Friday, September 7, 2012

Beautiful Life


By Ace of Base. Almost forgot about this song.:iconheroamericaplz:'Rediscovered' it through my musical odyssey from the time I was born up to now. It was put out in 1995. Ace of Base is a Swedish band. I'm surprised to see they're still going. They have 2 new members, and 2 recently dropped out. 

It's really warm today! Got up to 85 degrees. Funny, because after tomorrow, we'll be in the high 60s for a few days. That's a big difference!:iconromanoplz:

Posted another fair pic. It was the start of the rabbit section. Played my clarinet. Did a lot of klezmer tunes. Again, not too bad. Worked on trying to make a name for the zoo in my story. I like my process of making names, whether they be for people or things. But, it does take a bit of time.:iconchibinitalyplz:

Rosie has a vet appointment later today. So, I tried to clean up the carrier. It was covered in filth, from the garage. I started with wiping it off with paper towels. But, found a few spiders.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:I didn't want to have to deal with them, so I decided to get the vacuum cleaner. And, vacuumed them up, plus all the junk inside of it. Felt bad about doing that to them, but I didn't want to stomp on them either.:iconraivisplz:I still feel a bit itchy, just seeing them. (I always feel like they're crawling on me, just from the sight of them.) There was still a towel in there from the last time we used it. It was nasty looking, so I threw it into the washer. I put 2 fresh towels inside the carrier. Hopefully it'll feel comfy. It was a lot of work, but I did it!:dummy:

This season of Gokusen seems slightly different to me. Nice, that they're trying to switch it up a bit. Still a lot of the same theme. Which is fine. This time the class learned what camaraderie really means. And, that fighting for just themselves was meaningless. Kuma's married now, and has a baby on the way. Kind of nice to see him so happy. I like him a lot, and the actor's pretty good.

In Hitman Reborn, Reborn gave Tsuna 2 tickets to the zoo. Saying he was going with Kyoko. He thought it'd be a nice date. But, Reborn was really looking at which animal would be a good companion animal for Tsuna. Since the previous family's boss he worked with has a turtle. Everybody from the 'family' showed up in the end. They 'absentmindedly' blew up the animals' cages, and let them roam free. Bianchi was looking for an animal to add to her poison cooking. She found a king corbra later. It looked a bit scared. 

Read part of the last section Hetalia's volume 4. Kind of funny chapter was Estonia dreaming that the rest of the male countries had turned into girls. He thought they looked really attractive, but at the same time was disgusted by it all. There was also a section called: Hetalia-like Food Column. It was about the countries and their food. Apparently, the mangaka thinks there's not too many slow-cooked meals in America. Kind of interesting to see his view. He likes American food, but thinks it's weird. Had the story about how noodles originated in China. And, another one about French dining etiquette, and how its changed. 

Today's kanji is: . Or: ゆき、せつ (Yuki, setsu.) It means snow. I knew the meaning of it, but hadn't really practiced writing this kanji out before. So, it was good to do for that. Also went over more compounds for 引. Went over another lesson from my Japanese book.

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