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By Hebe Tien. Hebe is a Taiwanese singer, actress, and TV program hostess. She's also a member of S.H.E. I already liked a few of S.H.E's songs, but never looked into the members' solo songs before. (Or even that they had them.) Lastfm suggested it, and I curiously checked it out. She has an amazing voice. I'm also rather new to songs that are in Chinese. (Whether from China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong.) They sound very interesting. It's another music avenue to explore, I guess. Anyways, not only does the song sound beautiful, the lyrics are interesting too. Even if they're repeated over and over again, it doesn't get old. It's about how everyone loves everyone else, but why don't people love themselves. The main part is saying, "I love you, you love her, she loves her, she loves him, you love me, I love him, he loves him, he loves her." Kind of an interesting part, too. The video's kind of cool.

It's still pretty cold out. I saw a couple of days ago, that there's a possibility of snow next week. Oh joy.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:The last couple of days I've been doing my walks a little later than usual. But, I hope to get back to the time I was doing before. I don't feel quite as safe when it's after sunset.:iconraivisplz:Today's been weird mood wise, because for a while I'll feel happy, and then I feel a bit depressed. Not terribly depressed, but somewhat down. I don't really know why. Oh well. 
Started watching Dinner Tuesday. At a famous Italian restaurant, the chef and owner, collapses from a heart attack and slips into a coma. No one knows if he'll ever wake up again. The restaurant starts to go through a rough patch. The sous-chefs and manager (the owner's daughter) try their best to keep the restaurant running, but the amount of customers drops drastically. Saori, the manager, then decides to hire an extraordinary chef Esaki as the restaurant's new head chef. He focuses more on taste then tradition. He visited the restaurant as a customer the day before he started working there. He was very disappointed. It'll be interesting to see what he does to change the restaurant. The drama also gives off a warm atmosphere, which is enjoyable. I haven't totally fallen for this one, but I'll stick around to see what happens.:iconchibiaustriaplz:

On Cartoon KAT-TUN yesterday they had a veteran actor. One that's been big in Japan for decades. The members of Kat-tun apparently grew up watching his work. Also had Aly and AJ (I've never heard of them, even though this was several years ago...) from the USA as guests on their 'secret briefcase' segment. They didn't seem very bright, although they did try to joke with the band members. So, I give them that. They gave Kat-tun Hello Kitty themed shirts with Aly and AJ featured in that style. Kat-tun gave them huge exercise balls or 'rodeo' balls. 

In Fairy Tail, Yukino was humiliated and thrown out of Raven Tail for losing a fight once. She was forced to strip off all her clothes in front of everyone, and remove her guild mark with her magic. She ran over to Fairy Tail's inn, and was willing to give up the last 2 keys Lucy needed to complete her set of celestial spirits. Lucy declined. Not knowing what to do or where to go, she broke down just outside of Fairy Tail's inn. Natsu had rushed to her trying to apologize to her, thinking that she was upset because of something he did. He found out what they did to her, and busted into Raven Tail's inn. He was furious and seemed much more powerful than usual. It ended with him challenging their guild master. 
Started reading Tripeace a couple of weeks ago. Nana has experienced extreme amnesia, and has forgotten his real name. After witnessing the unjust deaths of 3 children he met while traveling, he vows to eradicate all wars. In the most current chapter that I read, he stops children who started a 'war' over a cat. He said it was like a test run. That's all I know from what I've been reading. In the description they say he joins a group of activists called Tripeace, whose members stop at nothing to bring peace to the world. They apparently have lots of different weapons. And, they'll use violence in order to achieve peace. That sounds like it'll be interesting. Nana's kind of a funny character, but I like him already. 

At the cafe yesterday, I had a small hot chocolate. The barista who was filling in for the one that's normally there, added a ton of chocolate. More than what I usually get. That was a nice surprise.:iconfrancisplz:Practiced my kanji, drew a Tu B'Shvat thing and started drawing the assassin from my story, transposed an Irish tune, read more of The Silmarillion, and started rewriting the letter to my penpal. And the last couple of days, I've managed to play my clarinet some more. 

Another cool Gintama amv:

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