Thursday, April 4, 2013

World Rat Day!


Yay! One of my favorite animals!:dummy:They should be celebrated, even though many people consider them to just be pests. But, they're amazing as pets. I will post eventually about more songs. Just haven't felt like it, even though I've found a lot more interesting ones.:iconseychelles-plz:I'm also trying to post more often, like I used to.

Watched the finale of the drama version of Ouran High School Host Club. It was rocky at the beginning, but the rest of it turned out pretty good. It's not phenomenal, but not bad either. I really didn't like the actor who portrayed Honey. He looked really demented, and more deformed than in the anime. Plus, his voice didn't quite seem to fit.:iconwtfukplz:The actor who portrayed Tamaki is always amazing at whatever role he takes. And, he seems to be in a lot of things. His appearance didn't really 'scream' Tamaki, though. Oh well, made for an interesting take on the character. The twins were perfect. They looked/acted the most like their anime counterparts. The actress who portrayed Haruhi was ok. Wasn't really great, but not bad. I'll be watching the movie next. 

Naruto Shippuden was another filler this time. I rarely actually say 'filler', because I consider the manga and anime separate entities. They may have the same plot, but the anime is an 'adaptation'. Meaning it's a take on the manga, so it's not exactly like it. I love to see different takes on things. But, even just looking at the anime, it seemed like the last couple have been fillers. Nothing happens during them. It's gotten so bad, that some of the sites where I watch it have put up [Filler] next to the title of the episode.:iconchibijapanplz:These fillers are mostly just flashbacks. A couple of weeks ago it was getting intense again with the 'real' episodes. Maybe that's why they made fillers, to take a little break from the intensity. There was a new opening and ending this time. So, that was nice. Another goofy one for the ending...

In Dear, nothing much happened. In the chapter before, Kisara had kissed Chiruha. Ever since then, she's apparently been hiding from him. Everyone has been keeping watch over Chiruha's bedroom, making sure no one comes to kidnap her again. Things seem to be tense for everyone. Subaru, according to the kidnappers, was behind it all. So, Purino, Carol, Komomo, and Kurenai are shocked by it. At the end of the chapter, a couple of new suspicious people came to the door saying hello to Kisara. They'll probably try to take Chiruha, as well. I guess I'll see. 

Watched Brave last night. It wasn't as great as I was expecting. Just about the only thing that really stood out was her hair. They did pretty well with some of the stuff like the highland games, and clan meetings. But, the plot seemed a bit...weak to me.:icontinoplz:I don't know, something about it didn't sit well with me, too. Oh well, it was good to try. 

I put all the extra Passover stuff back where I had the stuff from last year. I'm keeping certain things where they are for now, because I'm still finishing them up. Stuff that I'd gladly have after the holiday, anyways. So, stuff like chocolate covered matzah, mandel cuts (biscotti like things) with chocolate drizzle on top, fruit (jelly) slices, macaroons, my homemade granola, etc. I also did some cleaning in my bathroom. Kind of tired from those now. 
The kanji I went over today were: and . As 持つ or も.つ (mo.tsu): to hold (in one's hand), take, carry; to possess, have, own; to maintain, keep; to last, be durable, survive; to take charge of, be in charge of. As 持ち or も.ち (mo.chi): (suffix) hold, charge, keep possession, in charge; wear, durability, life, draw; (suffix) usage. As 持てる or も.てる (mo.teru): to be able to possess (hold, get, etc.); to be well liked, be popular, be pampered (spoiled, doted upon, etc.); last; possessed; possessing riches, having wealth. And, when in compounds, it's pronounced as じ (ji). is pronounced as しき (shiki). It means: style, ceremony, expression, formula, equation, function, method, rite, ritual. Here's its compounds (the other one didn't list any): 式次 or しきじ (shikiji): program of a ceremony. 式辞 or しきじ: ceremonial address. 式日 or しきじつ (shikijitsu): day of a ceremony or event. 式典 or しきてん (shikiten): ceremony rites. 式服 or しきふく (shikifuku): ceremonial dress. 儀式 or ぎしき (gishiki): ceremony, rite, ritual, service. The next kanji that I'll work on has a ton of compounds. Should be interesting. 

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