Sunday, April 7, 2013

National Beer Day!


Beer is great for cooking. I don't drink alcohol, so it's kind of the only way I can have it. But, to those that can drink it, enjoy it today. 

I kind of wanted to go to services on Saturday, but it didn't work out. Wanted to talk to someone, and return the books I took out of the congregation's library. I'll probably never get to reading them.:iconswissplz:Oh, well. I needed the sleep, too. 

Dad went to T-Mobile to get the new iPhone. The clerk who worked with her, outed her. Not only that, he would repeat important info/numbers out loud more times than he needed to. Seemed rather inept, too. It was a bit disturbing.:iconwtfukplz:But, now she has an iPhone on pre-order. Should be great. 

Looked at a place called Icing, since we were already at the mall. I've been there before, but not often. Realized they had a ton of interesting looking wallets.:iconberwaldplz:My really nice Indian looking wallet is in tatters. There's holes in the change pocket. So, I'm constantly losing change if I use it. The slots for cards and pics are wearing out, too. I sometimes use a coin purse that has a big Star of David on it. But, it feels like I'm being too 'open' with my religion that way.:iconwtfromanoplz:Also, obviously, only good for change. So, I really need a new one. I think that  the next time I'm there, I might look at them more closely. Maybe even get one. Funny, because my actual purse that has my wallet in it is still in great condition. I've had it for at least 4 years.:iconchibihungaryplz:They had some interesting hair stuff too. 

Ate at Himalayan Chutney after we went to the mall. It's a pretty good restaurant. We ordered chai, and Dad had a full mug when it came out. Mine barely had anything. They said they had ran out of chai, and that they just needed to make more. I was a bit disappointed by it, before they mentioned why there was so little. (They came only 10 minutes later with a mug filled to the brim.) We had the vegetable platter as an appetizer. It was pretty good. Had a huge samosa, pakoras, and onion bhajis. I tried their chicken coconut korma as an entree. It was really good. Like I've mentioned before on here, I love coconut milk-based curries, so it was perfect for me!:iconchibispainplz:Made for an awesome lunch today, as well. 
Started watching the drama version of xxxHolic a couple of weeks ago. It doesn't have the same 'cool' feel. Interesting to see a different take on it, though. Probably pretty difficult to get that same feeling in a live-action setting. There's a lot more freedom with anime, I think. Yuko, seems to be darker, and not as fun/sexy. She's an amazing character, but in the drama it feels like she falls a bit flat. Probably just the actress' portrayal, but I'm not sure. Maybe it'll be better, and closer to the way she was in the anime as it progresses. At least, in character. The actor who plays Watanuki is pretty good with the role. Not sure about Himawari. The few instances I've seen Doumeki, he seems pretty good too. I'm a pretty big fan of the anime, and read a bit of the manga. So, this should be interesting.:iconchibinitalyplz:

Yuko is the owner of a strange store which offers to make any wish come true for a price. Watanuki has a special type of blood that attracts spirits. He goes to her shop by 'accident', and later wishes for her to remove his ability to see spirits. She'll only grant his wish after he works as a temporary part-time employee for her at the store. She believes that will be proper payment. (But, she doesn't tell him for how long.) His job is to run small errands dealing with the supernatural and household chores. Himawari is his love interest and a fellow classmate. Watanuki detests Doumeki at first. He's another classmate, who Watanuki feels is trying to steal Himawari's heart. But, in reality he doesn't really care. (They're just good childhood friends in his eyes.) They end up helping on some of these 'errands'. The original manga was put out by an all women's manga group called CLAMP. They make some interesting stuff. At first, the only thing I had a hard time with in the anime was getting used to the drawing style, but it grows on you. 

The episode of Great Teacher Onizuka this time was great. Maybe better than the rest. Although, I liked the episode just before too. Onizuka will literally do anything for his students. They were going to fire him if he didn't get a perfect score on a standardized national test that students take. Seeing him as unfit to teach. So, he asked for one of his brightest students, Kanzaki, to help him out. She has an extremely high IQ, and it seemed that the adults in her life were just after her brain and not for who she was as a person. She told Onizuka that life wasn't worth living, since everything seems dull to her. He honestly cared about her, and eventually told her that everyone has a purpose in life. And, that they mean something to someone out there. It was actually kind of uplifting. Then, he risked his life trying to save her. He took the test and finished it, but passed out soon after bleeding all over the test. He didn't tell anyone that he had been stabbed trying to save her. They almost lost him, and when he woke up he asked Kanzaki how it felt with the idea that he might die. She was worried sick. He said that's what will happen with your friends/family if you were to 'leave' this world. In Judaism, there's an idea that when one person dies, it's as if a world dies with them. So, it kind of felt like a similar thing. By the way, with what they could decipher from his blood soaked test, he passed every answer that was visible. I'm liking this show more than I expected. 

I was going to look through Mom's Jewish books today. But, didn't get the chance. There's quite a bit of them. I'll only want a small fraction of it. So, I'll put the majority in a bag for donations or to sell. I'll do it tomorrow. It's taken me a long time to get enough courage to look through them. (Not sure if 'courage' is the right word...:iconkikuplz:

Edited Alliance some more. And, started reading the story from the beginning over again. Kind of hard to read the paper version. At least for the first chapter, with all the editing marks. I'll read the beginning again in Word at some point. Made it to chapter 4 today. That's pretty good. I'm still not happy with the very first couple of lines. But, I'm just going to leave it now. The more I try to mess with it, the worse it sounds.:iconlietplz:At least to me. Maybe I'm trying too hard focusing on that. It might be fine. I also felt at points I might have been too detailed with characters. But, people will want to visualize them. When I had parts of it online, no one told me I was too detailed. In fact, in the beginning (when I started posting it on deviantART) they told me I wasn't detailed enough. I've worked on that a lot. They didn't say anything more about it, after I changed it. So, maybe it's just me.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz: 
Started watching Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, or the Severing Crime Edge. I'm reading it in manga form and love it! (One of those that takes forever to update, though.:iconpolandplz:) So, thought it'd be cool to see it as an anime. Really happy they made it. So far it's really good. It's one of the few seinens (intended for a mature male audience. Josei is the female counterpart. Both are very interesting) I really like. Very interesting and, to me, has a unique plot. 

Kiri seems like a normal ordinary boy with one slight problem: he's obsessed with cutting other people's hair. (Quite a bit of a hair fetish.) One day, he meets Iwai, the 'Hair Queen', who cannot cut her hair, because of an inherited curse. Kiri finds out that his pair of scissors, later called 'Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge', is the only thing that can cut her hair. But, their meeting sparked an old murder game to kill the Hair Queen using cursed killing tools, the 'Killing Goods'. Kiri has to protect her from those Killing Goods. Those Killing Goods have been inherited by the descendants of killers. Kiri finds out that one of his ancestors used the same pair of scissors to murder people, and dismember their bodies after. Quite gruesome, but somehow tasteful about it. A bit scary in some ways, too. Right up my alley! I love horror/mystery themes. So, I hope they don't mess it up in the anime version.:iconprussiaplz:

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