Thursday, March 21, 2013

National Ravioli Day!


This was yesterday, but Ravioli's awesome enough to celebrate for another day! And there's so many different kinds. I really like the ones that are just cheese filled, instead of with meat. Although, the beef ones aren't bad. Yesterday was also the First Day of Spring. So, happy spring!:iconthailandplz:Today's National French Bread Day, and Memory Day. 

Tuesday, Dad and I went to the support group. There was another new person this time, who brought their family along with them. They were incredibly nervous, just like the new person from the time before that was (and still is). But, hopefully both of them will warm up to the group. The new person from before, seems to be slowly getting better with their nervousness already. It was another lively discussion. 

After that, we all went to Shari's again. I got their parmesan tater tots, and like usual, a strawberry lemonade. The lemonade seemed a bit anemic this time. The tater tots were awesome!:iconchibispainplz:Made a good lunch the next day. The waitress we had was extremely rude to everyone.:iconwtfukplz:She seemed to forget about us at one point. And, when we asked why the food was taking so long, she said something like: "Eh, I'm not the one making it!" And, threw her arms up in the air. She also called everyone hun, honey, babe, etc. in a rather condescending way. I know addressing people by a lot of those is common in the South, which I'm cool with most of the time. But, the way she said them, sounded very rude. The manager came to check on us more often than she did. I was going to order a slice of the s'mores pie, but everything else was taking too long, so I gave up on it.:iconchibienglandplz:

Yesterday morning, I suddenly had a bunch of ideas for the ending of Alliance. I wrote so much in my notebook, I thought my hand was going to cramp up. I essentially wrote out the ending.:iconseychelles-plz:Today, I typed up in Word a transition into the spot that my ideas started, and then typed like crazy half of the stuff I had written down in my notebook. My hand hurt too much to finish it up. But, I was writing really fast. Just seemed to really flow together. I love when something like this happens. Wish it happened more often though.:iconswissplz:Last night, I came up with more ideas for the sequel. That's how crazy it is right now. I don't know yet if I'll make a sequel.:iconchibiswedenplz:This story can go on forever, but could still stay fresh throughout. It's really been an interesting ride so far.

In Ouran High School Host Club, Hikaru (one of the twins) went out with Haruhi. He became very jealous when a guy she's been friends with since they were little offered to give them a ride. A thunderstorm was starting to roll in. He was very inconsiderate of Haruhi, and ran away. After a talk with Tamaki, he realized, what he had done and went off to find her. She's terrified of thunder, but had gone off to search for him. She eventually was too scared, and decided to hide in a church until the storm passed. Hikaru found her there, and Tamaki came to the rescue soon after. It was kind of a test to see if Hikaru could learn to care about others. He became even more jealous when Tamaki scooped her up into his arms. He's really falling for her. I actually don't remember too much about this point in the anime, so couldn't tell how close they were to it. It's been getting better as the show has progressed. 

In Naruto Shippuden, Naruto managed to find Kiba's, Shikamaru's, Neji's, and Choji's trapped souls. He saved them, and obliterated the enemy. He's become super strong, it's interesting to see.
Read the final extra before the next volume of Dear. I really love this manga! The humor is off-beat, the style isn't too shojo-ish, each character has such personality, and the story's interesting. They were talking about what the characters were like when they were younger. Some were hilarious, but most were just cute. I love Ume! That 'dog' doesn't seem to age apparently. He spits up really expensive looking clothes (actually, makes it somehow in his stomach), eats everything, always has a smile, eccentric, mysterious, etc. 

Scanned the second page of the OC Mad Lib I'm filling out. Edited the first panel from it already. Funny how it's just a table full of food. But, they asked what Vincent's true love was. And, that's it. He loves food. 
For today's kanji, I just continued writing out compounds for . It's one of the kanji I get confused with. Particularly, its meaning. As こと (koto) it can mean: thing, matter; incident, occurrence, event, something serious, trouble, crisis; circumstances, situation, state of affairs; work, business; (suffix) pretending to...; playing make believe...; (suffix) (especially as AことB or AとはBのことだ (A alias, B formal)) alias, aka, nickname, alternative name. As じ (ji) it means: (Buddhist) individual concrete phenomenon (as opposed to a general principle). The compounds I wrote out today were: 事典 or じてん (jiten): encyclopedia. 事犯 or じはん (jihan): crime. 事物 or じぶつ (jibutsu): things, affairs. 事変 or じへん (jihen): accident, disaster, incident, uprising, emergency. 事務 or じむ (jimu): business, office work. 事由 or じゆう (jiyuu): reason, cause. 事例 or じれい (jirei): example, precedent, case. 


  1. I just found your blog and I've learned a lot of things. Thank you so much. BTW your blog gave me some inspiration for a series of drawings.


    1. You're welcome! I'm glad you like my blog, and its inspired some drawings. :D