Thursday, October 4, 2012

4th Day of Sukkot!


It's the 4th day. Still feel like it's going by so fast... It's also National Taco Day, and National Vodka Day. Interesting mix.:iconspainplz:

I hadn't visited the dating sites for a while, so I decided to go back and check on them today. Apparently, lots of guys had messaged me, but the system never notified me.:iconswissplz:So, now I feel a bit bad for not coming back as often. A guy immediately started chatting with me, as soon as I started checking my messages on one of the sites. He seemed very nice, but a bit odd. After just saying hello, how's your day?, etc. he said that he really wanted to meet me as soon as possible. I would think people would want to get to know the other person a little more. He's on the other side of the water, but has only been here for a few months. Before that he was from west Africa. (He didn't tell me exactly where.) Anyways, I messaged another guy who sounded interesting. It was my first message that I initiated on that site.:iconseychelles-plz:I 'winked' at another guy. He seemed interesting as well, but I just wanted to try out the flirt button. It's funny how active it suddenly got while I visited these places. Maybe that just means I'm that much closer to having an actual date, and meeting an awesome guy.:iconberwaldplz:

I edited my character faces sheet. Surprisingly, the faces turned out pretty good. Much better designs for a couple of them. And, some characters were entirely new. Tomorrow, I'll scan them, and edit it in photoshop. Hopefully, after that I'll post them on dA. Might make a colored version, too. Not sure. Looked over the building descriptions in my story. I'll add more to it soon. This gives me a better 'view' in my head. Plus, I'm thinking of eventually drawing the building plans and views of each room/exterior. So, it's really a framework for me.:iconchibinitalyplz:

Wrote more of chapter 18. I could have kept going, but my hands started to hurt from typing so much. I like that feeling, though. It means I'm on a roll!:iconchibipolandplz:

Watched the season finale of Hana Yori Dango. It wasn't too bad an ending. Although, I really thought Makino would win the TOJ (Teen of Japan. A beauty pageant, like a Miss Teen). The kids from the last round seemed to like her more. Even the audience loved her more than the winner. She managed to walk away with a huge money prize, though. The sweets shop owner got her customers back, and Makino's father was rehired and promoted. The only downside was Domyouji leaving to New York City. He made a bet with his mother that if Makino lost, he'd have to go there to study business, but her family and friends would get their lives back. She's evil. So, next is the second season. We'll see what happens. I've got to say I liked this series more than I expected.

In Naruto Shippuden, Naruto and Bee were stopped by the Hokage and Raikage. There was a flashback for most of the episode. It was about Bee and the Raikage. How they teamed up, the Raikage being his mentor, and about the hachibi (8-tails. Which is a cross between an octopus and an ox), them meeting Naruto's father, etc. It was kind of a touching episode. But, not much happened. The Raikage threatened to kill Naruto in order to thwart the enemy's plans. Looks like the Hokage will have more of a role during the next episode. She's definitely against the idea of killing him. Their job is to protect Naruto, so that will go out the window.
The kanji for today is: . Or: とう、こた.える、こた.え (Tou, kota.eru, kota.e). It means: to answer, to reply, response, reply, answer, solution. Looked at compounds with or hiru in them. (Means afternoon, daytime, etc.) 昼ご飯 (ひるごはん or hirugohan) is lunch. Another word for lunch is 昼食 (ちゅうしょく or chuushoku). It's not used as often, though. 昼夜 (ちゅうや or chuuya), is: day and night. 昼下がり (ひるさがり or hirusagari) is: early afternoon. 白昼 (はくちゅう or hakuchuu) is: daytime, midday. 真昼 (まひる or mahiru) is: midday, broad daylight. Also, went over another lesson from my Japanese book. Still getting the answers correct! 

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