Thursday, April 25, 2013

National Picnic Day!


This was actually a couple of days ago, but a picnic would be perfect for a day like today. It's nice and sunny out. Perfect temperature, too.:iconfrancisplz:I haven't been to a picnic in a long time. 

I haven't posted for a while mainly because I wanted to focus on my writing stuff. Getting it ready to publish on Smashwords. I have everything done, except for making 'official' pages for the book. Like on Facebook, deviantART, LiveJournal, Twitter, etc. Basically promoting it. I'd like to put some of these pages up before I send in my stuff for them to publish. That way I can list those sites at the end of my novel. People won't know about it otherwise.:iconohboyamericaplz:It's funny, because I personally only like to use a handful of these social networks. But, it might be different and fun if it's for my novel. Kind of exciting actually!:iconchibicanadaplz:

It took me forever to decide on what kind of cover art I wanted.:iconnataliaplz:I'm really happy with my final 'design' of it.:iconchibinitalyplz:Dad seems to like it, too. It's basically the only thing I've asked for her help with. Mainly to see if it stood out, looked nice, etc. Her input was helpful. And, I ended up relaxing and having fun with the final design of it. If I relax with things, and have fun while doing it, I get a lot done. I love Photoshop even more now.:iconchibihungaryplz:I used 2 pics I took a while back, and the rest was Photoshop stuff. One of those pics became extremely distorted, and almost unrecognizable. Which is good, because I was going for something like that. Managed to figure out how to make things 'glow' through a lot of blurring techniques, and paintbrushes. 

For some reason, it has been kind of difficult for me to describe my story. Especially on the spot. But, I think I figured out the perfect way to say it. (After some heavy brainstorming, and suddenly getting ideas for it at like 2 in the morning...:iconwtfukplz:) I think the reason why it might be hard to describe is because there's so many elements to it. It all flows, but a lot happens. I also don't want to give away too much of the plot. Anyways, I'm glad it came to me finally.:iconeestiplz:

Also, made a table of contents today. It's interesting that since it's an ebook, you can link the chapters back to the contents page, in addition to linking them in the list. So, if they want to go back to the list, they just click on the link of the chapter they're on, and it sends them back. If they want to go back to a chapter, they can click it on the list, and it'll take them to it. I think that's cool. Found out my spacing wasn't what they wanted, and fixed it. Instead of 172 pages, it's now 209 pages in Word. Crazy. But, it'll defer on actual pages, depending on what device its on. 

I'm also dedicating my book to my parents. I thought I should mention something about my mom, and I'm calling my dad Mammy J in it. She deserves a mention, too.:iconhongkongplz:I'm using Mammy J, because Dad sounds weird now, and I'm not sure how readers will respond if they see 'Dad' and me referring to her as 'her' or 'she'. She came up with Mammy J a while ago, and I like it. In my mind, I don't really feel it refers to a 'mom' for Mammy. Even though that's what they use sometimes in the South. Kind of feels neutral, yet nice. Saying my 'parent' all the time just seems cold. So, I'm trying to use Mammy J more often in general, too. 

I've been kind of on and off with my fitness routine lately. I'm hoping to get back into it. I managed to do 40 sit-ups this morning, and went for my 2-mile walk not too long ago. It was a glorious walk!:iconthailandplz:(The sun, the smell of flowers blooming, the warmth, it was great!) Hoping to do the second round of 40 sit-ups, like usual, tonight. Eating has been a bit off lately too. I'm probably eating roughly around what I was doing before when I was really into my routine. But, instead of breaking up my meals and snacks, I seem to be just having 2 large meals for the day. (Essentially, just brunch and dinner.) So, not as balanced, but with the same amount of food? It's odd, and doesn't feel quite the same.:iconswissplz:So, I'm trying to get that back to 'normal' too. It might be because I could be stressing out about getting the novel ready and published. Probably, as soon as it's at least being 'reviewed' by their 'machine' after hitting the publish button, I'll feel a lot better. Might want to sleep for a while too. 

Started watching the drama Otenki Onee-san or Weather Girl (literally it's Weather Sister) last week. I'll talk more in depth about it soon, but it was a very interesting first episode. I like eccentric main characters. Started the anime Kaichou wa Maid-sama or Class President is a Maid not too long ago, too. It's surprisingly good. Again, I'll give a more in depth description in the future. I tried the anime Rave Master. It was created by the same person behind Fairy Tail. It was made before Fairy Tail, actually. So, I thought it'd be cool. I tried it one other time, too. I can't really get into it.:iconchibiswedenplz:The style was not that great either. For some reason, even though it has similar elements, it's definitely not as good. Maybe because he matured as an artist? I don't know...

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