Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wired Life


By Meisa Kuroki. This is the 2nd ending theme to Ao no Exorcist. Really cool sounding.:iconthailandplz:And, looking at the lyrics, not sure if it really fits the series, but it's interesting. Basically about people living their lives on the internet, and how we're all connected now. The pros and cons about it. I guess it's also about being held back from achieving your dreams, and that would fit the series more.:iconswissplz:Here's that ending to Ao no Exorcist:

It was actually warm today!:dummy:A tiny bit below normal, but I'll take it. Although, I'm wearing a sweater. So, it didn't get that warm out. Posted chapter 3 of Alliance to mangafox. A lot of people seem to be reading it. Not much in the way of comments though.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:

Got my new ligature yesterday! I'm so happy!:iconchibispainplz:I apparently have to keep lubricating it with cork grease. Haven't used that stuff in so long...:iconsleepygreeceplz:When I run out of it and can't get to the store or something, I could just use chapstick. I've known a lot of people who only used chapstick. So, should be interesting. Also, every once in a while I'll have to use Windex on it and part of the mouthpiece. Just for cleaning and if it needs more of a grip. Also, it'll move a lot as I play it more. As it adjusts to the mouthpiece, reed, the way I breathe, and the air that leaks around the reed as well. Kind of creepy.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:You can push it up the reed to get a brighter sound, and down the reed to get a deeper and richer sound. 

I played with it for the first time today!:iconchibihungaryplz:It started to smell like burning rubber as I kept practicing.:iconpolandplz:That supposedly was it adjusting. It feels like it was adjusting really fast, since it started sounding better and better with each song I played. Experimented a bit with moving/cocking it. Kind of fun to hear the different tones. Also, easier to play the really high notes. Before, I was using a metal lig., which one of the screws was stripped and not holding it together. It gave me huge pressure headaches. I had to use a lot more air just to get the sound through. Today I didn't have that problem, and I wanted to keep playing. But, I think an hour's enough.:iconheroamericaplz: 

Also, got that blues and jazz book. For a first run through today, I liked it. Only a couple songs I didn't really care for. Also, played some klezmer. Which sounded better than before. After going to the store yesterday, Dad and I went back to the cafe Mom goes to for mahj. Got an orange creamsicle. It was good, but needed a tiny bit more cream. I wrote more of the You Maga article out, and read a little of Soy Source. Dad looked really bored. Even though she was reading a book she seemed really into before. I was ok until the last 20 minutes. But, there was a nice view of the bay, so it was alright just to stare out at it until they were done.:iconseychelles-plz:

Watched the finale of Control yesterday. I'll really miss this drama!:iconsadrussia:Another great one, that I hope will come back for another season. It was a satisfying ending, but they could continue with more cases and such.

Caught up to the next chapter of Dear. Subaru's slowly dying because of the effects of the curse. He doesn't want to tell Komomo, because he wants to spend his time with her happily. Chiruha meets a random guy on the street suffering from heatstroke. And, she brings him to the squad's headquarter's to recover. He's tall and wearing very heavy black clothing. He's looking for Subaru. He's a distant relative, named Kanade. But, they were close and felt like brothers. He's quite a character. I like his weirdness.:iconchibinitalyplz:He's nice and polite, but comes across as scary. They go from chapter 38 to 50 on the update. Nothing in between. I won't read 50, until they post the other chapters. That's skipping way too far in the story for me.:iconromanoplz: 
Finished another sentence from that stress relieving exercise article in You Maga. 息を吐きながら前足裏で床を押しつつ体を最初の位置に戻します。(Iki o haki nagara maeashi ura de yuka o oshi tsutsu karada o saisho no ichi ni modoshimasu.) While taking a deep breath, press your front leg back on the floor, and return to the first position. 

In Naruto Shippuden, they're still at sea on the way to the island (Lightening Island?). The group comes across a ghost ship. Interesting story, and you don't really know if the kid is a ghost until the end. Naruto fought a giant skeleton crab, much the same way he did with the sword fish. His fights with them have gotten kind of monotonous.:iconkikuplz:But, the stories are interesting. I've seen comments about the last few episodes, saying why are there so many fillers?! And, when are we going to get back to the main story? I like the random stories that are thrown in there. Makes it more interesting than them suddenly appearing in some places. Plus, the stories are usually really well done. Although, I do feel like they need to get back to the main stuff soon, too.:iconchibijapanplz: 

Just got back from the grocery store. Tried their new 3 cheese pesto pizza, and a slice of BBQ'd chicken. Really good stuff.:iconitalyplz:The pesto one could have had a little bit more pesto in it. And, we're going to have peach pie for dessert tomorrow. I think we're having salmon and asparagus, too. Good all around! Perfect for Shabbat.:iconfrancisplz:

deviantART faves: Somei-yoshino Takasugi Shinsuke Grass Kisses Lolrat haz cheezburger I did not make these! First, a really cool drawing of the Vocaloid Kaito with an electric guitar. Second, an interestingly designed drawing of Takasugi from Gintama. Third, a cute pic of 2 gazelles kissing. Fourth, a funny Lolcat related thing. It's a rat that actually looks like he might be eating a cheeseburger. 

This is one of the songs that's in my new book. This guy's awesome!

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