Monday, March 5, 2012

Blue Monday


By Orgy. One of my fave songs!:dummy:It's another old one. One of the best covers.:iconfrancisplz:The original song was by New Order. To me, this is a much better version. More power, and more emotion. This version was a huge international hit. 

Went to urgent care on Saturday, because my shoulder pain got a lot worse.:iconamericasadchibiplz:It's been aching since Friday night. T^T Usually the pain goes away within an hour. It's the thing that I thought was a dislocated shoulder, and then just a cramp. Apparently, it isn't either. They're not exactly sure, but they said it sounds like my clavicle (collar) bone is separating from my shoulder blade.:iconnataliaplz:I can pop it back in, but it quickly goes back out.:iconusaplz:They did an x-ray and didn't find anything. 

So, they told me to put my arm in a sling (for comfort), not to make any sudden movements or exert it too much, take a lot of ibuprofen, and make appointments for both an orthopedist and my primary care doctor. Oh joy!:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:It does feel slightly better in a sling. It's my first time using one. But, I'm still experiencing a lot of pain, even with the ibuprofen. Maybe it's taking the edge off, though. Probably would feel a lot worse without it.:iconchibichinaplz:I didn't do something too outlandish for this to happen. So, it's weird. They told me that the orthopedist may ask for more tests, too. 

Didn't feel like doing my little service on Saturday. (I wonder when I'll get back into that...:iconkikuplz:) But, I did read the portion again. Actually, this time it was a double thing again. The main portion's about Aaron and his sons becoming priests, there's a detailed description of their clothes, and a few of their duties. Lots of little details. The second 'extra' part was about Amalek. We're told to always remember them and how they attacked us. The antagonist of the Purim story, Haman, was descended from Amalek. It can be a difficult portion to read through.:iconraivisplz:The Amaleks are thought of as evil, and must be fought in every generation. 

Finally caught up to the current episodes of Fairy Tail. It just keeps getting better and better.:iconus-xdplz:Even the background music is sounding cooler. I looked through the first and a little of the second soundtracks online. It's pretty cool. Lots of Celtic themes. Which naturally peaks my interest. But, there's also a heavy energetic rock feel to some, too. Kind of refreshing. Added some to my mp3 player already, so look forward to hearing it too!:la:

I also decided to go through what songs have been popular every year of my life. Starting with 1984. I was born in a weird time for music.:iconseychelles-plz:Some of it's ok, but not great. Probably won't get to the really 'good' stuff until the '90s. Oh well. It's still interesting. Kind of like I'm time traveling.:iconchibiswedenplz:

Tumbling made me tear up a bit. It's rare for shows to do that to me. I like the strong bonds of friendship the members are making. Even though they lost the competition they participated in, it felt good. It's getting better as it progresses as well. Gintama was just hilarious! A lot of old gags this time, but still great. 

Managed to play my clarinet today, too. I took off my sling for it. It hurt, but it would have felt awkward to play with it. Sounded surprisingly good this time.:iconthailandplz:

deviantART faves: APH: Taiwan Stars help me I did not make these! First a cool drawing of Taiwan from Hetalia. Second a cute pic of a marshmallow in, I think, a cup of hot chocolate.

A cool Naruto amv:

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