Thursday, February 7, 2013

National Fettuccine Alfredo Day!


I love fettuccine Alfredo!:iconyayhanatamagoplz:Especially, if there's a little something more to the sauce. Like added garlic, some sort of pepper, grilled chicken, etc. The sauce by itself can quickly become kind of monotonous/bland. I've actually made this before. For some reason, I think it was just after my wisdom teeth were removed. They told me to eat really soft and/or soupy things. Used what was our new Italian cookbook at the time. Interesting to make, and if I remember correctly, pretty easy to do. Hmmm...Now, I'm kind of craving the one I made back then.:iconsleepygreeceplz:It's also Ballet Day. I took about a year of ballet when I was around 7 or 8. I had a lot of fun. Don't even remember why I stopped going.:iconswissplz:In our main performance, our group were little limpets. People said we looked so cute, but it kind of felt embarrassing.:iconwtfukplz:The suits were a sheer somewhat tan-like color, with seaweed-like paint strokes here and there. Our hats were huge and triangular, with lots of glitter. That was obviously to represent the shell. I think we had some bits of the seaweed colored paint on our faces, with a humongous amount of glitter. (Did I mention glitter...Glitter everywhere!:iconchibiswedenplz:)

Watched Ouran High School Host Club. Probably will get to a description of it next week. Naruto Shippuden was awesome! Read a bit of Hitman Reborn. There were pickpockets after Tsuna's mom. But, they were quickly overtaken by Reborn, Lambo, I-Pin, and Bianchi everytime they tried to while she shopped. Later, one of them tried to swindle her by going over to the house. He badmouthed home tutors, and Reborn threatened to kill him. He ignored the threat, thinking a baby couldn't shoot a gun. After a few shots were fired next to his head, he ran out of there in tears. Never mess with Reborn.:iconchibichinaplz:

Played some more klezmer tunes on my clarinet. Dropped the rest of the ones I've been working on for a while, since they were near perfect today. Added a couple to my 'new' tunes to work on. One actually sounds totally different than the way I played it before. (Heard it through a few youtube videos.) First time that it sounded so different. It's easier to play now, though. 

Brainstormed some more on that place name in my story. Looked at StumbleUpon for a bit. Nothing exciting this time. Brainstormed a bit on how to add what I've learned in Japanese to my everyday stuff. Came up with some interesting ideas. Watched a few vids from those Japanese channels on youtube that I found a couple of days ago. They have some really weird ads, but for some reason I think they're more entertaining/creative than ours. Some of our ads, it seems like they aren't even trying to appeal to people anymore. The only crazy/creative ones that happen are around the Super Bowl. Then, things quickly get boring again afterwards. Got to watch and learn a bit more about how their government runs. 

Checked back at my messages on deviantART. Apparently, the guy who put my pic in his 'stock' collection yesterday didn't respond. Instead he unfaved it, so now it's nowhere to be found in that collection. Maybe I scared him off, or he came to his senses because of what I said. Well good, if that's what happened.:iconhongkongplz:The other person who faved that pic yesterday, said in the description of their faves section that their photo manipulation days are over. That's good. So, I know they don't plan to use it for their own works. Also, they said that anyone featured in their faves section is like a hero to them. That made me feel really good.:iconchibihungaryplz: 
The kanji for today is: . It's general meaning is: over there, approach, beyond, confront, defy, facing, tend toward, yonder. There's several ways to pronounce it, and I'll say what their specific meanings are. (Thought it'd be better than overgeneralizing it.) こう or kou is just used in compounds. む.かい or mu.kai: facing, opposite, across the street, other side. む.かう or mu.kau: to face; to go towards. む.き or (suffix) direction, orientation, aspect, situation, exposure, suitability, tendency. む.く or mu.ku: to face; to turn toward; to be suited to, be fit for. む.け or (suffix) intended for..., oriented towards..., aimed at... む.ける or mu.keru: to turn towards, to point. む.こう or mu.kou: opposite side, other side, opposite direction; over there, that way, far away, beyond; the other party, the other person; future (starting now). Wow! It's no wonder I see this one often.:iconchibinitalyplz:I also think it's interesting what specific meanings each pronunciation has. 

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