Monday, August 22, 2011

Eat a Peach Day!


Peaches are tasty!:iconfrancisplz:Nice that it has its own day. I could eat peaches every day and not get sick of them.:iconsleepygreeceplz:Speaking of which we still have some peach pie. That'll be a nice way to celebrate.:iconchibinitalyplz:

It's been kind of cold today. It reached 80 yesterday. Really nice. Odd to go from that to about 65.:iconromanoplz:Really strange weather. Parents left yesterday for their trip to Victoria, BC. I hope they're having fun. It's been kind of relaxing to have the house to myself. (Plus, the cats, can't forget them.:iconkikuplz:) Rosie's been incredibly needy, but that's to be expected since there aren't 2 more people there to give her attention. Tasha seems to be showing herself more on the banister. Kind of nice to see her. She looked really happy last night.:iconchibihungaryplz: 

Made some pizza for dinner last night. It was good!:iconitalyplz:Had some of the peach pie for dessert. The pizza will make some nice lunches for me. I'll make the fish pieces, mashed potatoes, and some sort of vegetable tonight. Sounds good.:iconchibiamericaplz:

Mom didn't feel well enough to go to services on Saturday. But, I read the portions. I've actually gotten back into that. Yay!:dummy:The Haftorah was very poetic again. Kind of interesting imagery. I can't believe that we're getting close to Rosh Hashanah (our New Year). It's a little less than a month away!:iconwtfukplz:So, we're winding down to the last portions of the Torah for the year. 

Played some of the Sims 2. Got my sim to propose, and later to marry a sim he's been seeing for a while. I was a little bored with him being alone, and he was finally making some money.:iconheroamericaplz:I think I'm going to make him work on his other points, and then he can switch to a new career. I'm at the highest rank for the sports track. It'll be interesting if he manages to go through all the career options. 

Found some more music yesterday!:iconchibicanadaplz:So, look forward to those! Mostly went through some classical music. I'm starting to get a small taste for it. Used to think I hated it. Even though I loved to play some of the pieces.:iconswissplz:

Found only 2 online Swiss recipes: apple roesti, and salmon Basel style. Most were either cheese/cream based or muesli. I would have loved the cheese/cream based things if I was by myself or with just mom. Dad hates cheese or creamy things. Muesli is ok, but it's essentially oatmeal based with fruit, nuts, and or yogurt. I can do that normally without the recipes. And I would like more dinner/dessert type things, anyways. I'll try to look for some Austrian recipes online next time. 

Finally started a letter to my penpal in Japan. She just sent me a postcard with almost no writing on it.:iconchibijapanplz:I got a bit nervous last time I tried to send her a letter. Mainly, because she was in the area hardest hit by the earthquake and tsunami. She gave me a really depressing postcard just after it happened. How do you respond to something like that?:iconraivisplz:Well, I'm trying to write back in a positive way. Asking briefly if she's doing ok and has everything calmed down a bit. Then, going into light things like how was the weather this summer, have you ever traveled, thanks for the chopsticks, etc. She probably doesn't want to talk too much about it anymore. I wouldn't.:iconhongkongplz:It'd bring up too many sad and disturbing memories. Anyways, I hope she'll like it. 
This is the beginning of my Masada pics. The start of the hike. Looked amazing even from there. Already has a fave on dA! Wahoo!:la:

Watched D no Arashi. Ohno did a report on a deep blue lake in a cave. That was pretty cool. But, I think I would have gotten stuck at some point. There were extremely tight spaces. A few times, they almost lost the cameraman.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:(That guy was brave!) I think Ohno almost got stuck too. Matsumoto finished up his segment on the prosthetic finger. It really was an emotional moment for everyone when he showed his family. They even added the mole he had in exactly the same spot. Next time, one of them will do a report on someone who had cosmetic surgery on their face. 
Watched the finale of Letter Bee Reverse. Which seems to be the finale of the whole series. I'm going to miss it!:iconsadrussia:It was a good ending, but there's still so many loose ends. Like, will Lag ever meet his mother? Or, will the doctor finally find a solution and be able to restore people's hearts? What is Lag, really? I could go on and on. But, there are no indications that there will be a 3rd season. The first one actually had a trailer for the 2nd one. This one didn't. So, I don't know... I guess I won't spoil the ending by saying too much about the episode.:iconpolandplz:Their world, stories, characters, etc., were all very interesting. And, it really drew you in. Awesome art for the most part, too. 

Played for an hour again. This time played some Irish tunes. The ligature's feeling better and better. I really like it.:iconchibipolandplz:It smells every so often, but it's been much better than the cheap metal ones. Really high notes are easier to get to. Even though I didn't have that much of a problem. Don't have to blow as hard normally, too. Got about halfway through translating a sentence from the article I'm writing out from You Maga. 
In Crime Edge, a convict that escaped is a sledgehammer author. If an author doesn't have someone to keep them stable or sane, they'll go crazy and lose themselves. An ancestor of Kiri's, Grayland, was a murderer who killed over 200 people. He was considered the greatest serial killer of that time. He used the scissors that Kiri has. It has the power to cut down people as easily as cutting hair. The hammer has the power to turn things brittle. The convict finds Iwai, and Kiri fights him. Kiri easily beats him. But, he let the convict run away. The hammer was left behind. Later, they find out that he hung himself the next day. I like how this is a seinen manga, and it's not really ecchi. But it definitely has the maturity, to be considered seinen (basically for people in their 20's and up). The story's interesting, too. Seems pretty unique. Lots of dark humor, too. The pic's a bit misleading, but funny. 

deviantART faves: (Get ready for a lot!) Sugarless Ice Cream Cone Cakes Sweet Japan Xolga and Mr. Toko 9 Xolga and Mr. Toko song list Dunt wurry... Choco-orange cake slice Osmiorniczka z ryzem (Octopus with Rice) Sea-salt Caramels Lime Coconut Souffle I did not make these! Most of these are just some amazing pics of dishes. Third and fourth ones are from someone I watch on dA. It's a very funny, interesting game. Makes you think. Sad that she ended it with the 9th episode. It was really trippy. Nice that she listed the songs that were used. The fifth one's a cute Lolcat drawing.

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