Saturday, October 27, 2012

Liar Game


From the first Liar Game soundtrack. The soundtrack to this Jdrama's amazing! Perfect for every scene, and really draws you in. It's fun and cool, with a slight dark side to it. Most of the soundtrack is that way. Some tracks are much more driving and heavy. This series is a lot of fun, and very intense. Hard to stop watching once you've started.:iconberwaldplz:

It's been unusually cold for us. Feels more wintry than fall-like. Managed to keep the fire going in our wood stove yesterday!:dummy:It only took a few tries for me to get it. 

Since Dad wasn't home for Shabbat dinner, I had a hot dog bun as a replacement for challah.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:(We both forgot about it before she left in the morning that day.) It was stale, but good. Made mac and cheese, but added a little chipotle and garlic. Plus, a few other cheeses besides the regular 'cheese' packet it comes with. It was the last box of mac and cheese since I bought it in bulk 2nd to the last year I was in college. (Amounted to about 20 boxes in all, I think. Maybe more. It was a huge sale.:iconprussiaplz:One of the campus markets was closing.) That was years ago. But, I'm done with those finally! Anyways, it was really tasty! Also, had a pumpkin/chocolate/walnut cookie for dessert. Those are always good!:iconchibispainplz:

Gintama was awesome!:iconfrancisplz:One of the best episodes! Although, it's a pretty top-notch anime overall, in my opinion.:iconchibiaustriaplz:It can have you in tears from laughing too hard and from the touching/sad moments, then have some amazing action scenes, and more. There's always an amazing theme behind it too. More than about a character beating the odds by sheer luck, like some shows have. This one, every character is important and has a 'soul'. (Gintama literally means Silver Soul. There's a play on it that's a running gag, though. Tama can also mean ball(s). Just by hearing 'Silver Balls' you know that there is some 'dirty' humor as well.) They may not be perfect, but that makes them more human and all the more powerful. They really cemented that message even more in this episode. I like that Gintoki won over Kintoki. (Their names are literally 'Silver Time' and 'Gold Time'. So, silver vs gold.) Knew it would happen, but was wondering how they would pull it off. Gintoki is like the best main character. He's awesome at fighting, but he'll try everything else before ever starting a fight. (And, only fights with a wooden sword.) He can be lazy, weird stuff happens to him, he's a bit mysterious, seems more 'human', and has an interesting personality. He sticks to his own rules and ideals through everything. 

Didn't go to services this morning. Still felt like I needed a little break from it.:iconkikuplz:Read the parsha (Torah portion) this time. It was about Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Ishmael, and Isaac. Also, how at about 100 years old, Abraham circumcised himself, and then all the other men living near him. 100 years old? That's a bit crazy. But, again I look at stuff like that, and think it's just the storyteller's exaggeration, if it happened. But, interesting nonetheless. I normally don't post on Satudays, because it's Shabbat during the day. But, I thought about it, and Shabbat ends a little after sunset. So, why not write and post after the sun goes down?:iconchibiamericaplz:

One of the guys Dad is dating came over today, and is going to stay the night. It's interesting. He seems a bit...out there? Not sure if that's right.:iconheroamericaplz:Maybe a little not with it. Very nice guy, though. He went with us to the market. Couldn't walk around the aisles for too long, and ended up sitting on a bench next to the cashiers for most of the time. Kind of felt bad for him, but at the same time put off a little. But, we got a lot of our essentials. Still haven't gotten any Halloween candy for the kids. But, we'll see if we can get them soon. I love seeing some of the little kids faces light up when they see the candy. It's cute, and makes me feel good that we made somebody happy.:iconthailandplz: 

I might go through some of my clothes tomorrow. To mostly switch from my fall-like clothes to wintry. Might look at things I can throw together to make a costume too. Because it certainly doesn't look like I'll be able to go to the store and get stuff for a steampunk outfit.:iconswissplz: 

Started watching the movie Liar Game: Reborn, today. Might finish it tomorrow. About halfway through. It's pretty long. 

I'm thinking I might make a therapy appointment on Monday. I haven't seen a therapist in a while. The one I was seeing for a bit, is transferring to another clinic. So, I have to start from scratch with a new person. I think I'll definitely go with a female therapist this time. Oddly felt a bit uncomfortable talking to a male one. I don't know why, really. Maybe I didn't feel like I could really 'connect' with him? Not sure.:iconwtfromanoplz:They have a new person on staff, who others have said is great, so I might go with her. 

Part of the reason I haven't seen a therapist for so long, is because I don't want to trouble anyone to drive me. Someone, I think I know who, made me feel that way. But, if I don't go, I'll have more problems and that sort of thinking might get worse. I have to break through that!:iconhongkongplz:

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