanatamagoplz:Nice guy watching over it, too. Going out into the hallway they had some English-Japanese dictionaries on sale. Wasn't sure which one was better, but it was nice to look through them. 

The next room was the new store. There wasn't a welcome sign or anything, and we kind of thought it was like an employees only entrance.:iconnataliaplz:But, they ushered us in. All the items were donated, and were family heirlooms and stuff. I don't see how you could give that up, but it was really cool to see.:iconheroamericaplz:The kimonos were packed so tightly together I couldn't really look at them. There was huge baskets on the wall. Really cool realistic looking dolls with ornate clothing and accessories. (I usually hate dolls, but these were cool.) There was fans, plate sets, tea kettle sets, paintings, sculptures, etc. 

There was supposed to be an exhibit in the main building of what types of art people did in the incarceration camps. There was only a few pieces. They were very interesting to see, though. They also showed the desks and other furniture that they used. We went over to where they were having a speaker, but there wasn't any seats left, and there was already a lot of people in the hallway.:iconpolandplz:So, we left to get some lunch. 

We ate at a restaurant called Boom Noodle at U Village. Kind of an Asian fusion restaurant. I got their Vietnamese-style spring roll. At first, the menu said that they just had a shrimp version. So, I asked if I could get it without the shrimp. They told me there was a fried tofu version. It was huge and cut into sections. Similar to the Pho place we go to, but bigger and more cilantro. More artsy with their sauce, too. It was pretty good. Then, I got the chicken katsu. The breading was red, which I think they put a little paprika in. It was on a thin bed of rice. The 'Japanese-styled' pickles were luke-warm, and seasonings were weird.:iconkikuplz:I love Japanese pickles, so it was strange to me. They taste refreshing when chilled. There wasn't that many of them either. Their house slaw was on the side. Basically a salad with some daikon, lettuce, carrots, and sesame seed dressing on top. In general it was good, but weird.:iconchibijapanplz:Portions were so huge, I couldn't finish it. (Made a nice lunch for today, though.) I think they were trying to be too artsy or high end. I like when the focus is actually on the food, not on making it look nicer than it is. I want it to speak for itself.:icongermanyplz:

The main thing I wanted to do in Seattle was go to the QFC at U Village. They have like the biggest selection of Passover stuff in the area.:iconfrancisplz:Our local market doesn't have much, although I'm very glad we get anything.:icontinoplz:But, our staples that we love to have for Passover seem to never be at the local one. 

We found quite a lot of stuff at this QFC though.:iconberwaldplz:Got some kichel (kind of like egg puffs with a little sugar on top), Passover granola (I doubt I'll be able to make it this year...:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:), some hopefully spicier horseradish, Passover couscous (sounded interesting), double-dipped chocolate matzah (not sure if I'd be able to do the toffee matzah this year either. So sad!:iconsadrussia:), mandlen (also called 'soup nuts', it's been a long time since I've had these!), a good Passover marble cake (they're surprisingly moist), Passover noodles (I was hoping to find the regular ones, not the 'gluten-free', but this was all they had. I'm the only one that eats it:iconseychelles-plz:), jellied fruit slices, potato kugel mix (hoping I'll be able to make it), some gefilte fish, and other stuff. 

First time I saw jarred Charoset. That was weird.:iconusaplz:Mom's going to help me make it from scratch. It's just chopped up apple, walnuts, some wine, and a little cinnamon. Pretty simple. Also saw a lot of other cereals. Hot and cold ones. I know that the things that are similar to Cheerios disintegrate almost as soon as the milk hits it. Usually not too great. Haven't tried the Passover cream of wheat stuff. Looked interesting. I'm the only one that'll have breakfast stuff during the holiday, so we can't get too many things. Mom gets up too late, and  Dad doesn't follow the dietary laws for the holiday. (So, she gets to eat things like regular cereal, sandwiches, etc.:iconromanoplz:) Cooking for it should be interesting this year. Especially if I can't cut much, or for too long with my shoulder thing.:iconhongkongplz:

We were hoping to go to the Irish festival after that. But, it was really late, and would have been expensive just to park. So, we decided to head home. Did plenty of stuff, anyways. And, had some quality time with my dad. Not a bad day, at all.:iconicelandfukkiretaplz:

When we got home it was around dinnertime. Since we had so much for lunch, we decided to have little bits of leftovers. Mom had a regular sized meal, because she didn't go with us. I had 2 red new potatoes, a little cabbage, and a small slice of soda bread. And, for dessert we had some banana cream pie. Pretty good, and it was more than enough for me. Thinking about making some Jambalaya tonight. Mix is from a box, just need to slice the smoked sausage. Which usually doesn't take much time. We still have some more banana cream pie. Perfect for it. Tasty stuff all around!:iconitalyplz: 

Caught up with the anime shows I missed last night. Hope to catch up on Jdrama today. Went over a couple of lessons from my Japanese sentences book. It's making a bit more sense.

Managed to finish reading the portions for Saturday while Dad was making dinner. It was like 3 different portions in one this time. So it took a while to go over. We're finished with Exodus now. Crazy! I've been keeping it up for a while now. I wonder if I'll have time to do my own service this coming weekend...I really want to.:la:

deviantART faves: Underwater Colorful World I did not make these! First, a really cool drawing by an artist I watch. Second, a nice flash from an artist I watch. The colors are nice, and kind of a cool quote. The wind blowing through the girl's hair's a nice touch. 

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