Monday, September 24, 2012

Helter Skelter


Another classic Beatles song. This one was written by Paul McCartney, and credited to both Lennon and McCartney. McCartney wanted to create a sound that was as loud and dirty as possible. It's considered a key influence in the development of heavy metal. In British English, helter-skelter means in a disorderly haste or confusion, and is a name of a spiraling amusement park slide. McCartney used this song as a response to critics who accused him of only writing ballads. 

Posted another county fair rabbit pic to dA and FB. It was one of those giant ones. Looked like it barely fit in its cage. Since the current episode I was on for Ghost Mama was still raw, I decided to watch one of the series I put on hold. That was Mirai Nikki. They finally have it all subbed!:iconchibihungaryplz:After today, there's only one episode left. So, if Ghost Mama's raw still, I'll finish Mirai Nikki next week. Yay! Mirai Nikki is a pretty crazy series. I wouldn't say it's my fave, but the story's so detailed and complex, it's hard to not finish it. (Almost every episode had some sort of big twist.) Really sucks you in. 

Baka to Test was weird. I'm starting to think when the next anime season hits, I'll drop it.:iconnataliaplz:The guys' fixation on breasts, the class being treated as 'idiots' when most of the time they aren't, the girls beating up the guys, etc. is getting old. Oh well. 

Kekkaishi was somewhat interesting. Yoshimori went to Uro-sama's world to repair his bed. Once he did, he wanted to ask him a ton of questions. But, if he stayed there too long, he'd forget everything and disappear. Uro was too sleepy to respond, and Yoshimori was starting to forget himself. A memory of Tokine helping him, plus his grandpa hoisting him out of that world, saved him. None of his questions were answered. He wanted to know more about Karasumori, the area around the school that was once a forest, and now makes demons stronger when they wander in. The Kekkaishi have to guard against those demons. 

Played my clarinet. Did a lot of Irish tunes. Messed up a few times, but it wasn't bad. Wrote more of chapter 18 of Alliance. The kanji for today was or たい、だい、うてな (tai, dai, utena). It means: counter for machines and vehicles, pedestal, stand, rack, table, support. Finished translating the first page of an article in You Maga. Read in Japanese an article about a landslide that derailed a train, on Asahi's website. 700 people were on it. 7 people, including the train driver, suffered serious and some minor injuries. No one was killed. So, that's one good thing.

Went over another Japanese lesson. This time it was over volitional forms of verbs which express an invitation or a suggestion. The plain form is used mainly by men, where as the polite form is used by both men and women. So, 行く or iku (to go) changes to 行こう or ikou (let's go) for the plain volitional form, and 行きましょう (let's go) or ikimashou for the polite volitional form. Plain verbs ending with su change to a sou ending, ones with ku go to a kou ending, gu to a gou, etc. The polite volitional form is the same as the ます or masu form, only with ましょう or mashou at the end. I thought this one was interesting enough, to write out.:iconchibinitalyplz:All my answers to the practice questions turned out correct. I'm on the right track!:dummy:Each lesson builds on the previous, so the questions get much more difficult as you go.

Couldn't decide on one writing meme, so I'm thinking of doing 2 this time. It looks like both won't take very much time. One has 12 of my characters going on a 'rainforest adventure'. The other, introduces 5 of my newest characters. That second one goes into a lot of detail. But, it'd be even better for character development that way. The first one just looks like it'd be fun. A couple of my characters will be featured in both memes. Those are the ones I don't have much info on, yet. 

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