Wednesday, February 20, 2013

National Cherry Pie Day!


One of my favorite pies!:iconchibispainplz:I really love cherries, and to put them in a pie is awesome! It's also Love Your Pet Day. I love my cats, Rosie and Tasha! People should love their pets all year round. Not just one special day. But, I guess you can spoil them more or something. Yesterday was National Chocolate Mint Day. Sometimes I really love mint, and sometimes it's too much for me. Depends on my mood. It goes well with chocolate though. 

I have felt pretty miserable since Friday. I think I've been having a constant painful migraine since then.:iconlietplz:It's quite a bit better today, though. Oddly, especially on Friday, I had this tightening and nauseous feeling building up in my stomach. And, starting yesterday, my back's been killing me. I looked at my back in the mirror and noticed a rather large lump kind of close to my spine. I hope it's nothing. Although, all these other symptoms combined with that, scares me.:iconraivisplz:I guess I'll see what happens by this coming Friday, and if things get worse, I'll call the nurse hotline at least. Another odd thing is Dad has felt terrible too. She seems to be feeling a bit better now, as well.

I started doing my 60 sit-ups twice a day on Monday. I can't believe I'm able to do that many now!:iconheroamericaplz:Every time I do my sit-ups, Rosie thinks something's wrong with me. Especially, when I lay there for a second after doing them. A couple of nights ago she went right up to my mouth, sniffing really quickly. Looked a bit like a rabbit. And, she tries to poke me with her paw. Kind of like saying, is it alive? She sometimes bites my feet, elbows, and my sides while or after I do them. Kind of annoying, but I think she's confused about what's going on. I haven't gone for my walk for the last few days. Mainly because of the massive pain I've been feeling. Had a hard time even standing. So, not wise to go for a 2-mile walk in that state.:iconnataliaplz:I will get back to it today, though. Regardless if I'm feeling worse or better. 

I've decided on making a cauliflower/potato/coconut milk curry for tonight. The recipe I found sounds amazing!:iconitalyplz:I need to get back to really 'cooking' more. I love to do it, and it's so satisfying when you're done and it turns out. And other people like it, too. I wanted to use a cauliflower curry recipe I saw a while back, but I can't seem to find it.:iconromanoplz:Oh well, this one sounds even better. 

I'll make some hamantaschen probably on Friday. Found a very simple and easy recipe for that one. Even easier sounding than my mom's recipe that she adapted from an old cookbook. I already have some ideas for fillings. This recipe makes about 60 of them, so I could probably make a few different kinds. I think we still have some chocolate chips, there's nutella, strawberry jam, red currant jam, blackberry jam, and some other things I can use. Maybe even peanut butter...:iconseychelles-plz:Sounds like it'll be fun. So, we already have everything for both of these dishes. Makes it even easier. I'm actually feeling really excited about both of these!:la:

Went to the support group yesterday. Everyone seemed a bit 'off'. I even noticed myself being a little off. Oh well. It still was nice to see people. The only problem I had, was one of the members decided to touch and pet my hair at one point.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:It was so quick, I didn't have time to react much. Apparently, they like my hair. Even had another member say that my hair was beautiful. Kind of a nice feeling. Yet creepy, if they touch my hair. At least, without permission.:iconprussiaplz:

Went to Shari's after with most of the group, and had some mozzarella sticks, and then a chocolate lava cake for dessert. The sticks were surprisingly good!:iconfrancisplz:The batter actually had a lot of flavor. The lava cake was kind of lukewarm. But it was really good, too. Had a couple of small burritos at home for part of my 'dinner' before we left. So everything combined made a nice meal. Of course, like the 'diet' I've been trying to stick to, I had half of everything I got at the restaurant. So, I managed to have a really nice brunch today with the leftovers.:iconsleepygreeceplz:

I was feeling so bad, I decided to play a little of the Sims 2 on Saturday. Played with the sim that I made that looks a lot like me. She got married, and is now pregnant. I was hoping to get them to have a ceremony or something. But, I must have chose the wrong option for that. So, they got married with one friend who showed up kind of randomly watching on. It was quick. Anyways, she's had the worst morning sickness I've seen for a sim. Almost everytime she eats, she throws up. It's interesting actually. The guy she married is a real lady's man. (He's actually based off a character from my story. Who isn't quite like that in personality. He is a bit of a lecher though.) So, he has a lot of aspirations to be with multiple sims. She keeps having these weird 'attraction' moments. Where she thinks about him and fans herself with her hand, and looks like she's about to faint. I haven't seen that before, either. She's worried that he'll catch her having an affair. And, yet she hasn't fallen for anyone else. I'm not sure if I'll let him fulfill some of his aspirations. It would make it more entertaining. I think they can divorce each other. But, I'm hoping to let them have a lot of kids. Then, play with them. I've never played passed a generation. And, supposedly you can make a pretty big family tree. I wonder what they would look like, since I've customized them? I guess it'll be fun to find out. The Sims 2 keeps surprising me, and I've had it for a while now. 

The Jdrama, Dinner, actually made me tear up a bit this time. The only female chef was caught in a bit of a dilemma. She didn't feel she stacked up to the guys, and that they would never acknowledge her skills. She asked the head chef if there was a female chef who made it to the same place he did for training. (It's a prestigious place apparently for chefs who want to specialize in Italian cooking, only the best are accepted.) He said that was a silly question, because he sees everyone as equal regardless of gender, background, ethnicity, etc. A good chef, is a good chef. They should only be judged on how they cook. But, he did know a female chef that went to the same place. She worked twice as hard as the men, always had a smile on her face, and she was one of the few chefs he really admired. She went back to Canada after her training. (Not many Japanese people made it in.) I think she really needed to hear that. So, she decided to work harder at it. Her father, a wanted criminal, showed up at the restaurant. He wanted to try her food, before turning himself in. Was a very touching moment. 

I'll probably start seriously playing from my advanced Mozart book today. If not today, then definitely tomorrow. I'll do the same as I did with the klezmer book. This one will take a bit longer, but I think I'll improve a lot more through it. I want to get back to the way I was playing my clarinet in high school, if not better. I was sloppy with things for too long.:icongermanyplz:But, I'm already sounding much better after seriously going through my klezmer book.

I'm really close to figuring out one of the place names in my story. Then, I can really get back into the story again. I have so many more ideas. I'm really close to finishing this chapter. And, I only have one more to do. Then, it's editing the whole thing again. (Maybe a couple more times.) And, finally I can get it out there. Actually doesn't sound like it'll take me too long. I just have to stick with it everyday again. Then, if this first novel does well, I'll start with a sequel. Hoping I can make this a long series. Also at some point, I'm thinking of writing a memoir, and a novel that's a compilation of most of my recurring nightmares as short stories. So, lots of ideas for more books. I just have to get this one done.:iconeestiplz:

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, finally has a group who's translating it again. I think the group that did it before, either dropped it all together or have stalled on it. I really like the story of this one. It's one of the few seinens I like. The Seinen genre is usually targeted at men ages 18-30 (some are aimed at people in their 40s). So, they're a bit more mature than the shounen genre which is for boys 10 and up. Seinen literally means 'young men', and doesn't necessarily have to do with suggestive/sexual situations. Josei is the genre intended for women in the same age group as for seinen. Some people get them confused with which manga falls under which category, and they can also appeal to both men and women. Both are usually more 'realistic' with the plot than the younger versions, shounen and shoujo. Shounen is the most popular, since its grown and evolved to such a point that it appeals to everyone. (Shounen literally means 'young person's comic'.) I mostly like shounen ones, and occasionally josei. 

Anyways, they killed off one of the main characters in Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge. He was kind of a 'villain' you loved to hate. His 'killing goods' was the rule book of sentencing and execution. If he created a certain situation that made the person sound like they committed a crime, he can hang them by a noose or execute them through other methods with his rule book. He had a rather dramatic death. The story's really getting interesting.

Been going over more kanji and compounds. Almost done editing the first panel of that long drawing meme. I might draw another character's face soon from my story. I'd like to work more on her design. Just to at least see it more clearly in my head. 

Thought this would be interesting for some to see. It's from one of the Japanese channels I'm following that's devoted to their commercials. (The newest batch of them.) Some are really trippy:

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