Thursday, October 18, 2012

National Pasta Day!


Yay for pasta! I really love pasta!:dummy:This was actually yesterday, but I think it needs to be at least mentioned. It should have more than one day devoted to it, too.:iconpolandplz:Lately, we've been trying different kinds of pasta. It's kind of fun. There's so many different types of pasta out there. According to one site, there's 600 known pasta shapes. That's crazy! 

Really not feeling very well today. But, managed to get some things done. Started a new 'private' journal on another site yesterday. I plan to use it as my 'letters' to Mom. I still feel like I want to tell her things, but she's not there to hear them, so why not open a journal just for it?:iconeestiplz:I know she wouldn't be able to hear me, but at least I'll be thinking of her. They say in Judaism, a person lives on through people's memories/thoughts of them. So, in a way, I'm keeping her alive.:iconchibicanadaplz:I'm trying to imagine what she'd say to what I tell her, as well. It's not hard to do. I'm using Penzu for it. It's a totally private blogging site. No one can read it, or find your posts. Unless, you send an email of it to someone. So, it feels like I can speak my mind about it that way. You can have the option of having another blog that's entirely private on Blogger, but I didn't like seeing that blog above my normal one. (It'd be nice to have a 'hide' option for it...:iconkikuplz:) Something about being reminded every time I post to this one, felt weird. So, this way, only when I feel like it, I can just go to that other site. 

Didn't go to my dad's support group on Tuesday. Traffic was making her run late, and she needed to get there directly in order to make it on time. It's ok, and totally understandable. I'll just see if I can go to the next one.:icontinoplz:

She didn't eat after her group's meeting, so we went out together to find a sit-down restaurant. Went to Red Robin. It was one of the few places still open. (We got there at around 10pm.) She got a burger, and I had a Mountain High Mudd Pie. I had a very small dinner just before, and didn't eat much during the day. So, I thought I could handle a dessert like that. It was ginormous!:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:Couldn't eat it all. Was really good, though. It had a huge thing of chocolate ice cream (like the consistency of a fudgesicle), whipped cream on top of that, a chocolate cookie layer with caramel and fudge syrup mixed in just below the chocolate ice cream, below that was a thick layer of oreo ice cream, below that another chocolate cookie layer, and with chocolate cookie crust on the outside. There was caramel and fudge syrup drizzled all around the 'base' of it. It was cut in a way to look like a pie slice. It did look a bit like a mountain, too. Really over the top.:iconchibihungaryplz:Ended up staying up really late because of it. (The sugar/size of it pretty much kept me up.) But, it was worth it.:iconitalyplz:

Since I went to bed so late, I got up late the next day. Made me feel a bit off. So, I didn't feel up to going to the cafe this time. Kind of felt like I needed to be by myself for a little while, anyways. Well, hopefully next week I'll feel like going. 

Finished editing, and posted chapter 18 of Alliance to dA. Kind of a fun, yet disturbing chapter to write. It's a lot more violent than I expected. Doesn't go into too many details, so it's not 'graphic'. But, I put it in such a way, people could imagine what wasn't written. More psychological that way, I guess. I'm usually into details, but thought it'd be interesting to keep it that way. Also, gives more info on their world. I figured that I have about 2 more chapters left of this first novel of the series. I still think I'll end it on a huge cliffhanger. I try to have almost every chapter end on one, so why not have the biggest one as the ending? Make the reader crave more, until the next one is put out.:iconenglandispervyplz:

I'm getting back into cooking. Yay! It feels so good to get back into it. Made some orange cranberry muffins on Sunday. They came out awesome! Nice and fluffy. Made chicken chow mein for Monday's dinner. The recipe was from my new Asian cookbook. It came out really tasty!:iconchibispainplz:Could have used a little more 'sauce', though. The sesame oil was an interesting touch to the chicken. Could have used more sugar snap peas, too. Had a ton of bean sprouts. I like bean sprouts, but I was surprised by the amount. Yesterday, we just had leftovers. I'm thinking we might tonight again. Still have an Italian soup Dad made to finish off. I have the materials for 3 more dishes that I want to make, though. I could do those next week.:iconberwaldplz:

Been practicing and going over more kanji, compounds, and lessons. Played my clarinet yesterday. Did some klezmer. I was having so much fun with it, I wasn't watching the time. Went a little longer than I had planned, but it's nice that I was so into it.:iconthailandplz:Only have about 3 weeks left until my birthday! That's insane!
Started watching the Jdrama, Perfect Blue. I don't think this has anything to do with the anime movie of the same title. I haven't watched it, but it seems to have a totally different plot from what I've read. Very interesting characters. Each one seems to have some sort of quirk. Even the dog occasionally narrates. Hasumi Kayoko, is a rookie investigator at the all-female Hasumi Detective Agency. She has a keen sense of observation, strong sense of justice, and keeps a level-head. She detests lies and secrets. Her father worked at the city news desk of a newspaper, and committed suicide 7 years ago. Her mother, Kyoko, the agency's director, has been secretly investigating whether it was suicide or not. Eventually, after this first episode, Kayoko starts to investigate the truth as well. Her father's last words were Perfect Blue, and they have no idea what that means. Their dog is an award-winning retired police dog.

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