Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eat A Peach Day!


I love peaches!:dummy:Almost in any form. Plain, cut up, in a pie, canned, drink flavors, etc. I used to like a song that was about the many ways they liked to have peaches. I can't remember the name of it though...:iconwtfromanoplz:Anyways, we don't have any peaches at the moment, so I can't celebrate. But, if you do, eat one! 

It was a bit chilly out for most of the day. Then, it suddenly warmed up quickly while we were out. So, before we went to the cafe today, I decided to put on a coat. Which was fine until we were at the market later. Weird weather. Well, maybe it'll be better tomorrow.:iconchibinitalyplz: 

In Cartoon KAT-TUN, they had Crystal Kay as a guest. She's interesting. Found out online that she was born in Yokohama, and her father's African American, and mother's Zainichi Korean (Japanese, but ethnically Korean, according to wikipedia). Kind of cool. She's a singer and songwriter. She's fluent in both Japanese and English. They lost again at their game of dart bingo. 
In Fairy Tail, the group found out that Michelle wasn't who she said she was. The real Michelle was in a coma in a cave somewhere. The imposter's Imitatia, and likes to deal with deception and imitation magic. (The pic is of her after her transformation, back to her true self.) I knew something was off about her!:iconhongkongplz:She seemed too good to be true. Oracion Seis broke the anti-links that were keeping someone sealed up in a tomb. (I think it's 'Brain' from before, not sure.) They also took over Zentopia Church. The people who were collecting the clock's parts. Now, the new mission of Oracion Seis is to kidnap Lucy. Everybody seems to want a piece of her.:iconohboyamericaplz:
Anagle Mole has been awesome so far!:la:One that I'm quite pleasantly surprised with. Luchiru and Kyousuke are still looking for Chiwa in Anaguland. Kyousuke's badly injured, and the healing spring doesn't seem to work on him. Luchiru's fighting another majin. His power is being able to move any inanimate object. Pretty powerful. So, he's in a bit of a pinch as well. Almost killed the other majin towards the end of the chapter, but wasn't accurate with aiming his 'dekos' at him. (His power manipulates the ground. Almost like he can make pillars or pits with it.)

Managed to play my clarinet for almost an hour this time! Haven't done that in ages!:iconfrancisplz:Played some Irish and klezmer tunes.

While we were at the cafe, I got a vanilla praline Italian soda. It was really good!:iconthailandplz:Maybe a tad too strong, but good nonetheless. Practiced writing out all the recent kanji I've worked on. (About 50 of them.) Read some of the July issue of You Maga. Left a bit early, so didn't have time to do the other stuff I was planning on doing there. Oh well. There's only one person who's been interested enough in my tutoring, since one tab with my phone number has been ripped off from the flyer I posted there. At least one person has shown interest.:iconswissplz:

Dad and I decided we'll eat whatever we like, and the other person can't eat for dinner. She's calling it Cheesy Lobster. Since, I try to keep a kosher style, I don't eat lobster. Since she can't stand cheese, she doesn't eat it either. So, she bought some mussels. I'm going to have a personal cheese pizza with a cheese stuffed crust, and broccoli cheddar soup. It doesn't get much cheesier than that! Can't wait to have it!:iconchibispainplz:Might not be able to eat it all at once. But, that just means I'll have more awesome stuff later.:icondenmarkgrinplz:

deviantART fave: Redhead Girl- Ballpoint Pen I did not make this! Found this through dA's FB post. Some are skeptical about it, and saying it can't be real. I'm not sure. It's a portrait of a redheaded girl in 6 colored, plus a black, ballpoint pens. Some say it's been manipulated on a computer program. Either way, it's gorgeous. 

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