Wednesday, March 7, 2012



Can't believe it's Purim already!:dummy:Means Passover's coming up sooner than it feels like. Too bad I won't be going to the megillah reading tonight.:iconpolandplz:I think, it's the first time we won't be going. (Could be wrong...But, it's been a while anyways.) Usually, we go through the story of Esther, and make lots of noise throughout. It's really fun! People dress up in costumes too. There's usually lots of candy, and a special pastry called hamantaschen. That can be filled with chocolate, strawberry jam, poppy seeds, really anything you can think of. Really tasty.:iconitalyplz:There's also a short skit the kids do that's based on the story. Some years are good, some are lame. We're (at least people who can) supposed to drink until we  can no longer tell the difference between the cursed Haman, and the blessed Mordechai. (Between the bad guy and the good guy of the story.) There's also a carnival. So, it's a crazy, festive, fun, and joyous holiday.:iconfrancisplz:

Had the weirdest dream last night.:iconsleepygreeceplz:I know I felt hungry just before, but it's still weird. I was in a concert hall, in one of those high box seats. There was rows of floating pizza pies. I think it was some sort of game. An announcer said, "We will not be held liable if you fall to your death.":iconitalyishorrifiedplz:Then, people started jumping on the pizzas. I somehow ended up with a full ice cream carton. But, I had let it melt without realizing. So, I went back out there trying to get more ice cream, but managed to just get a lot of pizzas. Someone next to me said, "Look at all those pizzas she's got already!" Ok, maybe I had a hankering for pizza and ice cream?:iconseychelles-plz:Made me feel a bit weird.

Just before that, at about 4am, I had a distinct urge to go take a long walk. I actually felt like getting up, getting my clothes on, and doing that. I had to will myself to try and go back to sleep.:iconchibiswedenplz:I still had such a hard time falling asleep throughout the entire night. Maybe had like 2 hours of solid sleep. And, I went to bed early. Kind of disturbing.:iconwtfukplz:

In Fairy Tail, they finally defeated Grimoire Heart. Natsu should become an S-class mage, because he saved everyone. And, he's grown the most. Happy, Carla, and Lilly found Hades' heart and destroyed it. Which helped a great deal in taking him down. I like how even the weak looking members (ones that look like they may just be mascots) kick butt too. This series actually makes you feel something for every character and arc. It feels like there's never really a 'break' or 'filler' with it. 

Didn't feel up to playing today. I'll try to find a new manga to read for today's slot during the weekend. Looked at a few already. Seemed like recycled stories/ideas with many of those. Also, forgot about making an appointment to see my primary care doctor. Hopefully I'll remember tomorrow...:iconkikuplz:

A fan-made trailer for Fairy Tail. Pretty cool:

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