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By Girls' Generation. They're 9-member South Korean girl group formed in 2007. They are often referred to as SNSD. Which is an acronym for the group's Korean name: So Nyeo Shi Dae. In Japan, they're known as Shoujo Jidai. This hit song of their's from 2009, holds the record for being the longest running #1 song KBS' Music Bank, having held that ranking for 9 consecutive weeks. It also won several awards. It was a huge hit on Youtube, as well. The only Korean song that's become more popular around the world is PSY's Gangnam Style. Which, is weird, but oddly addicting... Gee's about falling in love, but becoming very nervous and blinded by it. I've had this song stuck in my head for a while.:iconseychelles-plz:

I don't care if she reads this, but I need to vent! As soon as Dad came home last night, she started saying some pretty nasty things to me. I didn't expect her to come home like that. What started her tirade was the possibility of driving me to my appointment. Just wanted to make sure she couldn't drive me. I didn't mean to be nasty about it. I told her that she pissed me off, and she said 'good'. How is that in anyway good? I try to keep my cool, but say enough nasty things to me, I'm bound to get angry. Does she pride herself in hurting a loved one? Negativity is never good! It demotivates me and it becomes hard to do anything, plus I occasionally feel like hurting myself when this happens. I'm surprised I'm not more messed up than I already am. What happened to the semi-understanding caring parent, that she was in the last couple of months? I don't get it! Maybe it was the addition of taking progesterone and having a higher testosterone reading than she should have? It would make some sense. 

Still, maybe she should have punched a pillow, listened to music, or chatted with a friend if that was the case. I don't want things between us to be weird. Mom probably wouldn't want us to fight, either. The funny thing is the last time I had an appointment she was willing to drive me to the next, as long as it was later in the day. What changed? I purposefully made it the latest appointment that I could. Well, I cancelled that appointment, and will make another one. As soon as I do, I'll call someone to drive me there. Had a very hard time sleeping after that.

I was having such a good day, too.:icontinoplz:I had pushed myself to do more than usual. Gritting through the pain. By the way, I emailed my orthopedist, and he said to see him to discuss my options. My shoulder has been hurting more and more this last week and a half or so. Almost like it's reverting back to what it was after the first shot. One of the possibilities is to see a specialist, have an MRI done, and he said most likely, to have surgery done.:iconlietplz:

Last night, I was going to make a nice dinner for both Dad and I, as well. But, found out she was at a date. Which is fine. I made my portion anyways. Had a hot dog, some homemade corn muffins, and a vegetable mix. Really tasty! 

Grandparents called last night, too. Haven't talked to them for a while. It was nice. They initially called to tell Dad that they got her book. They're excited about it. 

Managed to do a bit more writing yesterday. Went over some kanji, and compounds too. Also, played my clarinet. Hopefully, today I'll feel up to writing, practicing kanji, playing my clarinet, drawing, going over a Japanese lesson from my book, going over Japanese conversations, and more.:iconberwaldplz:

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