Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Theme of Multiflora


Another track from Fairy Tail's first soundtrack. Still has some of the Celtic/rock sound. I still love the blends and the overall sound of this soundtrack.:la:An awesome fighting tune, too. Also, perfect for a lot of the characters. A cool Fairy Tail amv that features it:

Posted another pic from the fair to FB and dA. It was of another horse. Its eyes were kind of interesting. Iryu Sousa was touching, yet again. Seemed to be a more complicated story than last time. 
In Bleach, Ichigo, Orihime, Sado, Ishida, and Yoruichi make it to Soul Society. They almost didn't make it. But, thanks to the quick thinking of Orihime, they made it safely. The Shinigami live in Seireitei, and as soon as Ichigo finds out where it is, he runs towards it. He's immediately stopped by a huge gate going up, and a giant who's the gatekeeper named Jidanbou. Jidanbou uses an ax at first to smash the ground and create a barrier to keep the others from interfering. At first he slashes at Ichigo multiple times with that one ax. Nothing hits or really fazes him. So, he uses 2 axes at the same time. Ichigo smashes both and knocks Jidanbou to the ground. As a mark of respect for beating him, he opens the gate for Ichigo and his group. The 3rd Division captain, Gin Ichimaru, is there to greet them on the other side, much to Jidanbou's dismay. 
In Fairy Tail, Makarov went to a guild master meeting, leaving Mira in charge. Lucy was trying to decide on a job to take from the request board. And, if she's sticking with Natsu and Happy as a team. Gray actually smokes in this version...(I don't remember him ever doing so in the anime.:iconkikuplz:) He also seems even more perverted. They introduced Loki. I miss seeing him as a regular character in the anime. Instead, of coming out of the spirit world occasionally. They also introduced Erza. She always seems cool, yet clueless. Funny that way. She's extremely strict about things, and no one wants to mess with her. Since she's considered one of the strongest mages in Fairy Tail. 

Played my clarinet. Did some pieces from my advanced solo book, and some Irish tunes. Wasn't too bad today. 

Edited and posted chapter 17 of Alliance. I like how it turned out. It's actually one of my shortest chapters. I don't really have a set limit to pages for each one. So, it's interesting where I end up.:iconheroamericaplz:I'm already getting more ideas for the next chapter.
The kanji for today is: . Or: ず、と、え、はか.る (Zu, to, haka.ru). It means: diagram, accidentally, drawing, map, plan, unexpected, illustration. Worked on more compound words for . 引力 or いんりょく (inryoku): attraction, affinity, magnetism. 延引 or えんいん (enin): delay, procrastination. 吸引 or きゅういん (kyuuin): absorption, suction. 牽引 or けんいん (kenin): hauling, tow, pull, drag. 拘引 or こういん (kouin): arrest, custody, seduction, abduction. Went over a Japanese lesson from my book again. Got most of the answers correct! I'm getting into the tough stuff of the book, so it's even harder to concentrate on the answers, and what's being brought up. Just registered for the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), again. A bit nervous about the test in December. But, not too much, considering I feel a lot more prepared.:iconchibiamericaplz:I'm taking the lowest level again. 

Started brainstorming about my next drawing. I think I'll do a sunset scene at Unity campus. Unity is the made-up university in my story. I wanted something to do with colors again. And, I love to draw sunsets. So, we'll see how that will turn out. Also, did a little bit more of this last section of the meme. Kept messing up my main character's face. I think that's a sign to stop and do it again tomorrow or some other time.:iconlietplz:

Made something for the first time in a long time! I love to cook, so not being able to do much of it because of my shoulder, was really difficult. I made teriyaki chicken with rice, and a salad for dinner tonight. We still had some teriyaki sauce left from the last time we made it. Usually, a bottle of it is good for 2 meals. The salad was an 'Asian Kit Salad'. It came with lettuce and some other vegetables, some cranberries, wonton strips, and a sesame orange dressing. Really good stuff.:iconchibispainplz:I'll probably post a pic of it all tomorrow on FB and dA. 

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