Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Heat of Battle


Another track from the first Bleach soundtrack. Really cool fight song. Even the fighting sequences sound funky. 

It looks like a nice fall day out today, instead of summer.:iconusaplz:Even the leaves are falling. Played some Irish tunes on my clarinet. Managed to write a bit today, too.:iconchibiaustriaplz:

Pretty much done with a drawing I've been wanting to do for a while. It's simple, and the person in it won't have too many details. It's me (with, oddly, a different haircut:icongermanyplz:) with a wing sprouting painfully out of my left shoulder. That's the side that's giving me so many problems. When the pain started we joked that I had a wing that was growing and about to burst through my skin. I liked that idea.:iconchibiswedenplz:I tried to make it look gruesome, but I don't think it ended up that way. Maybe someday when I'm better at drawing I'll redo it. And, hopefully it'll be closer to what I wanted.:iconswissplz:Trying to decide if I should post it to dA...Also, started mapping out what I'll draw for the next part of the meme.

Iryu Sousa was sad. Although, most of them are. A lot of confused characters. The victim died because a woman suspected her of sleeping with her husband. (They used to, but they ended it a long time ago.) The victim's friend thought it was suicide, but messed with the scene to make it look like the husband from before did it. (She heard stories from her friend about him.) Later, she tried to kill herself and that guy, unsuccessfully. The man didn't really have a hand in the murder. Poor guy. Although, he is a womanizer, he still didn't do anything.

In Bleach, Ichigo passed lesson 2 in becoming a shinigami again. This time it's with his own powers. Before, he was using Rukia's. It was kind of a trippy episode.:iconseychelles-plz:The objective was to get back up to the surface from a very deep hole, with his hands tied behind his back, within 72 hours before he turned into a hollow. He tried running up the walls. But, eventually his sword spoke to him in human form, and he managed to regain his powers with the sword's help. The group thought that they were too late and tried to annihilate him before he turned into a hollow. He survived, and burst through the hole. He had a face mask (which hollows usually have), but easily broke it. He looks awesome now. 

In Fairy Tail, Lucy and Natsu returned the book to the guy who wanted it destroyed. He found out that his father left letters to him in the book, that were bond by magic. He didn't know anything about his father, and misjudged him before he died. Now he feels even more guilty about it. 
Worked on some more kanji. Today's kanji was (ふね or fune). Which means boat or ship. Practiced writing out a couple more kanji. Finished looking through the common compounds that have (きょう or kyou [seem to be most common pronunciations in its compound words]) in them. There was a lot of them. Also, went over a lesson in my Japanese book. 

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