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By The Prodigy. This is another old fave. But, I think I'll always like it.:iconpolandplz:It's older than I thought. It was released as a single in November of 1996. This was a huge international hit. The band started in 1990, and are still going. Their an English band. They're credited as being pioneers of the big beat genre. Sold over 25 million records worldwide, and won many music awards. I really like a couple of their songs, the others seem kind of boring, honestly.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:But, I can still recognize how talented they were, not too sure about now. Stopped hearing about them at some point.:iconheroamericaplz:

I was able to play my clarinet today and yesterday. Not for the full amount of time I would have liked, but it's something.:iconchibiamericaplz:Played some jazz today. 
Went over another lesson in my Japanese sentence patterns book. This time it was about how (i)-adjectives used as predicates behave like verbs. When 新しい(あたらしい or atarashii) is used as a predicate, it means 'is new', not just 'new'. So, in informal speech you can drop the (da or 'is') at the end of the sentence. But, if it's polite speech, you'd still use です (desu) at the end. (na)- adjectives used as predicates behave like nouns. So when 有名な(ゆうめいな or yuumeina, or famous) is used as a predicate, the stem form (without the な) must be followed by or です. Kind of interesting. And makes a whole lot more sense to me now.:iconchibiaustriaplz:Also got the practice sentences correct. Yay!:dummy:The words they went over were: 若い(わかい or wakai) or young, 冷たい(つめたい or tsumetai) or cold (to the touch), コーヒー (koohii) or coffee, 正確な(せいかくな or seikakuna) or accurate. 

Also, went over a kanji. It's , which can be pronounced as: あらわ.す(, あらわ.れる(arawa.reru), うつつ(utsutsu), or げん (gen). It means actual, existing, present, indicate, reveal, emerge, materialize, reality, consciousness, current, now. For some reason, I have trouble saying the arawareru. But, I'm getting there.:iconeestiplz:

Found 2 Passover recipes. One's for meatballs, and the other one's a non-alcoholic drink called Orange Cream. They sound so good!:iconfrancisplz:Hope to find more Passover recipes next time.:la:

Kill Me Baby had one of the most humdrum episodes yet.:iconkikuplz:Almost fell asleep. Apparently, next week will be the last episode. I thought it'd be like a more demented Azumanga Daioh or something, but it really flopped. It wasn't so bad I couldn't watch, or hope for it to get better. But, it's still sad.:iconlietplz: 
In Buster Keel, Keel and Lavie's souls were sucked into a gourd, because they wouldn't get out of the way of 2 'adventurers'. They wanted to kill the Bird of Paradise monster. The bird's protecting the village and its treasure. The adventurers had told the villagers that the bird was poisoning their water supply. The adventurers were just after the treasure, which if moved, the volcano would explode and wipe out the village. Keel's soul shown his true form as a dragon ape. Keel crushed the soul eater inside the gourd. Then, their souls were spewed back into their bodies. Blue and Keel beat the crap out of the adventurers. The adventurers were the ones who poisoned the water. They revealed their true form at the end. They're actually Gold and Silver of the Ayakashi group.

deviantART faves: Best Friends Ming Dynasty 2 I did not make these! First, another great drawing from an artist I watch. He usually does a lot of flash kind of stuff. Second, an amazing drawing of China from Hetalia in clothing from the Ming Dynasty era. Really cool. It's odd that a lot of fanart of Hetalia is better than the original art... I've been noticing that lately. 

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