Wednesday, April 3, 2013

National Walking Day!


Walking is really good for your health. Read a while back that it may be better than running. Anyways, good to celebrate something that's good for you like that. Maybe I'll walk a bit more today.:iconberwaldplz: 

Yay! Passover ended at sundown yesterday! I like the holiday, but sometimes it feels like it drags towards the end. So, now I can eat chametz again!:la:
This is my wallpaper for the month. Not sure if I'll use it for the entire month or not.:iconswissplz:It's Kagura, Gintoki, and Shinpachi from Gintama. Kagura's using Sadaharu as a stole. (Must be a baby version of him, because he's such a big dog...) Kind of a nice festive looking wallpaper. Not sure if I like the colors in Gintoki's yukata.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:But, the rest of it looks nice.

My spice calendar features lemongrass this time. My Jewish calendar features a basin by Abraham Warnberger II. It's silver-gilt; from Augsburg, Germany; from 1670. There's also a 'spice tower', maker's unknown. Made out of silver; from Germany; 1800-1900. The spice 'tower' or a lot of the time called a box, is used during Havdalah. Havdalah marks the end of Shabbat, which is after sundown Saturday night. There's some pretty ornate spice boxes out there.:iconchibihungaryplz:Then, there's a painting titled The Sabbath of the Simple (Suite II-8), inspired by Hasidic Tales by Martin Buber, made by Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman. The painting is on paper; from Groningen, Netherlands; from 1941. Looks kind of sad. I always like to see the really old stuff. They're very interesting.

The month-long holidays are: National Garlic Month, National Grilled Cheese Month, National Soft Pretzel Month, Frog Month, International Guitar Month, National Garden Month, National Kite Month. Some are important causes, some are to make you appreciate things you may take for granted, and some are just for fun. I love garlic!:love:Nice there's a month devoted to it. Grilled cheese, and soft pretzels are pretty tasty too. Frogs and gardens kind of go well together. Kites can be a lot of fun. So, seems like a fun month.

Went to the support group last night. Had a huge turnout, which was very nice. Dad and I were going to share pics of ourselves. A while back the group said that everyone should share their old pics of themselves. Kind of to get to know people better. I had spent an hour looking for things I could bring, and found a huge brown album with my baby and little kid pics. Plus, an album of mine with pics I took while I was at a NFTY (North American Federation of Temple Youth) event. Which was a blast!:iconfrancisplz:And, it also has pics from a trip to Victoria, Canada that my marching band went on. I think both these 'events' were when I was around 15 or 16. Still looked a lot different. Anyways, Dad took up all the time we set up for it. Which is fine. One of the members said he really wants to see the pics that I brought, so I better show them at the next meeting. I didn't think they would really care about it...:iconkikuplz:

Went to Shari's after for dinner. (It's always a pretty late dinner. Like, not getting our food until around 9:30pm at the earliest.) I decided to get the most chametz-y thing on the menu, since Passover ended while we were at the meeting part. I got their fried chicken and waffles. The chicken is heavily breaded and fried, then there's the waffles, and the gravy probably had some flour in it. Just about as chametz-y as it comes.:iconheroamericaplz:

Also, one of the most calorie-loaded on the menu. But, I luckily am still doing my 'new' way of eating where I'll usually eat half of what I get at restaurants. Sometimes, if it's big enough, I'll eat only a third. I also didn't eat much that day. So, it wasn't as bad.:iconseychelles-plz:The chicken had a light 'honey' syrup. Barely could taste the honey.:iconromanoplz:The gravy was a bit odd tasting, but not bad. If there was more of it, I think it would have made me sick. Made for a nice brunch today. Of course, I added real honey to the chicken this time. I think since I was born in the South, I love fried chicken with honey. It's just a thing they do there. Also, had a slice of a s'more's pie for dessert last night. It was awesome!:iconitalyplz:

In Hitman Reborn, Tsuna came in to the rescue, while Mosca (a robot) was going berzerk. His 'family' was in danger. He beat Mosca, but found out the 9th boss of the Vongola family, was tied up inside. Seemed like they made him kill the 9th. I kind of expected something like that was happening. Maybe Tsuna will go crazy and beat up Xanxus? Sounds like it's getting more interesting. Sad that the 9th might be dead though. He was the one who appointed Tsuna as the 10th leader of the family in the first place. Yesterday, I also read some more of Fairy Tail. It's the Deliora arc. It was really cool in the anime, it'd be interesting to see how the manga has it. I'll probably watch the last episode of the anime today. They're going to take a hiatus for now. Not sure when it'll return, but the mangaka was hinting at it coming back at some point. So, we'll see. It's a really good show, it'll be sad if it truly ends now.

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