Thursday, August 4, 2011

Comic Sonic


By The Pillows. This is also SKET Dance's ending theme song. I don't normally like too many of their songs, but this seemed different. Kind of cool.:iconchibinitalyplz:And interesting ending sequence to the anime. Really fits the tone of it. This vid's a bit weird, since they mirrored the text. But, other than that nothing's different.

It was really nice today, again.:iconchibicanadaplz:This whole week still looks like it'll be in the high 70s. Perfect weather. Did a lot of dusting in my room.:icondustingplz:Finished about a third of it. It's pretty bad.:iconnataliaplz:Once I finish it, I'll move on towards Mom's room. Wahoo! I also managed to do all my walks for the day!:dummy:

I wasn't able to meet that guy yesterday.:iconwtfukplz:Someone hacked into his VISA account, and a bunch of other things the day before. He spent most of the day getting it sorted out with his bank. That's freaky. Understandable that he couldn't go then. Maybe we'll meet sometime soon.:iconsleepygreeceplz:

I went with Mom to the cafe where she plays Mahj, instead. Ordered a banana butter rum Italian soda. Just to try a different flavor combo. (I liked to try weird combos.) It turned out really tasty!:iconchibispainplz:The barista tried it too. She loved it so much, she made it the special of the day. Yay! Only bad part was there was too much seltzer, and not enough syrup.:iconswissplz:Oh well. Still good. 

While Mom was playing, I studied my Japanese. Mainly by writing and translating  one of the articles from You Maga. Got tired of it after a while, and decided to doodle a bit. Nothing serious, just for fun.:iconhappychinaplz:Ended up being a very detailed building and landscape. I think it might be a possible design for Sin's house. One of my OCs from my story, Alliance. So, I might edit it, and post.:iconheroamericaplz:

Finally started chapter 14! The ideas are a flowin' again!:iconlachoirplz:Haven't felt like this in a looong time. So, maybe I'll finish it sooner.:iconchibiamericaplz:I'm going to throw another crazy element in. It fits the story surprisingly well. It just seems so strange. I guess being original with it, is a good thing.:iconseychelles-plz:
In Ao no Exorcist, it was about the garden and Shiemi. Played out pretty much like the anime. The 'special' chapter, where this pic's from, seemed to have part of what was in the anime. Only, they expanded on it. Rin actually tried to open a restaurant through the 'cooking lab' room. He was trying to figure out a quick way to make money. But, Mephisto caught him. He said if he continued it he'll get a smaller allowance. He's sly.:iconspainplz:

Finally got back to playing my clarinet!:iconfrancisplz:I've been bad...:iconkikuplz:I think it's been almost a week. Got to stay on top of it! I played surprisingly well, though. Managed to get the really high notes again. Played some Gershwin and a mix of classical tunes.
Worked on the You Maga article on stress relief exercises. Got 2 sentences done, and half way through another. ゆっくりと動かしていきましょう。(Yukkuri to ugokashite ikimashou.) Let's move slowly. 可能なら軽く上を見上げて。(kanounara to karuku ue o miagete.) If possible, lightly look up above. 

In Naruto Shippuden, they were moving Naruto to a secret location. To hide him from the Akatsuki. He has no clue what's going on. Just been told that it's a secret S-rank mission. Killer Bee will be there too. The kages agreed that while they're hiding, Bee can teach him about keeping the kyuubi (9-tailed beast) in check. Since he has such great control of the hachibi (8-tailed beast). Just as they were starting to get on the boat and go to the 'secret' location, a summoned beast attacked them. It was a marlin, that had gotten injured during the last great war and refused to go back to its world. Once they caught it, with the help of a fisherman, they took the weapon out and it went home. The fisherman felt he had a duty to capture it, since his father died trying to get it. I felt sorry for the poor marlin.:iconraivisplz:

deviantART faves: Tektek 22: Russia Collaboration: RomAc-SFox I did not make these! First, a really cool tektek avatar made to look like Russia from Hetalia. Second, an amazing collab that one of the artists I watch was a part of. Her happy and light looking comic style, was so different from the other artist's hard and dark one. But, both were awesome! 

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