Friday, April 5, 2013

National Caramel Day!


Caramel is awesome!:iconfrancisplz:It's easy to make, and there's lots of different ways to eat it. Whether it be by itself, into a candy, in baked goods, on ice cream, popcorn, etc. Very versatile stuff.

I had a horrible night.:iconlietplz:Just couldn't get to sleep, and kept tossing and turning. So, after I slept in a bit, I felt a lot better. The day was going pretty well up until I called a friend about something. Ended up talking about Mom's yahrzeit, which the actual Hebrew date is on the 19th this year. The congregation wants to put up a plaque with Mom's name, and say kaddish/mini memorial service. They want to do it the Shabbat before, so there's a minyan (10 Jews in attendance). Anyways, this wasn't really something I wanted to talk about today.:icongermanyplz:So, it made me feel a bit odd after speaking with them. 

Finished watching Asuko March. It was a pretty good show. The actors were good, for the most part. The story was interesting. I think there could be a second season, but doubt it will happen. 

Watched the last 2 episodes of Hetalia: the Beautiful World. (They're only 5 minutes long.) One was about how Turkey treated Greece while he was growing up. It was funny to see the 'philosophy' side of Greece pop up as a little kid. He couldn't stop talking to Turkey about it. There was another country with them that was around Greece's age, but they didn't mention who he was. Maybe it was Crete? It's weird when they do stuff like that, and don't mention who they are. I know sometimes they have citizens from their countries talk to them, but this was different. Also, Italy visited Turkey. Turkey was talking about how strong Italy used to be, and Germany couldn't believe it. The second episode was an April Fool's one, based on the manga strip the mangaka put out, I think, last year. Really funny, and odd to see it in anime form. Taiwan and Thailand had a brief appearance. I love seeing what the designs for the countries are. They're very interesting. 

In Vampir, Ryou finds out what really happened to Miho. Miho was the one that committed suicide while jumping off a building. But, she landed on Ryou, and he died for a brief time. When he woke up he found out he's really one of the 'living dead'. Anyways, she caused it all, but he felt sorry for her and wanted to figure it out. It was really disturbing what happened to her, and I could see why this is a seinen. It didn't glorify it, but it still was disturbing. The people who drove her to suicide were 'punished' by one of the Vampirs, and eaten. Miho was able to happily pass on. I think the next chapter is the start of a new 'story', even though there seems to be more to this one. I guess finding this stuff out, was Ryou's purpose. I'll find out next time.

Finished working on one of the last 2 panels of the drawing meme. Just have to finish the final one. I think I really like the way Shadow turned out in this last panel. I look kind of old next to him...It's funny at least.:iconsleepygreeceplz: 

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