Thursday, September 6, 2012

L'Amore È Femmina


Or, Out of Love. By Nina Zilli. This was Italy's entry for Eurovision 2012. I think the song should have placed a bit higher. Ended up being at 9th place. But, then again, I hated the song that placed 1st. -_- I read somewhere that, if it didn't have a little English in the song, it didn't place very high. It's sad that the results are influenced by politics, too. Doesn't seem fair for some. Anyways, the singer is amazing!:la:Very powerful voice. Sounds slightly like Amy Winehouse. Could just be her style, though. The song has a mixture of Italian and English. 

Last night, I started brainstorming ideas for chapter 18. They just kept flowing out. Almost couldn't get them down fast enough.:iconheroamericaplz:Today, I started working on making up a word for the zoo they'll be going to. 

Also, managed to play a little of my clarinet last night. I thought it wasn't too late (so I wouldn't wake the neighbors), and no one else was home. So, why not? Played some more today, as well. Did a lot of Irish tunes, and a little klezmer. 

Posted 2 pics to both FB and dA. They were of the front, and then back end of a horse from the fair. It was a beautiful horse, and I wanted to show as much of the animal as I could.:iconberwaldplz:It's already got 2 faves on dA. 

In Hana Yori Dango, they figured out that Sakurako was behind everything. Paying a guy to drug Makino, taking a pic of said guy and Makino while she was passed out, putting the pics on 'display' in the cafeteria, and telling everyone how horrible Makino is. She pretended to be friends with her, because she wanted to take her revenge out on Domyouji. While they were in kindergarten, he called her ugly over and over again. She had a crush on him before. After going through extensive facial surgery, he still didn't pay attention to her. So, she tried to hurt the one closest to him. She kidnapped and held Makino at the cafeteria, and waited for Domyouji to save her. He came, and protected Makino from getting hurt. Sakurako didn't understand, and gave up. After that, Domyouji finally confessed his love for Makino. They were getting along fine, until the end of the episode when Rui came back from France, and appeared suddenly at school.

Naruto Shippuden was actually interesting this time. I like how they've been keeping the story line up lately. Instead of those flashbacks, and character back stories. Someone was targeting the medical ninja. They figured out that 'white' Zetsu was behind it. Once he sucks out a victim's chakra, he can transform into that person. A clone that has the same abilities, and is hard to detect if they're the real person or not. After they apprehended the white Zetsu at one of the medical ninja sites, they started getting reports of other areas being targeted as well. Shikaku became almost overwhelmed with the info coming in about the war. He's their strategist (Shikamaru's father). He kept saying at the end: keep cool, but think fast. Feel kind of sorry for him.
In Hitman Reborn, Tsuna was trying to get rid of Bianchi. He finds out that Bianchi is Gokudera's big sister from a different mother. Also, about the story behind why Gokudera feels sick to his stomach every time he sees her. She tested her first poison cooking dish on him, just before his piano recital. Everyone thought it was very artistic, even though he was slowly dying. They kept asking him to play more, but only after he ate Bianchi's cooking again. Tsuna also realized that when Lambo transforms into his older self, he looks a lot like Bianchi's deceased lover. (She killed him.) So, he makes him turn, thinking she'd run after him. It had the opposite effect. She wanted to kill him. She finally left when Reborn told her that he wanted to have her search for some eel.
Today's kanji is: . Or: せつ、さい、き.る、き.れる、き.り、き.れ. (Setsu, sai,, ki.reru, ki.ri, It means: to cut, be sharp, eager, earnest, acute, disconnect, reduce, split, crack. There's a lot more meanings to this one. When I went over this kanji for the first time a while back, I read that by itself, it just meant to cut or slice. This greatly confused me, because it was used way too often to be just that. So, I'm glad to know the other meanings to it. Good one to go over again. Found a chicken curry recipe in Japanese. Sounded really good from briefly reading it. Went over another lesson from my Japanese book. 

Worked a little more on the last bit of this section of the drawing meme. I realized I have such a clear view of my main character in my head, that I decided to see what anime character he might look like, to get more of a reference. He's a cross between Aidou from Vampire Knight, and the Len Vocaloid, apparently. Didn't plan for him to be like that, just appeared in my head that way. Now that I narrowed it down a bit, I can look at pics of them online, to get ideas on how to draw him. 

deviantART faves: Whoosa-clever-girl-den Gorgon updated Airlines of the World I did not make these! First, an interesting painting of a dinosaur with fluffy feathers. It was done by an artist I watch. Apparently, was inspired by an article about how the dinosaurs may have actually had a covering of 'fluffy down-like feathers'. Second, a drawing of an oc from another artist I watch. Third, a really cool drawing with Hetalia characters and their major airlines. Looked like it took a long time to complete.

A nice Rosh Hashanah themed music vid:

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