Wednesday, February 27, 2013

National Strawberry Day


Wahoo for strawberries!:dummy:They always seem to calm me down. Might be because when I was little and scraped up my knee pretty badly, someone gave me strawberries to get my mind off it. Not my fave berry, but they're good. 

I had meant to post more often this month.:iconswissplz:Oh well, might have more next month. This week, I'm up to 65 sit-ups twice a day. My stomach/abdomen area actually feels a bit tighter. Feels like a work out every time I do them. Got back to my walking schedule. Only missed 4 days, but I can feel it. Missing that many actually made me feel more tired, bloated, etc. But, after getting back into it, I'm feeling much more energized. Clothes are becoming more and more baggy, too. Kind of an interesting feeling. During yesterday's walk, the sunset was glorious!:iconfrancisplz:Made me feel good, too. 

Had an appointment with my primary care doctor on Monday. I thought it had been a while since my last check-up, so I made an appointment for one. Also, had a few things to discuss with him. Apparently, since the last time I was weighed by the clinic, I lost 16 pounds. It might have been more, for a number of reasons. First, the nurse I was stuck with always is a little off. He told me she sometimes adds pounds in her notes.:icongermanyplz:Also, I may have gained a lot since the last 'weigh-in' up to when I started my own 'fitness' plan. Also, probably gained a bit more with those 4 days without going for my walks. But, 16 pounds is a lot!:la:

She was also off with my height and blood pressure. My doctor said it didn't seem right, and therefore I should ignore what she got. She's always been that way. She gets the wrong reading, and I tell her that it doesn't sound right. When she checks it again, it's totally different. Weird. Apparently, I lost an inch off my height, my blood pressure was a really weird high reading (I'm never high for my blood pressure), and I had a 100(F) degree temperature.:iconwtfukplz:With the blood pressure, she tried again later, and got a normal reading. 100 degree temp?! I sure didn't feel like I had a fever. 

Talked about replacing my IUD. He made a referral to see a gynecologist. Apparently, they were really trying to push for me to have a pap smear. Put out all the 'stuff' for it. Even my doctor thought that was odd. I apparently have to have it done while I'm knocked out. (It says it in my records.) I have an odd condition, where it's difficult to do if I'm awake. Anyways, they'll do that while they replace my IUD. 

Didn't really get a chance to talk about my migraine-like headaches, or the lump on my back. But, managed to cover a lot of things. Apparently, if it's a check-up or wellness visit, it's free. No copay. Didn't know that. In fact, after I made the appointment, they sent an email saying that there would be a copay. I was prepared for that. Kind of a surprise. So, I just paid for the bus down there and back. Got off a little early from the one back, because at first I was freaked out by the guy who sat in front of me.:iconwtfromanoplz:But, I also thought it would amount to being close to what I would normally walk. It was nice and sunny too. So, why not walk a little further? 

The curry came out pretty good. But, somewhat bland and a bit lacking as a main meal. So, I've been messing with the leftovers. The last 'experiment' with it, I think turned out much better than the original recipe. It has red beans, peas, raisins, cornstarch (to thicken), cinnamon, more garlic, more red pepper flakes, and a little more sugar. Turned out a lot more 'hearty'. It's still vegan, so sticking to the 'theme'. Still have some leftover. It's like the never ending curry.:iconusaplz:

Was making hamantaschen virtually all day Friday. The recipe said it'd make about 60 of them. Ended up being 73. That's a lot!:iconseychelles-plz:There's 7 different flavors: nutella, red currant, blackberry, strawberry, orange marmalade, peanut butter, and umeboshi (sour plum) paste. Wanted to experiment a bit. It might be the first time I've made them entirely by myself. The recipe for the dough was online. The one mom had that was adapted from an old book, was a bit more of a 'production'. So, I looked for a simpler one. This wasn't too bad a recipe. Although, I had to add a lot more flour than what it called for. And, as it froze, the 'log' flattened out so there was no way I could just use it after I sliced it like they said. I waited a bit for it to defrost, then sliced it, formed the slice into a ball, flattened it, and then put it on the cookie sheet. A bit more of a 'to do' than I wanted.:iconhongkongplz:Oh well. Came out ok. Could still taste the vanilla in the dough after they were made. Even through the flavors. 

Finished chapter 19 of Alliance! Yay!:iconyayhanatamagoplz:Next is the final chapter. When I finish that, I have to edit the whole thing again. Maybe two or three times, just to be safe. Then, I have to decide whether I want to self-publish or get a publisher. But, it's great that I'm pretty close to finishing it and getting it out there. Maybe even figure cover art, and such. Was thinking the cover might show a wall of some sort. Having a lot of symbolism to the story. I don't know. I just have to get on it everyday, and it will get out there quicker. I took down most of the chapters I had up on dA. Only kept the ones with comments that were helpful. But, just before I publish it, I'm thinking of taking them all down. Including from the only forum that still has the first few chapters on it. I'll tell people that if they want to read it, they should buy it from wherever it'll end up being at. Also, I plan to end this first novel with at least 2 or 3 cliffhangers. So, people will crave a sequel to it. But, the sequel will only happen if it's successful. So, yay! Exciting times! Also, printed out the last 3 chapters. So, I'm up to date with my 'hard' copy. It's looking pretty hefty. 

Played my clarinet. Going over some Mozart pieces. It's not the advanced book, like I thought it was. (I think as you go further in this book, it gets close to advanced level.) The next book I'll go through is advanced, and features famous classical tunes. Anyways, with the Mozart tunes, things seem to be flowing quickly and easily for me so far. 

I've gone over a few kanji, and a lot of compounds the last few days. Found out that I didn't pass the JLPT this time. I don't think I was in the right mindset, with what's happened this year. But, I was really close to passing again. Finished editing 2 panels from the drawing meme. I have another drawing idea. Having all my characters standing next to each other, next to a height chart, and color it. This way I can show their heights, a bit of their personalities, and clothing designs. I might update some of the character designs that I didn't really care for before. 

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