Wednesday, October 3, 2012

3rd Day of Sukkot!


It's the 3rd day! It's going fast. I won't be going to the potluck for it tonight, but will be there on Saturday for lunch. So, I'll get a 'taste' of it, at least. It seems like our congregation's trying to go earlier and earlier for potlucks. It's a bit weird.:icongermanyplz:One of the reasons why I won't be going today.

Yesterday and today, has felt much cooler than what it's been the past week or so. In the low 60s, instead of high 70s. Quite a difference there. It was warmer than usual, but it didn't slowly cool down, so we could adjust more. It was very windy last night, too. 

I managed to get my hair perfect yesterday!:iconlachoirplz:Found a couple of products that were a fifth of the price of the salon stuff combined. Didn't know that they'd actually work better than the pricey stuff. Even after sleeping on it, it still looks great today. One of the things was a calming/smoothing cream. It helps with the volume of my hair, the frizz, and relaxing the curls overall. The other thing was a 'curl-activating' mousse. It's to help style it, also helps with frizz, and gives some shine. (I'm not really looking for 'shine', but it's a nice plus.) It's also alcohol free, so it doesn't feel funny once it dries. Holds far better than the mousse from the salon. I guess it's good I found some really good inexpensive products for it. The only downside with the mousse, is that it smells a bit like incense.:icontinoplz:But, that goes away after a bit, so I'll just have to bare with that. (The cream smells awesome though!)

Posted a filled in writing meme featuring 5 of my newest characters from my story, Alliance. I tried to stay 'in character' for each one. They seemed to have a couple of questions that were repeated, but just worded differently. So, it was a bit weird. But, the rest of it was interesting. Already had 3 people fave it!:dummy:

The kanji for yesterday was: or つう、かよ.う、とお.し、とお.す、とお.り、とお.る、-どお.し、-どお.り (Tsuu, kayo.u, too.shi,, too.ri,, -doo.shi, -doo.ri). It means: avenue, commute, counter for letters, notes, documents, etc., pass through, traffic. There's actually many more meanings. So many that I filled out a page and a half just on it. I didn't know about most of these meanings the first time I went over this. So, it's good that I went over it again. Also went over a lesson from my Japanese book. Got everything correct! So, I'm still on the right track.

For dinner last night, I tried making pappardelle pasta, with canned roasted garlic pasta sauce. It's an interesting pasta. Very big, and they are shaped into 'nests' when they're in the package. They unwind as they cook. They said the pasta would inevitably stick to the pot, and to scrape it off (and stir) with a wooden spoon. It was almost impossible to get it off with a wooden spoon!:iconromanoplz:Anyways, it was very good. Yet, very messy with the sauce. I love trying new pastas! It's fun!

After dinner, we went to Dad's support group. She's supposed to be the facilitator of it, but it almost seemed like another person was trying to take over. There was 17 people. Not a bad turn out to the first meeting, I think. Someone said it was also a group for me, since I have to 'deal with' (her words, not mine) a trans parent. Plus, I show other members that family can be allies as well. That someone accepts them for who they are. And, that, according to her, is very empowering to the other members. There were 2 other 'allies' there, too. One a sister, and another a wife/partner. They were thinking of calling us FAPs instead of SOFAs. I'd rather be referred to as a 'piece of furniture' than a FAP, honestly. It disturbs me.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:

Cartoon KAT-TUN had an ex-boxer turned sports announcer as a main guest. He was quite a character. They gave a present to Ne-Yo at the end of the episode. (Ne-Yo's an American R&B singer/songwriter, dancer, and actor.) It was custom made sneakers, made by one of the band members who's a huge fan. Ne-Yo liked them so much, he wore them to the MTV music video awards that year. He seemed like a nice guy. The band members tried out their English on him, and they weren't too bad. It's a few years later currently since this episode, and their English has improved greatly. I've heard them speak English in a couple of recent dramas, and the one who writes most of their songs, uses a lot of English now. It's like they're all fascinated by it. Which is cool. Ne-Yo gave them custom T-shirts and his new CD. The band member who's a huge fan, went crazy. He was so happy.:aww:

Fairy Tail was action packed! They realized that if they cut the chains connecting the clock to the ground, it will lose its power more quickly. 'Michelle' or Imitatia turned out to really be just a doll. When Lucy was little she called it her sister and always carried it around with her. When Imitatia was brought to life, all she wanted was to spend 'eternity' with Lucy. She found out what would happen if Lucy's absorbed by the clock, and went crazy. Brain II immediately turned her back into a doll. Lucy could see and hear everything, but couldn't move. She managed to let a few tears out though. 

In Anagle Mole, Luchiru and Kyosuke have a new party member, named Arulu. She was a childhood friend of Luchiru. She has some crazy mood swings. After testing to make sure Luchiru was telling the truth, she agreed to not turn them in. And, since Kyousuke offered, she agreed to go with them as well. She seems much more scary than the people they've fought with so far. Probably because she's a bit unstable.

Played my clarinet. Haven't done it in a while. Did a bunch of Irish tunes. When I went to the cafe today, like usual, they had a new employee. She seems pretty nice. I got some hot chocolate this time. Practiced writing out kanji, reading You Maga, transposed a tune, went over a couple of lessons from my Japanese book, practiced making sentences with the newer kanji, and did some crosswords while I was there.

deviantART fave: The things are after you I did not make this! A cool painting that an artist I watch did. I like the way the sky looks like it has a certain texture to it. 

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