Friday, August 5, 2011

Atarashii Hibi


Or New Days. By Every Little Thing. This was the ending theme to Shibatora. For some reason this seems like it would be an odd theme song for it. You kind of can guess what it's about by watching the vid. I like the song, but the pv is bizarre.:iconseychelles-plz:Yet, interesting the way it flows. It's like magic...:iconspainplz:I think it'd be awesome to have these 'people' helping me with everything around the house. (Not sure if they're meant to be real or what...:iconchibijapanplz:

It's been kind of cold today. Different than what they predicted yesterday. Oh well. Wrote some more of chapter 14. It's getting interesting again! 
In Hetalia, it was about the 'aftermath' of Tannenberg. After the battle, the Teutonic Knights managed to retreat all the way to Marienburg castle. But, soon found themselves surrounded by the Polish-Lithuanian Union. However, because most of the soldiers were farmers, they cancelled the siege of Marienburg. And, returned back to their country to greet the harvest season.:iconusaplz:Prussia finally realizes that Hungary's a woman after she's wounded, and he tried to help her. (She used to dress like all the other male countries. And, hid it pretty well.) He suspected as much when he was younger, but this was a bit much for him. He was always around the male countries, so he didn't know what to do and ran away. The pic's a chibi version of her when she joined Austria. That's when she started to dress more 'feminine'. I find her character kind of cool and interesting. Especially, because the mangaka (creator) made her one of the strongest characters.:iconchibicanadaplz:

Played for an hour again!:dummy:Did Fly Like an Eagle, and some Klezmer tunes. I really wish they had better songs in my classic rock book. That's the only one I like in it. Lame.:iconkikuplz:Messed up on a couple of the Klezmer tunes, but it wasn't too bad.
Finished writing 2 sentences from the first You Maga article in the June issue. GIFT家族への贈り物、中元のギフトに最適。(GIFT kazoku heno okurimono, chuugen no gifuto ni saiteki.) GIFT perfect mid-year gifts for the family. 収穫から4、5日で届く新鮮チェリー (Shuukaku kara yon, itsuka de todoku shinsen cherii.) A fresh crop of cherries will arrive on the 4th and 5th.

Gintama was hilarious, yet touching again. A guy was trying to make money by telling people that he's a human punching bag. If you pay him, you can punch him as much as you want to let your frustration out. He used to be a pro boxer, and thinks anyone that punches him will be weak. Kagura was the first person to prove him wrong. Since she's a Yato, she's naturally incredibly strong. She punches him and he goes flying through things. With her help, he tries to find someone weaker. While that's going on, he notices everyone has borrowed something from a 'Takeshi'. At the end of the episode, Takeshi is sitting in his car feeling sorry for himself, because no one will return his stuff. It was sad. The boxer tells him, in kind of a scary way, that he can let that out by punching him. He screams "Hentai!", punches him, and drives away quickly. So sad for both of them.:iconlietplz:They started the next episode towards the end. Hedoro makes an appearance again! Haven't seen him in a while. He brought his family to a bath house. Gintoki, Sougo, Hijikata, Kondo, and Shinpachi are there as well. They're so terrified of them, they go into the 'kiddy' section and tell them to use the bigger adult area. The family decides to go in the kiddy section in the end. There's really not enough room. Looks like it'll be another hilarious episode.:iconchibinitalyplz:

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