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By Arashi. This was the theme song to Yamada Taro Monogatari (The Story of Yamada Taro). Fits the series so well. Basically about how tomorrow things will usually get better. If you fall, just pick yourself up, and try again. Stuff like that. The pv for it is kind of funny. They look like they're having a lot of fun fooling around. Kind of a feel-good uplifting song.:iconchibihungaryplz:

Well, we took Mom to the airport on Monday. Haven't heard much from her since. Just that she made it safely to my aunt's place for the wedding. I think the wedding was scheduled for yesterday. Hope she had fun. As well as my cousin. Mom will stay over there until the end of this week, and then she goes to Florida. And, a week later she's home. Yay!:dummy:
Started watching Tumbling on Monday. I tried it several months ago, and didn't like it after watching the first 5 minutes. This time I decided to try it again. After those 5 minutes or so, it was really good. So, maybe I shouldn't have been so quick to judge...:iconkikuplz:Only tried it again, because every drama fan site that I've been on has a large number of Tumbling fans. Really high ratings in the reviews as well. Wataru Azuma, the resident bad-boy at Karasumori High School, causes trouble wherever he goes. He also has a weakness for girls. So, when a new transfer student, Mari Satonaka, joins the women's rhythmic gymnastics team, he decides to join the male rhythmic gymnastics team. Also, he had to join a club, to make up for some credits, nothing else caught his attention. He doesn't understand it at first. But, towards the end of the episode, he becomes hooked on it. I think he'd be a better captain than Yuta is. He knows how to rile up the other members. They need someone to keep up morale. Apparently, from the pic, his friends eventually join it. As of this episode there's only 5 loyal members. Plus, one who occasionally comes in and does stuff with them, but he's more into competing individually. It's interesting to see at least 2 actors I recognize from previous dramas, doing such different characters. Shows how good they are, I guess.:iconheroamericaplz:(Wataru's the guy with red hair in the pic.) 

The only day I didn't play my clarinet was on Monday. That's pretty good.:iconchibicanadaplz:Sounding better too. Almost done editing the heritage meme in photoshop. Worked on my dragon drawing. Looking cooler every time I go back to it. Now that I've drawn out most of his scales, he looks even more 'water-based'. I didn't think it would turn out like that.:iconseychelles-plz:Finally ended up with an interesting name for a park in my story. (Took me long enough...:iconswissplz:) Also, wrote a bit more of chapter 15. The ideas are a flowin' again.:iconlachoirplz:

I still went to the cafe yesterday, even though Mom wasn't there for her mahj group that meets then. Dad stayed there, too. We both had mochas. Haven't had one in a while. We both managed to talk a lot to the barista this time. She's the one I found out that went to the same high school as me. One of her friends showed up about an hour before closing, and apparently was another person from the same high school. Same age, as well. That ended up being another big conversation.:iconchibiromanoplz:In the end, I didn't get as much work done as I thought I would, but it was nice.:iconchibinitalyplz:One of the people from the mahj group offered to give me a ride next week. Nice! I won't break the cycle of going out, seeing people, and studying there every week.:iconfrancisplz:Somehow I seem to get a lot done without distractions, like the internet, computer being slow/updating, etc. The only electronic I bring with me is my mp3 player. Not much.:icontinoplz:

Found a recipe in Japanese for a mint-flavored milk shake. Sounded really interesting. Found another that I'll translate next time that is for walnut 'snowball' cookies. That sounded good too. Found a few Romanian recipes, as well. A soup, chicken ghiveci (braised chicken), and a Romanian-style chili. They look pretty tasty.:iconchibispainplz:

I'm apparently going to be alone for Shabbat dinner.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:Oh well. Dad's going to meet a couple of friends throughout most of the day tomorrow. I'll just have to get something good.:iconpolandplz:

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