Wednesday, January 30, 2013

National Croissant Day!


Croissants are awesome!:la:Makes for an amazing sandwich. And, it's great by itself. Yesterday was National Puzzle Day. I love puzzles too. 

Today was kind of foggy, and a bit warmer than yesterday. Nice that it was warmer, but couldn't see the sunset.:iconwtfromanoplz:Oh well. I'm sure I'll be able to again soon. 

I finally told the person who usually drives me to the cafe, that I won't be going anymore. I love it when you've thought about it for a while, and you're really positive with your decision. And, the response is you should think about it some more, and I'll call you later so we could talk about it.:iconwtfukplz:Once I've made up my mind on something, I stick to it. There's usually no amount of talking it out that'll change my mind.:iconhongkongplz:I might have sounded a little harsh, especially because I was trying to keep it short since I'm running out of minutes on my phone. But, I wasn't trying to be mean about it. Just said it matter-of-factly. She asked me why, (again since my minutes were running out...) and I said I just wanted to not go anymore. I could have explained a little more if I wasn't short on time. But, it doesn't really matter what my reasons are. Plus, one of the reasons might have upset her a bit. So, maybe this was the best way to say it.:icontinoplz:I never like hurting people, so I try to say things as nicely as possible. She ended with saying, "If there's anything you need, you can call me." That was really nice of her. So, at least she wants to be somewhat connected. Not sure if I'll ask her for help again, but it was nice. I also thanked her again for the rides. It was very generous of her. 

Yesterday night was the support group's potluck and movie showing. Of course, with the mere mention of food, people come out of the woodwork.:iconsleepygreeceplz:(So to speak.) So we had a good crowd this time. There was a few more allies besides me, too. That was nice to see. We brought my dad's red beans and rice. There was also 2 different kinds of potato chips, homemade red velvet cupcakes, homemade brownies, homemade cotton candy (made with jolly ranchers, apparently), and I'm sure I'm missing something else...There was apple juice, too. The movie was more like a documentary about what trans people go through. It was pretty good, except for the really hokey music. Interestingly, since we usually meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month, our next meeting is next week. We've decided that any months that have a 5th Tuesday will be our potluck/movie day. Kind of like a party day. I'm growing pretty close to the other members, and that's great. I'm all for more friends!:dummy:

On Cartoon Kat-tun, they had a model as a guest this time. She's extremely shy, and has a hard time with doing anything new or out of the ordinary. Even has problems talking with people she doesn't know, and/or if she's left by herself with someone. She said she was really nervous during the 'interview', or when they talked about her answers to the questions they asked her beforehand. She was shaking. She said she asked them to put on a lot of makeup for her face, because when she's nervous her face turns red. It didn't hide her red ears though. So, they did a few experiments to get her to relax around them, and even asked her comedian friend to join them. She opened up a lot more after that. She also told them that she's not very flexible, and most models have to be. They showed her a stretching exercise that'll help her with that. In fact, it already had some results after trying those out. It was very interesting. I wonder how she became a model, if she's so nervous all the time. Maybe she becomes a different person when she models.

Fairy Tail was interesting. Erza started her battle in the tournament. Which is going into a 'haunted house', and battling the 100 monsters inside. You can choose how many you want to battle. Right off the bat she said all 100 of them. Knowing her, it'll probably be easy. So, I'm not really surprised that she wants to battle them all. Should be fun to watch though.
In Tripeace, Nana felt useless when the kids he tried to teach how to make peace with each other, were targeted by some sort of organization. This organization is at war with everyone. For the town they're in, they were told to 'eradicated' its citizens. Nana begged them to spare the kids, but they didn't heed him and were about to blow them up, when the organization called Tripeace showed up and saved them. They'll stop at anything to bring peace to the land. They have 3 ideals they stick to: peace, love, and violence. I think it's odd that their symbol is a six pointed star. The 3 circles stand for those ideals. It looks like a star of David. Funny thing is we try to promote peace, but abhor violence. We're also into justice, but not sure if that falls under those. So, I thought maybe it had to do with that, but doesn't quite make sense.:icongermanyplz:The mangaka doesn't mention why. I know it had a different symbolism before Jews picked it up. But, I don't think it was used like that, either. Hmmm...Maybe I'll find out in the future. But, at least they finally showed up. 

Played my clarinet. Saw/listened to some youtube vids on the 'new' klezmer tunes I added to my practice list. They didn't have very many of them. Apparently, I was already playing the melody the way it should be before for all of them. Even though they're more difficult than the other ones that I worked on before. Although, with many 'advanced' pieces I've always played better than the 'easy/beginner' ones. Maybe because I like to challenge myself, and get kind of lazy with the others.:iconseychelles-plz:At least, I went over those easier ones again, and looked at them more seriously. Played them better, as well. I'll iron the 'new' ones out more tomorrow, and might add a couple more to play. 

Made my own mocha today, as well. Turned out probably better than the cafe one.:iconchibispainplz:Although, they usually do. It was more surprising this time, because I used really old Nesquik instead of Swiss Miss' powdered hot chocolate mix. (We're almost totally out of hot chocolate stuff.) Mochas are pretty easy to make at home. I just use instant coffee, some sort of powered chocolate stuff, some sweetener, and some creamer. Easy and good. Also, transposed an Irish tune.
I practiced writing out all the kanji I've learned in the last several months, like I usually would at the cafe. Then, went over a new kanji. The new one is: . Pronounced as けつ、き.める、き.まる (or ketsu, ki.meru, ki.maru). It means: to decide, agree upon, appoint, fix, vote, choose, determine, assume. Compounds that I learned this time: 決意 or けつい (ketsui): decision, determination. 決議 or けつぎ (ketsugi): resolution, vote, decision. 決行 or けっこう (kekkou): doing (with resolve), carrying out (i.e. a plan). 決裁 or けっさい (kessai): sanction, approval. 決死 or けっし (kesshi): preparedness for death, do-or-die spirit. 決心 or けっしん (kesshin): determination, resolution. 決闘 or けっとう (kettou): duel, shoot-out. 決別 or けつべつ (ketsubetsu): separation, farewell, parting. 決裂 or けつれつ (ketsuretsu): breakdown, rupture. 

dA fave: Liechtenstein I did not make this! An interesting drawing of Liechtenstein from Hetalia. She usually looks happy and somewhat peppy. Although, I remember they had an episode that was pretty sad about her past. So, maybe she's remembering it. 

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