Sunday, August 12, 2012

Miss Universe


By S.H.E. They're a Taiwanese group. I'm starting to really like their songs.:dummy:Especially after seeing the translated lyrics. I first heard this song in a Hetalia  amv featuring Taiwan from the series. I like her character in the manga. She never showed up in the anime. At least not yet...(There's still 'talks' about another season soon.:iconhongkongplz:) The song's about not having to be perfect or a 'Miss Universe'. You can just be yourself. Embrace your flaws. Also, that you may be better than people who try to look/be a certain way. 

Finally saw my therapist last Tuesday!:la:Needed to for a while. So, that was nice. I'm changing my appointments with him to once a month. The every 2-3 months thing, wasn't good to begin with.:iconwtfromanoplz:Also, managed to see my new psychiatrist the same day. Wahoo! She seems very nice. The only problem I had with her, is that she immediately ordered more meds for me without asking me first. Later, she told me she's still new to how things run here. She was in Hawaii for, I think, 9 years. Also, she ordered a blood panel for me to check my thyroid and vitamin B12, as well as the other normal stuff. 

Saw my orthopedist on Thursday. He was surprised that I was still in pain. He gave me 2 shots, in 2 different spots on my shoulder. He told me most 'young' people your age don't get this sort of thing. Ummm...I'm sorry that I got something that was uncontrollable, and that I'm an exception.:iconromanoplz:What does he expect me to do when I hear something like that?:iconbraginskiplz:Oh, well. The second shot hurt the most, and I screamed. He kept telling me, that he was trying not to hurt me. He said if this doesn't work, I'll have to see someone in Seattle and get an MRI done. Most likely, if it gets to that point, I'll have to have surgery. Oh joy!:iconhanatamagoplz:The first couple of days after the shot, the anesthetic slowly wears off. So, they told me to take it easy. After that, it may feel much worse before it gets better. It may take about 3 weeks for it to fully work and the pain to be gone. That's a long time. I hope it's sooner than that.:iconchibinitalyplz:If it's not better in a month, then that's when I have to go to the next step. 

While I was at the clinic, I did the blood test that my new psychiatrist prescribed. (Yay! Another shot!:iconchibichinaplz:) Got the results that night. Everything looks pretty healthy. My salt level is just barely skirting the high end of the healthy range. It's still within the healthy range, but I might want to eat a little less salt. Glucose level is really good. She told me that vitamin B12 may have something to do with depression, and just to be safe, she wanted to check. That was a good healthy number too. Thyroid's pretty much perfect. Yay!:iconchibicanadaplz:

That Wednesday, I was going to go on a blind date at Poulsbohemian. At first, I was just going to meet my friend, and just catch up. Then, it was going to be us talking, and doing something afterwards with her 'dear' friend. Then, it became, I'll introduce him to you at the cafe right away.:iconseychelles-plz:She told me not to think of it as a blind date. Just as a get together with friends. But, then she said he's interested in dating, and that if things work out between us it'll be awesome. Anyways, it still made me feel incredibly nervous.:icontinoplz:I'm not used to dating. Haven't truly been on one. Just about 10 minutes before I left, I got a message from my friend saying that he had to go to work early, and he was her ride over. So, not only was the 'date' off, but I couldn't even see my friend. I was pretty disappointed.:icongermanyplz:She said we should try it again this coming week. We'll see...

On Friday, we got our Avon stuff. It was supposed to be on Thursday, but our rep forgot to put it in her car, and realized on the way over. Oh well. At least we got it. The banana coconut milk shower gel smells really good. The vanilla lotion feels nice. And, she gave us an extra thing. Occasionally she does give us a little something extra. It was called Dew Lips. Kind of like a moisturizing lip gloss, that you can wear as is or under lipstick. Felt nice.:iconthailandplz: 

I felt too horrible to go to the Bar Mitzvah yesterday. Since the shots, I've had this weird feverish thing, plus some dizziness.:iconswissplz:Starting to feel like iron pins have been hammered into my shoulder too. Not a very nice condition to see people in. So, I just read the parsha. Again, it was kind of review of what's already happened. Plus, telling them what will happen if they do or don't follow the laws. 

I've noticed my appetite has been kind of weird lately. Don't feel like eating much. But, I was also told that since I'm still mourning, it's normal. Just have to watch it, and make sure to at least eat a little something.:iconchibiswedenplz:

Finished watching the 2nd season of Gokusen. It was pretty good. Not as great as the 1st season's, though. I'll start the 3rd season soon. A little while ago, I re-watched Battle Royale. I still love that movie!:iconfrancisplz:It's brutal, but really good. I might re-watch Battle Royale 2, at some point. Had a different feel to it, but it was good too. Might drop that Shakespeare collection book, and read something else. I know most of the stories, and the one I'm reading is kind of dry. So, I'll look to see what's next.:iconsleepygreeceplz:

deviantART faves: Devil in Disguise... Tablet Test New OC Meme .:Blank:. I did not make these! First, a cool drawing of America, from Hetalia, as a devil. Second, a nice drawing of Hong Kong from Hetalia. Third, a cool OC writing meme. Looks like it'll be fun to fill out!

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