Wednesday, September 5, 2012



By the Prodigy. Also, was on the Matrix soundtrack. Another one of my faves from them. I think the first time I heard it was while watching the first Matrix movie. Sounded cool. It had already been out for 2 years before the film, though. 

Posted the pic of what I made last night on FB and dA. One person on dA said that they were hungry after seeing it. Had a few people like/fave it so far.:iconeestiplz:I was thinking of making eggs, having the leftover rice, and the salad for tonight's dinner. (Dad went on a date tonight, so it was just me. She hates eggs.) My shoulder had a wave of pain earlier, and therefore instead of eggs I had some soup. Cream of asparagus to be exact. It was really good. Although, kind of sad at the same time.:icontinoplz:Haven't had eggs for a while. Maybe I'll have some soon.

In Cartoon KAT-TUN, they had a limbo contest. The guys had to smile continuously while doing the limbo. If they broke their smile, they had to be tickled by this weird cutout with arms protruding from it until they smiled again.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:If they lost at going under the stick (while still smiling), they lost the game. But, don't have to get tickled. The guys were incredibly limber. There was one who was awesome through most of it. I thought the guy who smiles all the time, normally, would win. He was the first one to break his smile.:iconromanoplz:Then, they had their dart game with Miki Maya. They won, I think for the first time. She wasn't very good though. They still gave her a dart. 

In Fairy Tail, the guild has stormed the ship that carries the Infinity Clock. Mira beat Racer, and he found out he's been running his entire life, from no one but himself. The effects of the clock have already taken place. It was kind of funny seeing things like a turkey on a family's table, come back to life. Gildarts, Natsu, Byro, Laki, and Coco find out that the archbishop is being controlled by Lapointe. He's immediately attacked by everybody. 
In Anagle Mole, turns out that the healing spring Kyousuke was in awakened his powers. Powers that humans unconsciously possess, they need a trigger or some sort of chemical to 'awaken'. So, instead of just one power, which each majin has, he has many. Superhuman speed, flying, etc. They were starting to think he'd die in that spring, because it's used for healing by the majin, but they're immensely more powerful. And something that's beneficial to them, tends to kill humans. Kyousuke saves Luchiru, and starts to fight Kamomill. He was beating him to a pulp towards the end of the chapter.

Didn't have time to play my clarinet earlier, but I might do it sometime tonight. Don't know...I need to, though.:iconpolandplz:

At the cafe I just got a bottle of water. I feel I haven't been drinking enough of it lately. I don't want to end up like I was a few years ago. Where I only had, basically, a sip of water everyday. Occasionally, a cup of tea. But, not much else. Made me not feel too great. My health readings weren't very good either. Drinking's very important.:iconprussiaplz:As soon as I started drinking more, I felt a lot better. And, my body became much more healthier. I've only noticed that I'm drinking less since Mom passed away. Not good. But, I've also been funky with eating since then, so it's understandable.:iconusaplz:Anyways, I got a refill of water while I was there. So, technically I had 2 semi-normal sized bottles of water there. Pretty good.

Practiced my kanji, read an issue of You Maga, transposed an Irish tune, did a lesson out of my Japanese book, practiced my conversation 'skills' by writing more to myself, and did a crossword puzzle while I was at the cafe. I haven't transposed a tune in so long. Felt good to do. I need to finish at least the booklet's worth. Almost there. It was very sunny out while I was studying today. Tried to close the blinds, but they were broken.:iconwtfukplz:So, I ended up looking like I was crying while doing it, and it was so bright. Oh well. Might have gotten a sunburn on one arm and cheek, with the side that faced the window.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:Met a couple more people that were a part of the mahj group. They were nice. 

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