Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's Day 2012!


A day to celebrate women's accomplishments and advocate for gender equality. It started in the US in 1910. Some countries have it as a public holiday, where they get the day off to celebrate. Others give flowers to the women in their lives. For some, they go out and protest for political freedom, equal pay, and working rights. Kind of interesting how some countries view it. It's still Purim, as well.

We made an appointment to see an orthopedist. My primary care doctor doesn't have an opening until the end of the month. I need to be seen sooner than that.:iconswissplz:So, they suggested we see this guy first. I just have to wait until Tuesday...:iconohboyamericaplz:I think it's been more painful today, so I hope I can just bare with it until then.:iconnataliaplz:I have a problem talking with my hands. So, I've made it a little aggravated by just talking.:iconusaplz:I need like hand cuffs or something. I can't sit on them, because that position will hurt and make things worse. Yay!:iconyaykumajiroplz:I hope they can actually help me. 

In Naruto Shippuden, Konan was killed off. Seemed a little too quickly, and felt like it wasn't much of a struggle. Although, she used 600 billion paper bombs on Madara. Came close to killing him. Madara now has Nagato's body, and eyes. The last thing Madara says is, let's get the kyuubi. So, next episode they'll start to go after Naruto. 
In Ao no Exorcist, Mamushi made it back, told everyone that the Impure King has been revived, and that Bon's father is fighting it on his own. So, they send squads of people to help him. Rin busted out of prison with the help of Shiemi, and then the other Exwires. They all finally made up. Rin will have a chance to prove that he's good if he helps defeat the 'Impure King'. The Impure King rules over rot and secretes poisonous miasma. (In the pic above.)

Managed to play a little of my clarinet. Sounded pretty good. Just had to stop about 20 minutes in, because I had a huge pulse of pain.:iconlietplz:Not sure if playing affected it, but it was so painful, I couldn't keep playing. Played some more Irish tunes. 

Still translating the walnut cookie thing from the Japanese that I started last week. Sounds pretty good so far. Only stopped after about a half hour, because I was light-headed. (Didn't eat much for breakfast...:iconkikuplz:Also, happened because of the constant pain.) I found a few Cuban recipes online: sea bass Cuban-style, 2 types of picadillo dishes, Cuban style flank steak, and one for a virgin mojito. Nice. They sound really tasty!:iconchibispainplz:

2 interesting Vocaloid vids. One sung by Miku, the other by Luka. First one, I liked the story more than I like how it was sung. The second sounds cool, and is actually in English:

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