Wednesday, March 13, 2013

National Artichoke Hearts Day!


This is actually on Saturday, not sure if I'll post then. Plus I love artichoke hearts!:iconitalyplz:So, why not celebrate it a little early? We got some marinated artichoke hearts not too long ago. Good stuff. 

Got up pretty late yesterday, and felt SO much better than the day before.:iconchibihungaryplz:Today, I slept in a little bit (definitely not as late as yesterday), and feel even better. I don't have the aches in my ribs/neck/etc. I can breathe a lot easier, too. When something affects my breathing, it worries me a bit. :iconitalyishorrifiedplz:I've had 2 scary life-threatening illnesses dealing with my lungs. But, like I said, it's a lot better. So I'm not as worried anymore. Still think it was just a side effect of the antibiotics leaving my system. Stomach is still doing this weird spasm-y thing every so often. But, it's better too. I think Rosie, my cat, could smell the antibiotics on my skin. (Probably from sweating it out or something.) Every time she went to lick me, she had the same face she gets when she smells an orange or something else that's strong, and starts to sneeze. Today, she's back to licking me like usual. (She loves to 'clean' me.) So, she's kind of my personal detector, too.:iconsleepygreeceplz:

I decided on saying yes to the invite for my high school reunion. They just put out the ticket price. Looks pretty expensive, and they said the price will probably go up even more as we get closer to the date.:iconromanoplz:There's been quite an uproar from some people on the Facebook group, about the price. Also, the menu seems kind of too 'fancy'. (To put it nicely...) I know it's a reunion, but some of it sounds like too much. So, now I don't really know...It'd be interesting to see everyone, but the price and food seems odd. We'll see. It'd be cool if they gave an option to just go to the 'family picnic' potluck thing for free or a small fee. So, if people can't afford the night one, they can at least see people the next day.:iconhongkongplz:

I came up with the list of stuff I need for Passover, yesterday. It took a while, but it's done.:dummy:I might make a Passover meat pie from Rhodes. It sounds tasty. I'll probably make the matzah granola again. It's really good.:iconchibispainplz:I can eat that even after the holiday, so I'm not worried about making too much for myself. (It has a long shelf life.) I was going to make my mom's almond torte, but it's a bit more complicated than I expected. It would be perfect for our seder. I might try, but it could be a flop. I guess there's no harm in trying.:iconseychelles-plz: 

Also, since Dad and I decided that we'll do a seder for one of the nights, I made sure to write down stuff we'll need for that. We're going to need a lot of eggs!:iconchibiswedenplz:Crazy! Mainly for baking, and making hard boiled eggs. Some of the hard boiled eggs are eaten during the seder. Kind of like as an appetizer, along with gefilte fish. (Gefilte fish literally means 'stuffed' fish. But, it really is a fish loaf or ball usually eaten cold. We usually get them in jars.) Some of the hard boiled eggs, are used to make an egg salad for matzah sandwiches for my lunches during the week. There's also matzah brei, which is good as a brunch. It's essentially matzah, eggs, and some seasonings cooked up together. There's a ton of variations out there. We usually make a savory version with salt, pepper, chopped onions (sometimes dried), and garlic added to it. Tasty stuff. 

I decided to not make the matzah toffee this year. It's so messy to make. Plus, the recipe makes a butt-load of them. Even if I halve it, it makes a lot. But, there's plenty of other sweets we can have.:iconthailandplz:If I 'chicken out' of making the almond torte, I might pick some sort of Passover dessert mix. They're very easy, and there's a large variety of them. Brownies, cakes, cookies, muffins, etc. Kind of funny what people can come up with, and still follow the rules. Some of it tastes even better than their non-Passover counterparts. And some, taste a lot worse. Depends on what you go for.:iconpolandplz:Might make a Passover potato kugel from a mix at some point. 

So, lots of stuff to look forward to. Might be going for the bulk of all this on Friday. If I go out much later than that, most of the Passover stuff will be gone. There's usually like a mad dash to get all the Passover stuff once they open that area. It's especially bad once it gets really close to the holiday. Surprisingly, it's a QFC that has one of the largest selections in the area for it.  Our local market has a small section, but it's not too bad. I think it's actually growing every year with new stuff. It's interesting that they have that, which is their regular kosher section the rest of the year, in the international section. Next to the Asian, Hispanic, British, and Indian (they have this one separated from the other Asian countries) aisles. I guess we're considered to be exotic or 'ethnic'. Although, British stuff kind of seems odd to squeeze in there, to me. Anyways, I've already noticed that they have 'holes' where their popular products have run out. It's kind of sad already.:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:

In Cartoon Kat-Tun, they're going on assignments to figure out what love really means. The back story to this segment was odd and hokey, but I like what some of them are finding out. Kame has gone out to Aichi prefecture to ask people he meets on the street what they think it really means. Some of the responses and people have been very interesting. Koki is finding out what type of love a collector has. The collector that came in collects a bunch of stuff. He showed him some of his old postcards, hats, rubber snakes, and other collections. It was interesting, too. Ueda doesn't seem to really have an assignment. They just show him working out. (I guess he's just fan service.) Nakamaru, I think, has the most difficult one. Learning about 'adult' love. The person he's learning from is telling him what adult women like, think is sexy, and what they want to hear. A bit tense. Akanishi has a weird one. He's investigating why some women have affairs. And, Taguchi has an interesting one. How to write a 3-line love letter. He also saw what a love between an animal and human is like. I like that they're exploring different meanings to it. Not just the 'romantic' kind. 

In Fairy Tail, Lucy was brutally beaten by Minerva, a member of Sabertooth. She kept beating her up, even after the ref called it. This sparked even more fury from Fairy Tail. Since the amount of teams was uneven, Fairy Tail had to pick the 5 best mages out of all the members from both groups to form the final team. Which ended up being: Natsu, Gray, Erza, Laxus, and Gajeel. Makes sense. The fight after that was with 2 members of 'Wild Four' vs. 2 members of Blue Pegasus. I was surprised Ichiya was so powerful. But he is supposed to be one of the most powerful mages in that guild. I think he tries to act weak most of the time, so in his eyes, he stays handsome. (He's really not. It's a running gag.) The person in the bunny costume that was his teammate was an Exceed, named Nichiya. He's the counterpart or doppelganger of Ichiya from Edolas. It was kind of creepy. 
In Tripeace, Nana went to investigate the reasons behind a war between Kongo and Pakon. He asked the people in Pakon on the streets about the war, and ended up fighting in a duel against the prince. He didn't reveal his identity until after Nana passed out and he took him somewhere to rest. He thought Nana was a spy sent from the other country. Once he realized that wasn't the case, he asked for Nana's help to end the war. Shiro went to search for Nana, because this was supposed to be a job geared towards her level, not for someone in the lowest rank of Tripeace. She ended up trying to complete the job at the same time. First, she checked the front lines of the battlefield. She didn't see Nana, and assumed he went to Kongo, so she went there. She ended up 'bumping' into the princess of Kongo. She had also hid her identity. The princess asked for Shiro's help. This sounds like it'll get interesting.

I wrote more of the final chapter of Alliance. I was stuck for a while today. Just staring at the screen, trying to figure out where the story went from there.:iconusaplz:Lots of ideas, but it's different when you're in writing mode. And, some things wouldn't make since if I just 'inserted' it in certain areas. It has to flow. Anyways, after a little while, I had amazing ideas for that point and on for the story. I couldn't stop writing. In fact, after I closed out of it, and went on to something else, my mind was coming up with what to type next. At one point, I had to go back to it. Wrote a little, then decided if I have more ideas I'll just write them out in my notebook, and add it later. But, it's always an amazing feeling when it comes back like that.:la:Maybe I'll finish it quickly if I keep it up. Makes me even more excited about it.
The kanji for today is: . When pronounced as じ (ji) it's: (prefix) next; hypo-; (counter) order, sequence, time(s). つぎ (tsugi): next, following, subsequent; stage, station. つ.ぐ ( to rank next to, to come after. The one I'll do tomorrow, is one I tend to get confused with on its meanings. So, hopefully it can be cleared up with this 'new' way of looking at it. Its helped with a lot of other kanji I had issues with in the past. 

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