Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Signal Waltz


By Linus' Blanket. Linus' Blanket is a Korean Indie band. Their name came from the Peanuts character Linus and how he always had his blanket with him. They debuted in 2003. I kind of like the warm/happy feeling I get from hearing this. Kind of fun and relaxing. Lastfm directed me towards this band. They have some other interesting songs too.

I was having a pretty nice day until someone faved something I posted on dA. Normally, I'd be ecstatic that they'd like it enough to fave. But, they put it in their 'stock' collection.:iconohboyamericaplz:And, I looked through some of their gallery, and found out they manipulated other people's pics and claimed that those were his. He doesn't comment in the author's section for the things he posts. So, it's giving me a creepy feeling.:iconchibichinaplz:I left a comment on his profile saying it was great that you faved that piece. But, it's not supposed to be used as stock, and I didn't give permission. Therefore, it's stealing if he does so. I didn't say this, but it's also against dA's rules, and I could easily report him. I'll keep an eye out, and see what he responds with. Funny thing is as soon as I commented on his profile, another person faved it. Maybe it was because I drew attention to it, and they saw it or something. 

On Cartoon KAT-TUN, they had the band Every Little Thing as guests. They did Shibatora's theme song, so I knew a little about them. It was interesting to know more through the 100 questions segment. Ito Ichiro is kind of an odd really laid back person, but also seems like he'd be cool to meet. (Actually both members are a bit odd, but him especially.) They did a segment on guessing what's inside a box. You have to put your hands inside and feel around. One was konnyaku, which the lead singer, Mochida Kaori, got correct. Nakamaru from Kat-tun was too freaked out when he tried it. I think I would have been too. His was a live octopus. I wouldn't have guessed that, especially because he didn't really touch one of its tentacles. 

Another thing they did with the band was 'sushi roulette'. Where one of the sushi on a table had a huge amount of wasabi stuffed into it. Each piece of sushi had a tiny bit, but nothing like that one piece. They said they stuffed as much wasabi in it as they could, and made sure people couldn't tell. Ito got that sushi. It took him forever to respond to it, but once he did he broke down in tears and tried to hide. I think that would be a bit embarrassing, yet fun at the same time.:iconchibihungaryplz:The last thing they did with the band was do a couple of collaboration songs. It was kind cool. Wasn't too fond of the dancing Kat-tun was doing, but it sounded good. 

In Fairy Tail, Erza defeated all 100 of the monsters in the event called Pandemonium that was in an upside down castle/tower like thing. Everyone was shocked. But, I kind of knew she would be able to do it. And, I haven't gotten that far in the manga. She's one of the strongest mages in fairy tail. People finally started cheering for the guild. Since the other contestants didn't even get a chance to battle the monsters, they had to send as much of their magical power into a globe that will tell them how powerful they really are with their magic. Cana beat it, and it seemed to be the highest number that it could go to. This was after she drank multiple kegs of beer. So, she was drunk on top of that. Pretty cool and interesting to watch this time. 

In Tripeace, Nana pleaded with the members of Tripeace to let him join. The leader of the group said when he finds his own motto/values and finds a way to end all wars, then he'll be allowed to join. Apparently, there's 2 values that go for all members, and that's peace and love. But, members have to figure out a 3rd one for themselves. The leader of that squad chose violence. He doesn't particularly like it, but it's what he came up with for himself. It took him 30 years to settle on that. In the opening of the next chapter, Nana mentions that part of his 'plan' is to dress as a woman. There's some people on forums and such, who have debated whether he's a man or a woman. I think that makes him more interesting, if it really is uncertain. Although, I have a feeling that he's a man. He has total amnesia, so he doesn't know much about himself. So, who knows...

Played more of my clarinet. This time dropped some of the klezmer tunes I've most recently been practicing. Since they are nearly perfect. There's still a few from my recent practice list that need to be smoothed out. But, I'll add some more tunes tomorrow to make up for the ones I dropped today. Almost done with the book. Yay!:dummy:
The kanji for today was: . Pronounced as: こ (ko), みずうみ (mizuumi). It means: lake. If it's 'ko' it's a suffix, so it goes for place names. Like, Lake Ontario, Crescent Lake, etc. Mizuumi is used when talking about a lake in general. I also played a few Japanese language learning games. Got most of them correct. I only started making mistakes with the more advanced 'games'. Found this site that was full of these games through StumbleUpon. I think they'll be a great help.:iconchibicanadaplz:I've also decided that I somehow need to add what I've learned to everyday stuff around me. I'll have to brainstorm a bit on that. Someone was talking about ways of self-teaching yourself on one of the forums. And one of the things they suggested was this. Either talk to people at home in Japanese (even people who don't know it), talk to your pets in Japanese, write it out when taking notes, etc. Somehow getting it more into your life, and that it becomes easier this way. Oddly the other day I said something similar to 'You have to eat it!' in Japanese to my cat Rosie, and she ran to her food bowl and started eating. I didn't even point to it.:iconusaplz:Maybe she knows Japanese... (I said that because she wanted more food than what was in her bowl. So, I of course wanted her to finish what was there, before I gave her more.)

Brainstormed a bit more on a name of a place in my story. Once I finally come up with something that looks/sounds good, I'll get back to writing more of the story. Looked a little bit at recipes on Yummly. Just to see what it's like. It's very interesting, but not as I good as I had hoped. 

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