Sunday, February 19, 2012

National Chocolate Mint Day


Yay for chocolate and mint put together!:dummy:I'm kind of iffy about it. Sometimes I love that stuff, and others...not so much.:icongermanyplz:Have to be in the mood, I guess. But, I like mint chocolate chip ice cream, Andes mints, grasshopper pie/ice cream/cookies etc. Chocolate mint's apparently an herb, too. It's part of the spearmint family.

Well, Mom's going on her trip to the east coast for my cousin's wedding, tomorrow. After that, she'll travel down to Florida to visit my grandparents. She'll be gone for 2 weeks. Hope things go well.:iconhappychinaplz:Sounds like it'll be a lot of fun. I wanted to at least go to the wedding...:iconwtfukplz:But, oh well. Dad's on vacation this week, so that's nice. It'll be a bit 'different' for everyone. It's all good, though.:iconchibiamericaplz:

We had chicken potstickers, chicken and vegetable eggrolls, and some fried rice for Shabbat dinner Friday night. I was so tired, and didn't really look at the first part of the directions for the potstickers. They ended up sticking to the pot.:iconusaplz:Some burned a bit. But, they still tasted really good! (In fact, maybe better.) We also had lemon pie for dessert. So good!:iconchibispainplz:

Didn't wake up early enough, and didn't really feel like doing my little service yesterday. But, I did read the portion. There was actually a double portion this week. (Well, one of them was really short, so maybe 1 and a half. :P) It was about the commandments mainly. (We actually have more than '10'. To be exact, we have 613.:iconberwaldplz:This one obviously doesn't talk about them all.) The second short portion was about taking a census. Each person whether wealthy or poor had to pay a half shekel. This way they could do the census without actually counting people, and pay for costs of the temple. Kind of interesting. 

I found out yesterday that someone upgraded me to the title of Citizen on one of the first forums I joined. Which was a long time ago...:iconseychelles-plz:They say I joined about 2 and a half years ago! I've thought about leaving it a few times, but something good always brings me back. Anyways, most of the time people become a citizen either by donating to the site, or contributing in some way to the community. I'm kind of honored that someone did that.:blush:I don't think I contribute much. Just have part of my novel up, some pics, and occasionally say something in certain threads. Well, with this, I can look at the 'hidden' forum sections, give people positive or negative reputation points, a bigger album size, and more. There's apparently clans you can join, as well. I don't know much about those. There's a dragon, magic, and royal clan. People are already asking me to join their 'clan'. But, they seem a bit weird when I read the limited amount of info on them.:iconswissplz:Hmmm...Maybe I'll have to look around some more. I thought the person who upgraded me, didn't really like me, but maybe that impression was wrong.
Started watching DOCTORS Saikyou no Meii, or DOCTORS: The Ultimate Surgeon. I don't like too many medical dramas, but if done right, I'm hooked. This almost feels like it was inspired by House, only the main character, Sagara, isn't really an ass. He just seems nice (almost like he's got a 'righteous' attitude), but only cares for the patient. I guess in that way he is like House. He also is exceptionally good, and can figure out what's wrong with a patient when others can't, or have misdiagnosed them. Sagara had previously worked for Tokyo University's hospital (?) for a while, then quit and did some fishing for a year. He decides to go back to medicine. The office manager of Donoue General Hospital, Momoi, finds Sagara through a medical website. On first arriving at the hospital, the director doesn't quite believe that he's as good as he says he is. Later, after successfully doing emergency surgery (without permission) for a patient that was misdiagnosed, the director considers firing him. But, after he shows them the video of the surgery, they immediately realize how good he is, and offer to raise his salary. He agrees, but on one condition. They have to set up an emergency ICU area. Since the hospital's running low on money, he suggests they use some of his salary to do it. Really interesting so far.

I decided to drop Attention Please. It wasn't really as good as I thought it would be.:iconwtfromanoplz:I thought I'd give it another try, but the story doesn't sound that great. And, I'm not sure if I like the way the acting is directed. I know they're good actors, so it must be the direction, or script, or something. Too bad. I'll just have one more spot to fill for my week. There's a lot of good looking candidates, too.:iconchibinitalyplz:

I've kept up practicing my clarinet. Some days I sound really great, and some not so much.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:My hands were fumbling a bit today. Reed felt extra dry today too, so I felt like I was on the verge of squeaking every so often. Managed to not really squeak, but I hate that feeling. Kind of hurts. 

Pandora Hearts has been awesome!:iconchibipolandplz:I love how it has Alice in Wonderland elements to it. The Mad Hatter and Dormouse aren't really friends (I was surprised at who's the Dormouse), somehow Alice is also a black rabbit (filling kind of 2 roles, yet there's also a white rabbit?), there's a Cheshire cat, and others. Mad Hatter fits the personality pretty well. (Although, he doesn't wear a hat often.:iconpolandplz:) He even sat down with Oz for tea. 

I'm still watching Fairy Tail everyday until I catch up. Not much left. In about a couple of weeks I would have finally caught up. Natsu had a cool/hilarious battle with Gildarts. He passed. Levy, Cana, Gray, and Elfman passed as well. Something's weird about Mest though. No one remembers when he joined the guild, or who he really is. He just tells Wendy that he's Mystagon's disciple, but Mystagon kept to himself. Also, there's a weird, but interesting character that was on the island before the guild members arrived. He seems a bit confused, and everything near him dies. He's been apparently searching for Natsu. But, Natsu just met him at the end of this last episode, and has no idea who he is. 

deviantART fave: My Gallery in a Meme- Blank I did not make this! I think it would be interesting to fill out, if I ever find the time. I don't know what my oldest thing in my gallery is. It's been too long... Other stuff I might have somewhat of a clue about. Should be fun. 

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