Thursday, February 2, 2012

National Crepe Day


Crepes are awesome! *q* Especially with some Nutella. The first time I made a crepe was in my high school French class. It was fun. It's also Groundhog Day. Can't believe Tu B'Shevat's coming up so quick! (It's next week.) Turns out that we're having the 'seder' at home. So far only 1 person's invited. No one else has shown an interest in it this year.:iconlietplz:Sad, because it's kind of fun. It's a New Year for the Trees, so we eat a lot of fruit and nuts.
This is my wallpaper for this month. (Took a while to decide on one this time...:iconkikuplz:) It's Gaia themed this time. Saw some interesting wallpapers there, so you might see more soon.:iconheroamericaplz:

My Jewish calendar has some cool looking Torah crowns. Oldest one being from 1775. The herb calendar has lavender in the shape of hearts for this month. I'm not too fond of lavender. At least the smell, don't think I've tried it in a dish before, though. :iconusaplz:

Here's the month-long holidays: American Heart Month, Avocado and Banana Month, Beans (Dried and Fresh) Month, National African American History Month, National Bird Feeding Month, National Cherry Month, National Hot Breakfast Month, Berry Fresh Month, Canned Food Month, Potato Lover's Month. Some are important causes, some are to make you think and appreciate things you may take for granted, and some are just for fun. Interesting holidays this month.:iconchibicanadaplz:I love cherries and potatoes!:la:Cool to have a month devoted to both of them. 
Started a new Jdrama called Hungry. Kind of a fun one. It's also one of the first shows that I've started while it's currently airing. I'm only a couple of weeks behind. Basically, it's about a rock musician, Eisuke, who gave up his music dreams to take over his family's French restaurant. (He wasn't very successful with his band anyways.) He used to be so into cooking, until he heard rock music. The old building was sold to someone who renamed it. So, he took the sign with the old name, and decided to use a warehouse that the family still owned as the new place for the restaurant. It's called Le Petit Chou. After cleaning the place up a bit, he gets his former band members to help him. The man who bought the original building, Tokio, feels Eisuke's a rival, knowing his skills as a chef. 

I was sick all day on Tuesday.:sick:It's like I had constant stomach cramps and headaches. Couldn't make dinner and didn't feel like having much. So, I just had oatmeal with raisins and some ice cream for dessert.

Finished En Passant. Haven't completed too many mangas. Added a list of the ones I have finished off to the side. (I really liked Fruits Basket and Rust Blaster, as well as En Passant and 666 Satan. Don't remember much about Mugen Spiral.:iconwtfukplz:) Most of the mangas I've read either don't have all the chapters or are on-going. This ended in a certain way, I think, that it could have kept going. It was a really good series. Would be interesting in anime form too.:iconeestiplz:

Finished O-Parts Hunter or 666 Satan yesterday. Really interesting and complicated story. Not sure if I like the ending...:iconromanoplz:But, it's kind of cool Ball and Mei got together. Their kids were cute. I don't like that Jio and the other 'ingredients' left Earth to take Shin to a desolate uninhabited planet, and was never heard from again. They saved the world at least.:iconseychelles-plz: 

Started translating a horoscope article in You Maga that I wrote out a while ago. Did some more editing of the heritage meme in Photoshop. 

In Fairy Tail, there was some cool and clever fights. Specifically Gray's. Lucy was cooler than normal after Virgo gave her an 'Astral Whip'. She was able to manipulate it awesomely! Lucy, Gray, and Natsu won their battles. Don't know about Erza yet. I think Gajeel will 'tame' Lilly and become his 'cat'. Almost all Dragon Slayers have an 'Exceed' or cat, and he feels left out. It'd be cool if that happens.:iconthailandplz:

Managed to get a little more playing done. Hard when you're not feeling good. Went back to transposing Irish tunes yesterday at the cafe. Someone gave me a traditional wool hat from Scotland, that has my family's colors. It was cool!:iconchibihungaryplz: 

deviantART faves: Dragon Forest Cabin Waiting I did not make these! The first 2 are paintings from an artist I watch. She's amazing! The last one's from another artist I watch. He does some pretty amazing stuff too. This time it's a simple drawing of a girl waiting. 

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