Monday, August 6, 2012

National Root Beer Float Day!


I love root beer floats!:dummy:What's better than having one of my fave drinks, paired with ice cream? I don't have it too often, because it feels similar to a decadent dessert to me. Same with milkshakes. I think the best root beer I've had is Thomas Kemper's. It's freaking amazing!:iconchibispainplz:Even my grandpa approved of it when we tried it at one of their breweries. (That same local one doesn't exist anymore.:iconswissplz:) Maybe sometime soon I'll have a root beer float.
This is my wallpaper for the month. It's Spain, Prussia, and France from Hetalia. They're considered friends, and have the nickname 'Bad Friends Trio'. Kind of a fun one. Found a few more fun Hetalia, Gintama, and Fairy Tail wallpapers. So look forward to those! 

My herbs calendar has a lot of spices this time. More than I'd like to name off.:iconkikuplz:Quite different than last month. Makes it colorful. My Jewish calendar has an interesting painting, called 'Flowers in a Vase'. It's from the Netherlands in 1900-1925. A Torah shield is at the bottom, made out of silver, copper, and glass. From Germany in 1675. (Wow! That's old!) Kind of cool.

Here's the month-long holidays: Celery, Fennel, and Cactus Month, Golf Month, National Catfish Month, National Panini Month, Orange and Papaya Month, National Peach Month. Some are important causes, some are to make you appreciate things you may take for granted, and some are just for fun. Wow. Not many this month.:iconusaplz:

I had a haircut last Tuesday for the first time in about 6 years!:iconfrancisplz:My mom had this weird thing where she kept telling me I didn't need to see a stylist, and she could trim it occasionally. I wanted to grow my hair out, but wanted to have it manageable. So, instead of styling, she'd occasionally help me with 'relaxing' my hair.:icongermanyplz:Anyways, the stylist I had on Tuesday was amazing!:iconyayhanatamagoplz:She cut 2 and a half inches off, and it was like nothing. My hair is still somewhat long, which is what I wanted. She gave me a new style, as well. She said that I have to embrace my curls, and so defined them a bit more. I told her I liked what it was doing on the bottom layer, having kind of a cool wavy tendril thing going on. She said she loved it too, and decided to make that happen for the rest of my hair. She gave me tons of advice for styling/taking care of it. Kept telling me that had to put a ton of product in. If you think it's enough, add a bit more.:iconeestiplz:Plus, she doesn't want me to put it up so often. (I tend to put it up in a bun, or side ponytail.)

Everybody seems to like it, too. I posted a pic of it to FB, and it got tons of likes. Plus, Dad posted her pic of me on her FB, and got even more likes. Someone we both know said she wished her hair could do that. Even asked what I had done. I'm not used to people liking my hairstyle so much.:iconchibicanadaplz:I actually feel not as camera shy. 

When I tried to style it myself the next day, it didn't turn out as good.:iconnataliaplz:But, that's understandable, because I wasn't used to it yet. The last couple of days I had it up, because of how warm it was. I finally figured out how to style it right today.:iconus-xdplz:I wasn't really working in all the 'product' through my hair before. I was just getting bits of it. And, since it's not as warm today, I'll probably leave it down.

Speaking of the weather, it got up to around 90 yesterday.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:The day before was about 85. Hot for this area. So, to beat the heat, Dad and I went to the movie theater and saw the Dark Knight Rises. It was air conditioned, so why not? Hadn't gone to an actual movie theater in a long time. We usually just use Netflix. It was pretty good. The only part that irked me a little, was they dragged around and bumped into things with the bomb.:iconromanoplz:I would've thought that if it's so unstable, wouldn't you want to be as careful with it as possible? I mean, any bump could set it off. Maybe they thought it was protected enough? Still weird. But, the rest was very well done. The actress who played Catwoman (Anne Hathaway), was pretty good. I've always thought Catwoman as a character was cool. She's complex, not really hero or villain, usually kicks ass, and can handle most situations on her own. The 'first' Catwoman on screen was able to do an awesome purr with it. Kind of a fun character. Bane was kind of an interesting villain. Not sure if I liked him or not.:iconchibinitalyplz:I really liked that they sort of introduced Robin at the end. The actor who portrayed him is really good too. It seemed to me that there was a huge possibility of continuing the story in another movie. Probably would still make a lot of money. I used to read Batman comics at the grocery store when I was little. I loved it. They had them with the magazines, and occasionally I felt really bored while I was there, so I read some. I didn't usually think about buying them, even though I loved them so much.:iconchibihungaryplz:

Finally went out driving a couple of days ago. It went pretty well. I followed the speed limit, and still had someone honk, zoom passed me, and give me the finger when they got back into the lane. I was more focused on the road, and didn't notice that they stuck their hand out until Dad said something. They tell you that you're supposed to distance yourself from people like them. So, I guess it's good that they decided to pass me. Shook me up a bit, but I think anyone obeying the speed limit would have still set them 'off'.:iconraivisplz:

Went to services on Saturday. A lot of people vehemently disagreed with the rabbi's sermon. It was somewhat entertaining that way.:iconenglandispervyplz:I kept wondering what he'd come up with every time someone said why they disagreed. There was a luncheon at the end for a long-time member's farewell. She's 93, and still kickin'. She's moving to Canada, so she could be closer to family. A very interesting lady, and I remember talking to her a lot. Especially, the first few years after she joined. She had her Bat Mitzvah in 2002. Hope things go well for her. The luncheon was basically bagels and lox, and salads. Lots of desserts too.

Joined a few more dating sites. Not sure if I like them as much as OkCupid yet. Had a guy message me for the first time on OkCupid. Looked at his answers to questions, and found out he was homophobic, racist, didn't care much for animals, and relied more on faith than science. Big no-nos for me.:iconbraginskiplz:First, because I'm very liberal. Second, I have friends/family from all of the GLBT (+ the rest of the alphabet) communities. You hate my friends, you aren't for me!:iconhongkongplz:I'm very into animal rights and such. And, frankly, I believe in both faith and science equally. But as Einstein said, religion without science is blind. I base people more on their personality/character, never on their skin color/ethnic background. (Although, I love learning about cultures and such, that's a different thing.) So, that turned me away as well. Hopefully, someone better suited for me will message me soon...:iconicelandfukkiretaplz:

After the movie, we went to Red Robin. It's hard to cook at home, when it's already so warm out. I had the Whiskey River BBQ burger with fries. For an appetizer I shared an order of onion rings. (Yay! Fry with fry. I'm so bad...:iconwtfromanoplz:) It was very good.:iconitalyplz:

I'll finally have my therapist appointment tomorrow!:la:I've felt I needed to talk to my therapist, especially, since mom passed away. So, that will be good. On Wednesday, my friend from high school who I met only once since then, is meeting me at Poulsbohemian. Sounds like it'd be really cool.:icondenmarkgrinplz:She also suggested that I meet her 'dear' friend after we talk there. She'll be there of course, but really wants me to meet him. I can smell a set up.:iconseychelles-plz:But, it also means she cares about me. I haven't even told her yet about the dating sites. So, it's like she's telepathic or something. Hopefully, this guy really is nice. Even if it's just for having another friend. 

The next day, I finally see my orthopedist about my shoulder again.:iconheroamericaplz:I've really needed to do this for a while. The Avon stuff arrives that day too. Then, on this coming Saturday, there's a Bar Mitzvah. So, things are crazy this week. Today's the calm before the storm.:iconcuteamericaplz:Plus, I'm determined to drive more this week.:iconberwaldplz:

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