Monday, February 11, 2013

The Bungy


By Nico Touches the Walls. I just love the beat. Sounds cool. The lyrics are interesting too, but I really like the overall sound more. They sound like they had a lot of fun with it. Nico Touches the Walls is a 4-member J-rock band formed in 2004. They debuted in 2006. 

In Cartoon KAT-TUN, it was the second part of Nakamaru and Akanishi's trip to the 'coldest town in Japan'. They said the average there in February tends to be -33C or -27F. That's really cold! Most of the time it hovered around -20C (-4F) and -30C (-22F). Still freezing! The band had lost 5 times in a row with their darts' segment. So, they had to choose 2 people to do the 'punishment' for it. Nakamaru and Akanishi went because the band thought they were 'cold' while they threw their darts. Thus, they went to the coldest town in Japan. Everything was themed around doing things in the cold. Their first task was to work on a farm. One tried to chop wood, and the other had to shovel horse droppings. Notice this is still in the freezing cold. They were forced to travel in a convertible with the top down. Then they shoveled some snow away to make a path for the astronomical observatory, babysat a 2-year old boy named Yuu, and swept the outdoor ice rink the kids use. At the very end they were treated to a huge buffet. I like that they really got to know the people there. 

In Cuticle Tantei Inaba, Hiroshi finds out who his father is. He's essentially a ghost that possesses people and things so he can interact with others. He's searching for his body. He wants Hiroshi and his brother to search for it. Apparently, he has the same voice actor as Gintoki from Gintama.:iconchibihungaryplz:That guy must be really busy. Most of the characters he voices I really love. So, that just added a bonus point in my book. Yataro, one of Haruka's (Hiroshi's brother) minions, is used as a vessel for their father. When he's not possessed, he rarely speaks. I think I'm starting to really like this anime. There was an extra segment where all the 'dobermans' or people from the werewolf project were staying with Hiroshi's father. Apparently, all of them came from his DNA, so technically he's father to them all. They looked so cute as kids. They went over with their father (can't remember his name...) to the home of a family of goats. They got all the kids that were there, but there was one more and the mom missing. The mom was freaking scary! But, was easily defeated by their father. Somehow the mom reminded me of the sheep in Black Sheep. (I know that she was a goat, but looked/acted like the sheep in the movie.) Just as messed up. 

Read more of Mix Vegetable. Ashitaba's finally realizing that it's ok to go out with Hyuga. Even if she meant to use him to become a sushi chef. But, now she's going to see him for who he is, not for his family. He seems to really like her already. It's an interesting manga. Not sure if I like the character art, but the rest is nice. 

Played my clarinet. Went over the remaining tunes in my klezmer book. Apparently, there's so few, I had to go over them twice to fill up my practice time. Pretty soon I'll be done with these, and then I'll play all the tunes from the beginning again. This time just an overview, not really scrutinizing everything. That'll be nice to do. Just to see how much I've improved. After all that, I'll move on to the next book. I think it might my Duke Ellington one. Yay!:dummy:

Brainstormed some more on a name for a place in my story. Edited some more of the first panel of that really long meme, in Photoshop. It's looking better than I expected. 

Started doing my 55 sit-ups twice a day for the week. It was pretty difficult this morning. But, I'll see if I can do it for the rest of the week! I'm hoping I can. Can't believe I made it that far already. (Used to think 35 of them twice a day would be impossible. I'm far passed that now!:iconchibinitalyplz:
The kanji for today is: . Its pronunciation is: こう (kou) or みなと (minato). It means: harbor, port. Kou is used in location names as a suffix, and in a lot of compounds. Minato is just harbor or port in general. Here are the compounds I went over: 漁港 or ぎょこう (gyokou): fishing harbor. 空港 or くうこう (kuukou): airport. 軍港 or ぐんこう (gunkou): naval port, naval station. 出港 or しゅっこう (shukkou): departure, clearance (of ship). 要港 or ようこう (youkou): important port. Worked on translating part of an article in an issue of Youmaga. 

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