Tuesday, January 15, 2013

National Strawberry Ice Cream Day!


Strawberry ice cream is pretty good. I prefer cherry, if it's a fruit in my ice cream though. Strawberries have always been calming to me. So, it is a tasty and calming treat in ice cream form. According to a survey, this flavor is the 3rd most popular in the world. 

It's been really cold lately.:iconcoldrussiaplz:Yesterday we had a few snow flurries. But, I have been sticking to my walks regardless of the weather.:iconhongkongplz:And, I think I'm already seeing even more results. For one, my watch is getting looser, my jeans are falling off me, and my shirts seem much looser. There's only one part that's losing at a much slower rate, but it'll get there. (I have a little bit of a belly, still.) Still exciting!:iconchibihungaryplz:

Also this week, I've started doing 35 sit-ups twice a day. I thought I couldn't do it. Especially since 30 seemed so difficult. But, I'm able to get through them. Yay!:dummy:I can really feel something going on in my abdomen/belly area this time. I might add a tiny bit more to my 2-mile walk soon. We'll see. Met some interesting neighbors during my walks. And, I'm apparently encouraging my dad to get out there with me when she's home. The sunsets have been glorious.:iconfrancisplz:Might be because of the weather, but it's wonderful to look at. Kind of thinking of taking my camera on some of these walks. Even if it's just of the sunsets. I live in a pretty area. I love the time most of my walks are at. Makes them really enjoyable.

I'm also still keeping up my new way of eating. Sometimes my stomach protests a bit.:icontinoplz:But, I'm not feeling terribly hungry most of the time. It's more like just making noises. Maybe it's getting used to it or something. I'm not feeling deprived of things at all. I can have whatever I want, but in small amounts. I think it's a good way to go about it. 

I'm a little nervous, because my meds aren't here yet.:iconraivisplz:They might come tonight. I probably ordered them later than usual. It's cutting it very close. I can't even have a full dose tonight, if it doesn't come. It'll be close to the dose at least. It would not be cool to go without it. But, I'm going to try and stay calm. At least until the mail comes. I'm also waiting for my 2 new calendars. One's on spices this time. Instead of herbs. Anyways, both the calendars and meds should be there today. We get the mail so late in our neighborhood. Used to be about 12pm. Now, it's around 5pm. (Sometimes, as late as 7:30pm.) But, I did hear that they had to layoff someone, and the person that does ours now has to do twice the work. So, I don't really blame them. Just would be nicer if it was earlier.

Tonight the support group meets. So, that should be fun. Did a lot of editing of chapter 19 of Alliance. And, wrote a bit more. Got back into seriously playing those Klezmer tunes. Sounding much better every time I go back to playing them. I like my new method of playing, too. I'm not breezing through things, and therefore making more mistakes. I'm getting close to 'perfect' on a lot of them. Once I really perfect them, I can work more on those others that I'm still having a little difficulty with. I'll add more to what I play too. But, it'll be slow. 

Finished watching Hana Yori Dango 2. There's still a special and a movie, which I'll get to as well. I really liked the ending to the series. The last few episodes made me want to punch the screen, because they added even more drama than needed. Like making Domyouji have amnesia, another girl trying to take Makino's place, his mother still trying everything to make them separate, Makino almost dying, etc. Quite an emotional roller coaster. The last episode was awesome though! I wouldn't mind a marriage proposal like that. It was quite over the top. The movie should be interesting. The special is like the actors getting together and talking about it. (That's what I've read.)

Gintama is back again!:la:They had about 2 months of repeats. Not that I don't mind watching their repeats, but I wanted to watch some new stuff. It seemed Gintoki may have killed off the Shogun in this episode. Just through a game of kick the can. He was trying to hit it as far as he could to buy some time with the princess, so they can find the previous Shogun.

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