Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine's Day!:dummy:I have somewhat mixed feelings about the holiday.:iconswissplz:I was dumped over the phone on this day several years ago. But, I love the candy/chocolates, sentiment, flowers, etc. Even doing stuff with family and friends can be fun.:iconchibihungaryplz:I also feel people should surprise each other with their love more than once a year. There's also a similar holiday in Judaism. But, it's not nearly as commercialized. Some Jews don't even know about that one, since it's so minor. Anyways, hope it's a good one regardless.:icondenmarkgrinplz:Dad and I got a huge heart full of truffles to share, since neither of us has a significant other to really share it or get something from them. Tasty stuff.

Been feeling pretty bad the last couple of days.:iconlietplz:Worn down, cheeks all red and burning, sleeping in a bit, and other stuff. Almost sounds like I'm coming down with something...I hope not!:icongermanyplz:They told me to be especially careful just after getting my flu shot for 2 weeks. It'll be 2 weeks tomorrow. They said it wouldn't be fully effective if I got sick before then. Yay!:iconyaykumajiroplz:Had a weird and scary dream about mom, which also set the mood for yesterday. Dad had a really horrible day yesterday, too. (Much worse than mine.) Someone might have stolen her jacket, and the jacket had her keys. So, she couldn't drive back from the ferry dock. Had to catch the bus. She took my copies of the car keys, and hopefully things are better today. I'm oddly feeling much better today. Hopefully that keeps up.:iconchibisitalyplz:

Watched Ouran High School Host Club. I'll give more of a description of it next time. It's eerily similar to the anime. It's weird to see them try to do the same stuff in a drama.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:But, I'm getting used to it more, and it's kind of fun now. 

Naruto Shippuden is getting really exciting. Naruto joined Gaara and the tsuchikage in the midst of battle. He has a ton of new moves. Which makes it more fun to watch. I love how the reanimated shinobi are basically screaming at the Allied Shinobi Forces to seal them up. Most don't want to fight, but are forced to because of the jutsu they're under.

In the manga, Hitman Reborn, I just read the part where they introduced Dino. Basically the same way as in the anime. The ending extra comic they have sometimes, was a bit more risque. Well, in the sense of what they referred to. Kind of funny. Not sure why they didn't put it in the anime, it would have been a much more hilarious end to that 'episode'. Maybe it was too much for TV or something...:iconpolandplz:

Still brainstorming a place name for my story. (Might be close to figuring it out. We'll see.) Played my clarinet. I'm doing that once over thing I told myself that I'd do before. Since I feel I've 'perfected' all of the tunes in my klezmer book enough, I'm doing a once over for everything in the book. Just to see how much I really have improved. So far, it's been really great seeing the difference to how I used to play. After I go through this book, the next one is Mozart. Those should be fun to go over. It's an 'advanced' book, so it might take me a while, too.:iconsleepygreeceplz:

Also, made an appointment to see my psychiatrist. I want to ask her if losing so much weight influences what meds I'm taking. Because sometimes I feel slightly 'off'. Not enough to really worry about, but it'd be nice to know why. Or, if it's just stress or something. Made another appointment to see my primary care doctor. Haven't had a routine physical in a long time, and I want to discuss how to go about replacing my IUD. So, lots of things to ask/discuss with these people.
The kanji I went over today is: . When pronounced as こん (kon) it means: stick-to-itiveness, perseverance, persistence; (math) root. As (ne) it's: root (of a plant); root (of a tooth, hair, etc.), center (of a pimple, etc.); root (of all evil), source, origin, cause, basis; one's true nature. Kind of seems like they use their word for root similarly as we do in English. Very interesting.

I'm thinking of making a blog where everything's in Japanese. It'll probably have short posts, but will give me practice. Like that person suggested on a forum for self-study. Might look for more Japanese penpals, as well. Ones who are more willing to correspond through email instead of through letters. Email is much quicker. Or even, through instant messaging. 

Purim is coming up. The story of Esther is told, there's candy, you get to make lots of noise, get to dress up, adults get to drink a lot (so much they can't tell the difference between Haman the vilian, and Mordechai who's one of the heros), etc. Many try to compare it to Halloween. (With only the candy and dressing up in common.) It's a really fun holiday. Anyways, one of the holiday-related sweets is Hamantaschen. They're little triangular cookies with a myriad of different fillings. Really the sky's the limit with what types of fillings you can use. Some say they resemble Haman's hat, another one that it's his ears. Either way, they're tasty cookies! I was thinking about making some this year. I did it one or two other times, and it was fun. Usually I like the chocolate, apricot jam, and strawberry jam ones. But, I've seen some other ideas for them on some Jewish sites I'm signed up with. Might do a filling I've never tried with them. Also, thinking about making a cauliflower curry that I found on one of those sites. It sounded so good. I'll see if I can find it again...:iconheroamericaplz:

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