Friday, February 3, 2012



By S.H.E. Another cool one from them. It just sounds awesome.:iconheroamericaplz:The meaning behind the lyrics that are subbed in the vid is cool and powerful. They're a Taiwanese group. S.H.E stands for their names: Selina Ren, Hebe Tian, and Ella Chen. I've liked a few of their songs. Maybe I'll find some more soon.:iconberwaldplz:

It's been nice and sunny today. For some reason my shoulder pain came back earlier today. It's virtually gone now, though. I can't decide if it really is a dislocated shoulder...:iconswissplz:It might be a torn rotator cuff. In that case, I might be making it worse by moving it around a lot.:iconseychelles-plz:But, it's not as painful after I manage to crack it a few times. So, I don't know. 

Kill Me Baby has kind of grown on me. I'm still not liking the opening song, or the 'Baby, Please Kill Me' cut scenes. The rest of it's gotten funnier. Still not the best, though.:iconchibicanadaplz:

Played a little of my clarinet too. Didn't go for the full hour, but it was close. Did some Mozart and Klezmer tunes. Actually got some more writing done for chapter 15!:dummy:I'm really trying to get back into writing more often. 
In Buster Keel, the 4 sacred treasures are actually all musical instruments. They can only be played when all of them are collected. Otherwise, no sound comes out. They find one of them, a trumpet, that Siva's master had. But, since she died, she left it to her white dragon monster, Shiro, to guard it. Shiro was in love with her. Kurokiri shows up at the end. He's in the background of the pic. 

There's been so many twists in Maou.:iconchibichinaplz:Now, everyone knows who Naruse really is. Interesting how everything's been set up so far.

deviantART fave: Passing Through An amazing painting by an artist I watch. She says it's a dog-like creature, a spirit of nature and plants, passing by a lake. 

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