Monday, October 8, 2012

National Pierogi Day!


I love pierogi!:iconitalyplz:(Might be my eastern European background coming out...) The plural form is pierogi (although, I really feel tempted to type pierogis), and singular is pierog. They're dumplings that are usually filled with potatoes and onions, or cheese, or ground meat, or fruit. But, there are many more variations. We just got some frozen ones yesterday. I didn't even know about it having its own day the next day. So, I had some. We got the potato and onion ones. Tasted awesome like always!:dummy:

A friend was supposed to drive me to services on Saturday. She told me she had to be there early, to help set up. So, I got up earlier than I would have, and waited for her. She never showed.:icongermanyplz:It's ok. Felt a little disappointed, especially after talking about it for a while the week before. Oh well, maybe something distracted her. Also, was hoping to go, because it was my last chance to eat under the sukkah. Well, here's to doing that next year!:icontinoplz:

Drove for a while yesterday. I think it totaled to around 45 minutes. Not bad. I was nervous, and there was only a couple of mistakes. I think I was too tense, and so it wore me out a bit towards the end.:faint:

Dad will be at a conference from Wednesday through Saturday. Hope that'll be fun for her. I'll have some fun too! 

We went to an Albertson's yesterday to restock. I'm so happy they have the big box of Shabbos candles!:la:We ran out of those. (Our local market only carries them in a pack of 2 candles. That's good for only 1 Shabbat. Not good enough!:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:) Also, got a frozen dough challah for Friday. The only thing I need to do for it, is to let it sit out for a long time, and then pop it in the oven for a while. It's already put together, just not cooked. They said it gets twice as big after it cooks. Looks like it might be a big one!:iconheroamericaplz:Also, got a 2-serving frozen chocolate silk pie for a Shabbat dessert. I can save the other serving for the next night. Might have some orange chicken for that dinner too. Sounds awesome!:iconchibispainplz:Got some other awesome frozen dinners for the rest of the week. Plus, some really tasty smoked salmon, and sesame bagels. Great for breakfast! 

Was going to watch the Ghost Mama finale, but it wasn't up yet. So, I watched the finale of Mirai Nikki. It was a crazy ending! I wasn't sure whether he really woke up from his coma, or he was still stuck in Olympia, or his mind thought he was still there, etc. Felt like Rui might actually be real, too. He appeared in the 'real' world. Almost a Matrix-y feel. Which was the real world, and what was imagined or apart of the program? The system's 'creator' killed herself, but designated Arata as the 'final piece', just before. So, it left a lot of questions. Very interesting series. The beginning was a bit slow, but the rest moved pretty quickly. 

Yesterday, I watched the finale of Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou. It was a pretty good show. Not the best though. The guys acted much better than the girls. I know they were supposed to be overly polite and use proper etiquette, but they seemed too stiff. Almost robotic. The guy's stories seemed more in-depth as well. There's going to be a movie to it, out this month in Japan. Supposedly, they'll have even more characters. I'm only semi-interested in seeing it.
Started watching Kamisama Hajimemashita, or Nice to Meet You, G-d. The manga also goes by Kamisama Kiss or G-d Kiss, literally. It's interesting so far. Thought it'd be a little funnier, and not have as many 'sparkly' moments. (It is a shoujo after all.) But, still has potential. What first piqued my interest was that it has the same director as Fruits Basket. Honestly, it does have a similar feel after watching the first episode. I loved Fruits Basket (one of the few shoujo anime that I love), so why not give this a try too? Momozono Nanami's dad disappeared after accumulating a massive amount of debt due to gambling. Then, she was chased out of her house by the debt collectors. She met a man in the park who was being chased by a dog. (Apparently, terrified of them.) She helped him, and he told her that he'd give her his house. She believed him, and when she arrived at his place, it was really a shrine. A man with fox ears suddenly appeared, named Tomoe, while she was standing there confused and attacked her. She finds out that she's been made a land deity by the man at the park. The man, named Mikage, in the park was Tomoe's previous 'master', who left the shrine 20 years ago. Tomoe doesn't accept Nanami as the new land deity, and leaves the shrine. Eventually, Nanami makes a contract with Tomoe, and he's forced to return. The contract is through a kiss. After the contract, he must obey whatever Nanami says. 

Gintama is back!:iconlachoirplz:Can't believe it! It took a 6 month hiatus, but it was an even longer break before that. About a year. I wish they'd stop doing that, and keep that great series going weekly. It's probably hard to make every episode 'epic'. Making you die of laughter one minute, crying the next, amazing action the next minute, etc. They started it this time with Gintoki finding out that most of the world of Gintama has forgotten about him, and the new 'name' of the series changed to Kintama. (Obviously it won't stay that way, just a gag.) But, it went from silver soul to golden soul. So, they tried to make him look like a 'better' more perfect character. But, the awesome thing about Gintoki, is his imperfections/weaknesses can easily become his strength. It's part of the theme of the show, as well. He's not a polished character. The only ones who didn't forget about him were Sadaharu and Tama. An alien dog, and a robot. So, they're sticking up for him. They found out that Kintoki is actually a robot, and that's why he's so perfect. Interesting to see how this plays out.

Got some more writing done. It's getting exciting! Started that other writing meme I was thinking about filling out. I was thinking that I might try to do a steampunk outfit for Halloween. But, not sure if I'll really have time. I don't think I have anything 'Victorian' looking to start with.:iconswissplz:

Went over more kanji during the weekend and today. Plus some more compounds. Also, went over some Japanese lessons. It's really sinking in! Translated more of a You Maga article. Read kind of a disturbing article in Japanese on Asahi's website. It was about a murder at a mansion. Someone stabbed a woman in her dining room 10 times in the back. She was only in a night gown, and there was a lot of blood everywhere. I hope they catch whoever did it. That's just evil.  

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