Monday, March 11, 2013

The Force of Gravity


By Nakata Yasutaka from the Liar Game soundtrack. I love the music from the Japanese drama, Liar Game.:la:All of the tracks really set the tone of the series. I think this was when someone lost during a round, or was kicked out of the game. Like the realization was too much for them. Like, most of the tracks, it sounds powerful and emotional. 

Well, I found out that I'm allergic to the antibiotics they gave me, for after they took the cyst out of my back.:iconkikuplz:I was very sick on Saturday. Violently threw up a lot, had a fever, and generally ached all over. Odd thing is, every time I went to the clinic for something last week, I had a fever. They kept writing it off as nothing. Like something was wrong with their thermometers or something. I should have taken that as a hint.:iconwtfukplz:

Anyways, I decided to stop taking them. Not a good idea to keep taking them if they make you sick.:iconhongkongplz:I did feel a bit better. But, had a nasty pressure headache that started that night and continued throughout Sunday. Fever is totally gone. I'm still experiencing some neck and rib pains. I could see how my ribs would hurt after throwing up like that. My stomach is still doing somersaults, but I haven't thrown up since Saturday. It especially feels bad if I don't eat for a while. Although, sometimes it feels like I got razor blades in there just after I eat.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:Taking Tums and ibuprofen has helped a lot with these things, though. I'm hoping I'll 'get over' the side effects soon. I read up on it a bit, and apparently a lot of people are really allergic to sulfur-based antibiotics. Some can be so allergic they choke or suffocate from throwing up so much, and some get nasty blistery rashes. I think my symptoms sounded relatively mild compared to others who have reactions. 

Today, I plan to go through all the Passover stuff we had from last year. I glanced a little at them yesterday, and I could tell quite a bit of it isn't good anymore.:iconromanoplz:I also will look at recipes for things I usually make during Passover. Like Passover granola, matzah toffee, popovers, etc. And make a list of things to replace what I tossed, and the normal stuff I have during the holiday. Like kichel (egg puffs with a little sugar on top), matzah crackers or Tam Tams, gefilte fish, chips, etc. 

I decided on not going to one of the congregations' seders. They're asking for quite a bit of money for it. I could probably 'negotiate' or something, but just the principle of the whole thing feels weird.:icongermanyplz:I understand asking people for a little money, because you have to pay for renting the facility, caterers, etc. But, when you have a huge turnout every time, and ask for even more money, it doesn't feel right. You also ask people to bring a dish in addition to what the caterers make. The other congregation's seder is free, and is a potluck. We also usually go to a seder at a friend's place for one of the nights. We might have one at our place, too. If that's the case, I might make a dessert. Dad's thinking of making a lot of the meal. Which is all good.:iconchibinitalyplz:So, we'll see how this year's Passover turns out... Oh, and it doesn't seem that the Hadassah group in the area, is going to do a women's seder this year. That group seems to have fallen apart. Which is sad, but doesn't surprise me. I really liked the women's seder.:iconchibiaustriaplz:

Losing an hour, because of Daylight Saving Time, throws my body off track even more. Wrote a bit more of the final chapter of Alliance. They finally subtitled the second to last episode of Monsters!:iconlachoirplz:I love that series, and would like to be able to finish it. There's only one more episode. Cuticle Tantei Inaba just keeps getting funnier. In the first part this time there was a lot of goat references. And, for the second part both Don Valentino and Inaba's group were lost in the woods. A woods renowned for the amount of suicides that take place there. I think there's a similar place I saw featured in one of Arashi's variety shows. (Probably D no Arashi.) The 'leader' of the band had to go there to see if it was haunted. A fan had asked them to investigate the area. Inaba had done a similar thing with tying up ropes to make sure he didn't get lost, and to use as a quick 'lifeline' to pull out of there. 

Mix Vegetable was kind of hard to read, because both of the main characters found out they had the same intentions towards dating the other person. Just for the name and a leg up in the patissier or sushi business. Hayato said that Hanayu is useless to him now. I think Hanayu had started to actually fall for him. Hayato seemed pretty tense around her afterwards, too. 
Today I went over the kanji: and . is most often pronounced as は (ha), or し in mostly compounds. It means tooth or teeth. These are the common compounds from the list I use: 仮歯 or かし (kashi): false tooth. 臼歯 or きゅうし (kyuushi) or うすば (usuba): molar. 歯列 or しれつ (shiretsu): row of teeth. When is pronounced as うた (uta) it's: modern poetry. When it's pronounced as し (shi) it's: a poem, verse of poetry. The only compound was: 詩歌 or しいか (shiika): Japanese (and Chinese) poetry. 

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