Monday, April 1, 2013

7th Day of Passover!


Only one more day. Ends at sundown tomorrow. So, I guess while we might be at Shari's tomorrow, after group, I'll have something chametz-y.:iconheroamericaplz:Chametz is  basically things that aren't kosher for Passover. Like, breads, pastas, cakes, rice, corn, different grains, etc. (Some of those only Ashkenazic Jews take out from their diet. Calling the other 'stuff' besides the leavened things, kitniyot.) So maybe I'll have a burger, or some pasta thing, or maybe pancakes...:hungry:This is the point when it becomes difficult to continue. Mom occasionally would end it a day early. But, I don't know if I want to. 

It's also April Fool's Day. DeviantART actually had an interesting idea, that'd be kind of cool if it were real. It was about a dating site related to deviantART called deviantHEART. Saying they can match you with another artist through their questionnaire, and what you'd like to see in a match. Cute idea. Of course, since it was an April Fool's thing, they match you up randomly.:iconnataliaplz:Some people were matched with deactivated accounts. Some got artists who rarely put stuff up. Mine was a guy from Spain, who apparently has an obsession with Avatar: The Last Airbender and South Park. Much younger than me, too. I tried to fill it out a few times with different answers, and it always paired me up with this guy. Interesting though. I kind of like what they did last year more. With the cat 'empire' taking over. That was fun.:icondenmarkgrinplz:And, there were contests, changes to avatars, cat art work everywhere, etc. Like they put a lot of effort into it. The one this year seems kind of half-baked. Oh well. Next year might be fun. 

Started up this week with doing 20 sit-ups twice a day. I think I'm going to try adding 10 to both times each week, instead of what was the norm of just 5 to both times each week. Might catch up to what I was doing much quicker. And, may even see results faster. Did my normal 2-mile walk today, too. Felt good to get back to it.:iconeestiplz:It was really sunny out, so that was nice. Decided that since the sunsets are at weird times now, I'll do it a bit earlier. It's still beautiful out, if I do it at the time I did today.:iconchibihungaryplz:Couldn't wear my sunglasses, because apparently there's a crack in the frame. Part of that crack has actually cut through, and if I were to wear it, it'd be cutting into my cheek. Not cool.:iconromanoplz:Once the holiday is over, I'll be able to eat more normal. So, I can get back to what I was doing before. So, it feels great to be getting back to my fitness stuff. 

In Cartoon KAT-TUN, the guys were on tour. One of their stops was in Sendai. They arrived a day early, not really knowing what was in store for them. Started off as a punishment game for Ueda and Kame, or as the new 'nickname' for the pair was dubbed KameDa. They lost at a cooking competition against the other guys. Their punishment was to be an AD, or people that essentially do everything for the band. Like hold up cue cards, make restaurant reservations, ask in person ahead of time if they can film in various places, get drinks and food for the band, carry the bands things, etc. Only they of course made it especially hard on KameDa. They tried cow tongue, visited a shrine (one of the other tourists thought they were a rock band named TOKIO. Kind of funny to see their reactions to it), were welcomed with leis (KameDa didn't get them, though), got drinks at a local stand somewhere (they didn't even know exactly where), etc. For the cow tongue, KameDa were forced to cook it for the band, and themselves. Then, through janken, or rock, paper, scissors they decided that Nakamaru would be a new AD. Ueda was able to get out of it. Kame was forced to stay as one. In the preview, Nakamaru was forced to deal with his fear of heights by bungee jumping. That should be interesting. I like these sort of 'specials'. A lot more than what they were doing the last few episodes. Even more than their normal stuff. It's fun to get a view of what life may be like in these areas. They speak to real people, many of whom don't know about the band; go to some interesting local attractions, and get a sense of the culture in the area.

In Hitman Reborn, it was the last fight for the rings of Vongola. Hibari vs. Mosca. Mosca's really a robot that was supposed to be indestructible. Hibari proved it wrong. The fight was over in a matter of minutes. Hibari is freaky! But, cool. Tsuna's training more. I just know he'll have to fight Xanxus soon. Even though Tsuna's 'family' won, and he's already disqualified from fighting, Xanxus will try something. In Mix Vegetable, Hanayu realized Hayato really did feel something towards her. But, he tends to do stupid things around people he likes, and that confused her. I'm glad that they might get back together. Simply because they're interesting as a couple.

Practiced my clarinet today. Did some Mozart. Still sounded rusty, but better than last time. I'll get there. 

Printed out chapter 20 from Alliance. Read a little bit over it in that paper form, and already found some mistakes. I like that 'process' of looking at it again this way. I catch even more stuff. I took down all the chapters I had on deviantART and AnimeCrazy forums. Those were the last 2 sites that had the chapters up. I made sure to make a copy of some of the constructive criticisms and nice comments from deviantART before I deleted those deviations. That way I know what they commented on before. I loved having feedback from people on it. Helped quite a bit. I never had all the chapters up, either. It ended up being 174 pages in Word, or about 348 in normal book form. Interesting, not sure if it sounds like a lot or normal for a fantasy/sci-fi novel. Might be less or a bit more after I edit a lot of it. 

Scanned the last 2 panels of the drawing meme. So, after I edit them in Photoshop, I can paste them on the meme and submit it to deviantART. It'll be the 'individuals' section. I like that the artist decided to have broken up versions of the original meme. Each section can be submitted by itself. Otherwise, it would take me forever. Also, in the future, I might color it.
I worked on the last compounds for . 工事 or こうじ (kouji): construction work, construction. 食事 or しょくじ (shokuji): meal; to eat. 人事 or じんじ (jinji): personnel affairs, human affairs, HR, human resources. 知事 or ちじ (chiji): prefectural governor. 判事 or はんじ (hanji): a judge. 無事 or ぶじ (buji): safety, peace, quietness. 返事 or へんじ (henji): reply, answer, response. 物事 or ものごと (monogoto): things, everything. 用事 or ようじ (youji): tasks, things to do, errand. 理事 or りじ (riji): director. 事改めて or ことあらためて(kotoaratamete): (expression) anew. 見事 or みごと (migoto): splendid, magnificent, beautiful, admirable; praiseworthy act, feat, commendable deed. As お見事 or おみごと (omigoto) it's: well done!, bravo! Next time I'll move on, and work on 2 'new' kanji. One of them has some compounds listed too. Certainly not as many.

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