Sunday, September 23, 2012



Another one from Arashi. Kind of a fun song. Talking about a wonderland full of mystery in your dreams. (That sounds cheesy, but I still like it...:iconhongkongplz:)

Opened a new bank account for the first time in about 4 years.:iconusaplz:(Used to be with WaMu, and once it went defunct, I didn't try to go to another bank.) Also, drove a bit. We were going to go to Seattle's Night Market and Moon Festival, but something came up. It sounded like it would have been fun.:iconchibiaustriaplz:Well, maybe next year. 

Had an interesting Shabbat dinner, Friday night. We didn't have time to grab a challah. So, I found a tiny homemade frozen whole-wheat (weird...) challah someone made for us during the first month of mourning. Very sweet of them, even if it was a bit weird. Dad went to something, so it was just me. Made a makeshift pizza for myself. Made out of bread slices, roasted garlic pasta sauce, cheddar, grape tomatoes, sweet peppers, and carrots on top. Turned out awesome!:iconchibispainplz:One of my more successful experiments. Might not have been the healthiest. Although, it did have whole wheat bread, lots of garlic, and vegetables. So, not bad. We still had some of those really good walnut cookies. Nice dessert then, too.

Started posting pics to FB and dA again, today. I'm hoping to finish posting the pics I took at the county fair, and then go back to posting my Israel pics. I still have a lot of those.:iconswissplz:

Found a couple more interesting songs, too. So look forward to them! Wrote a bit more of chapter 18 of Alliance. The ideas are flowin' again! Yay!:dummy:Hopefully I can keep that up. I should progress much quicker if I really do write a little every day.

Today's kanji is: . Or: からだ、たい、てい (Karada, tai, tei). It means: body, counter for images, object, reality, substance. Went over some compounds that had in them. Most were, as expected, writing/calligraphy related. Still good to go over. Also, went over a lesson from my Japanese book. 

Pretty much done with drawing out the first section of this huge meme. I like how most of it turned out.:iconthailandplz:The next part is where my characters interact with each other. But, before I go on, I thought I'd give myself a break from that, and fill out a writing meme. They're pretty fun, can be quick to fill out, and helps with character development. So, I'll probably start that tomorrow.

Yom Kippur starts Tuesday just before sundown, and goes until a little after sundown the next day. Can't believe it's coming up so fast! Again, most people, who are able, fast for the full 25 hours. No food or water. But, people who have health issues, don't have to fast. I used to look at it as almost a competition to see if I could go longer than the previous year with fasting. Not really the best way to look at it. Some people, like me, follow the tradition of not wearing leather, since an animal died in order for the leather garment to be produced. It's a time for being especially sensitive to life and death concerns, including the lives of animals. We wear white, since it's the color associated with both purity and death. 

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