Thursday, March 7, 2013

National Cereal Day!


Yay for cereal! Although, I haven't had cold cereal in a long time. I love oatmeal, and cream of rice. The hot stuff is good.:iconchibisitalyplz:Cold cereal really doesn't do it for me anymore. 

Well, I just got back from the clinic to have a wound care specialist check out the area where my cyst was. They poked at it so much, it feels more painful now. They had to make sure that the holes had closed up all the way. And that apparently requires poking it.:iconwtfukplz:But, she said it looked really good. I just have to remember to apply heat to it, and maybe use a medicated ointment to help keep it clean and heal faster. I don't need to use band-aids on it anymore. Although, with it open to the air, it upped the pain a bit.:iconkikuplz:She said it was good to wash it while in the shower. The massive stinging actually means it's helping. She still said to take things easy until it's fully healed. Also, to keep taking the antibiotics and prescription strength ibuprofen. She said it probably won't take long to fully heal.

In Ouran High School Host Club, they introduced Haruhi's father, Ranka. They say he's a cross dresser, and that he tries to fill both roles of mother and father. (Haruhi's mother died when she was just a little kid.) I've seen the anime and this version of Ranka, and I think 'he' is actually trans. Some of the characters refer to 'him' in male pronouns. He seems to prefer female pronouns, though. (And, calls herself Onee-san around them later. Which means big sis, and can be used with older women that you're close to.) And almost every time the other characters use 'he', it seems to make Ranka tense. Haruhi still calls her Dad. (Kind of sounds familiar...) Very interesting character. And she's very protective of her daughter. 

In Naruto Shippuden, Shikamaru, Kiba, Choji, and Neji fought the next enemies to come back from the dead. It was a group they fought against in the past. After they defeated them, they were apparently sent to the 'underworld' with their enemies. I wonder how they'll get back. It's a new and interesting development. 

Oh, and Fairy Tail is apparently going to be on a prolonged hiatus in a bit. People think that the series will end entirely, because of the way it was worded in an article. But, the mangaka said not to worry, it'll definitely come back. I read that it was getting really close to where the manga is at now. They tend to try and follow it, and build on it a bit. I understand that if there's no framework for more of the story after this arc, that they would need to hold off on it for a bit. Kind of sad, though. Gintama did a similar thing, and was on hiatus for about a year. I hope we don't have to wait for a year.:iconlietplz:
In Ao no Exorcist, Mephisto went into a weird discussion. (Sometimes, Amaimon would pop up and respond. He was skewered with several long spears throughout his body. Mephisto won't let him off them until he's calmed down.) Mainly about human existence, and what are the most important desires they all share. First is material desires, then sexual desires, and finally the most important one: the desire for knowledge. Saying that all humans crave knowledge of some sort. He goes on to ask what is the true meaning of the universe? And, what's really the difference between humans and demons? Yukio was his example of a human's desire for knowledge. No one has ever given him a straight answer to anything he asks. So, he has to do a lot of 'digging' on his own. It ended with Yukio noticing he's just human. Although he was so worked up about his own existence, that disappeared as soon as he became flustered while interacting with Shiemi. Mephisto commented on how fast humans can change like that when around the opposite sex, or someone they might be attracted to. Saying it was adorable. I like Mephisto. I don't really know what he's planning, but I like his character. 

Haven't played my clarinet much this week. Hope to get to it more often next week. Wrote some more of the last chapter of Alliance. Tested myself a bit on my kanji today. 

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