Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Herbs, Less Salt Day!


Herbs can make things more exciting. And, too much salt's never too good. You should never totally take salt out of your diet, but a lot of people tend to use too much. It's also Lemon Juice Day. 

It's gotten a bit cooler lately. I guess it's a sign Fall's coming.:iconwtfukplz:Played my clarinet. Did some Mozart, and tunes from my newest solo book. Been a while since I played last. So, I wasn't up to par.:iconohboyamericaplz:Although, I wasn't too bad. I stumbled in a few areas here and there.

In Cartoon KAT-TUN, their guest this time was Miki Maya. She's an amazing actress. I've seen some of her dramas. Didn't know much about her off camera, so that was nice. Like her even more now.:iconheroamericaplz:She's 48, was a star in a theater troupe, starred in many dramas and movies, and acts in commercials. She's acted many male roles while she was in the theater. Really cool and interesting person. 

In Fairy Tail, Natsu managed to bust out of his jail cell with the help of the 'Jiggly Butt Gang'. (They disturb me...:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:) They found out what the clock really does. It can distort time for people. Where someone won't remember another person, because that experience of 'meeting' them is gone. Essentially, it can manipulate people's memories. Oracion Seis captured Lucy, and are going to use her as, basically a switch to turn on the clock. Once it starts, she'll start to sleep for 100 years. Time will move slowly for her. 

In Anagle Mole, they finally explained what the title means. Literally, it means 'probing' mole. But, it's about how moles have to find themselves. Find their own beliefs, ideals, etc. Since, they are sent out into the world on their own, and are mostly solitary, they have to fight to survive too. Very cool. I'm liking this manga more and more.:la:Towards the end of the chapter, they were starting to think that Kyousuke would die instead of revive in the healing spring. Since, it heals the majin. But, he suddenly saved Luchiru, and exclaimed that he's an anagle mole. He's gotten kind of cool.
Did a much better job on my hair yesterday. So much better that it kept its shape after I woke up this morning.:iconseychelles-plz:Also, did my nails. Haven't done that in a while. They're kind of a maroon/copper color. It's one of those nail polish colors that you can't tell exactly what color it is, but it's nice. 

Finally went back to my 'virtual' trip to Japan. Stopped doing it for a month, for some reason.:iconswissplz:Went through Iwate prefecture yesterday. (Went to Tono where the Kappa folktale comes from.) Next, is Miyagi. I think that's the prefecture my penpal is from. Might check out her town, although I remember her telling me most of it was swept away by the tsunami. Still would be interesting to see. 

Found an interesting song yesterday. Went back to MAL (My Anime List). Hadn't been there in a while, and I barely used it. Has a bit more info on things than at AP (Anime Planet). Although, I like AP's layout more. Looks 'busy' at MAL. Also, posted another chapter of Alliance to that new anime/Jdrama forum I like. They seem to really like the story. Makes me happy!:iconchibispainplz:

Posted some more pics of the fair. I'm surprised at what people like at both FB and dA. They're different. But, I guess they are different communities. Played some more of a new game I found through FB called Crystal Saga. It may be better than Grand Fatasia...:iconchibiswedenplz:

At the cafe today, I got an 8 oz iced mocha with whipped cream. It came out in a very tiny cup. Kind of cute, but good enough of an amount for me. Practiced my kanji, read more of a You Maga issue, started drawing a scene from the nature park in my story, went over 2 Japanese lessons, wrote out a little of a conversation with myself in Japanese, did a crossword puzzle, and read some more of the Silmarillion. All while I was there.

Rosie seems to be getting these weird spots in her fur. Kind of like lumps. Some seem to be of matted fur. Others seem to be like some sort of skin thing. We might end up taking her to the vet soon. There seems to be more of them everytime I look at her. Hope it's nothing serious. 

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